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The year is 2027 in MegaTokyo, six years before the Knight Sabers will make their debut. Boomers (artificial humans) are still a relatively new advancement, and the implementation and integration of boomers into society is still a bit buggy -- sometimes fatally so. Whenever a boomer incident occurs, though, there is the Advanced Police, a special force trained to deal with boomer crimes. Leon McNichol is a rookie in the AD Police, and is just starting to become exposed to the horrors and tragedies one finds every day in MegaTokyo. He and his veteran partner, Gina Marceau, slowly learn about the ever-fading line that separates man from machine.

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The Ripper

After a gruesome murder on the subway in an area called Paradise Loop, AD Police steps in to help find the killer when the normal police don't seem up to the task. A total of six prostitutes are found to all have been murdered on this subway line and it's suspected the work is done by a boomer. Two officers of the normal police are cast in this episode to help find the killer and bring it to justice. While the victims all share the same stabbing to the abdomen, they died, however, from massive cardiac arrest or shock. While one of the normal police officers, Iris Cara, is at the organ bank to replace her eye with a cybernetic replacement, because of discomfort, she picks up an argument from an other client in the room next to her talking to a doctor, Caroline Evers, a billionaire and business tycoon. After bumping into her, Iris has a hunch that Caroline is somehow connected to the murders. It also comes to light that Ms. Evers had almost her entire lower body converted into cybernetic parts. Later, Iris investigates an abandoned part of Paradise Loop herself and runs into Ms. Evers of all people. When it is unveiled that Caroline is “The Ripper”, she explains that long ago she had been competing for CEO of her current company, however, a man got the job, because he concocted a bogus chart that compared her menstrual cycle to her productivity. To alleviate the concerns of the company's board of directors, she had most of her female organs replaced with cybernetic ones. After this, they no longer had any reason to keep her from becoming CEO and in time, that same man came to work under her and they fell in love, even planning to marry later on. She then discovered he has begun to cheat on her and when asked why, his response was that “real women are better after all”, referring to the operation that had many of her sexual organs made cybernetically. After finishing her confession, Ms. Evers moves to kill Iris, but the AD Police break through the walls and open fire, thus saving her. It is revealed that when more than 70% of the human body becomes cybernetic, that person is treated as a “boomeroid” and thus can be killed for the same reasons as with a boomer. This shows when the order comes in to kill Caroline Evers, not to arrest her. The episode concludes with Iris agreeing to throw away some of her humanity for the surgery on her eye.


So this is a prequel to Bubblegum crisis that's suppose to show what kinds of cases the AD police handled before the knight sabers showed up. It's more accurate to describe it as a series of one-shots that explore people's relationships with technology (futuristic prosthesis mainly), sex, pain, and other humans within the Bubblegum Crisis setting.  Whether this show does a good job of that is up for debate. This installment of the franchise still screams 80s, though the visuals seemed a bit lack luster when compared to the original series. I also want to give a warning that this is really violent and **depicts a lot of violence against women**, so obviously this isn't for everybody. I'm not even sure if I would recommend this to fans of the original show since only Leon gets a small cameo.  If you're interested in 80s sci-fi and how it depicts half clothed women getting killed then maybe check this out?

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