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A former gymnast, Aikawa Maki has turned her skills to a different way of life—street fighting. The only thing that truly makes her feel alive is violence. With amazing power and grace, she fights opponent after opponent, repeatedly demonstrating the gymnastic talent that earns her her nom de guerre, "Airmaster."

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Start Date2nd Apr 2003
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Well drawn action sequences, funny, over the top at the right moments and fighting. What more could you want? The story is just enough to get you watching but after that the characters and their antics keep you watching until you've finished the show. Yeah it's got  ecchi but it also makes fun of itself for doing so I felt. There is a nice dynamic between the main character and her rivals and it's got nice pacing. And did i mention the ending credits scene? I died laughing the first time I saw it... but... how am I typing this... Lies and slander as Captain Sparrow would say ;)

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