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In a desolate and dark world full of shadows, lives one little girl who seems to do nothing but collect water in jars and protect a large egg she carries everywhere. A mysterious man enters her life... and they discuss the world around them. (Source: ANN)

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**Story** There is not much plot to this anime. It starts off quite slow, not showing any specific plot until almost halfway through. The ending, however, is marvelous; filled with a lot of symbolism and heart. The story leaves a lot to your own interpretation, and satisfies you in a way that you wouldn't expect. **Animation** Surprisingly, for an anime made in 1985, the animation is one of it's strongest points. Eerie and beautiful, the art style is old but captures the film perfectly. **Sound** Another strong point in this film is the chilling and gorgeous music. The background music is phenomenal. However, i would like to hear more of the character's voices. The main two characters don't speak very much, which is one of it's major downfalls… **Characters** There are only two characters that have any prominent screen time – the girl and the man. They literally don't even have names and they barely speak (however, I believe their voices were quite good). Character development is pretty much nonexistent, though I did enjoy their interaction with each other. **Enjoyment** This film is not meant to be enjoyed. It's slow, deep, dark, and unnatural. Some find this film to be entirely disagreeable, while others find it to be flawless. **Overall** I throughly appreciated the stunning animation and music to this film. The pacing is not perfect, but is appropriate. And the characters are the most evident flaw to this haunting film. Watch it, but keep in mind this is not an anime for everyone.

Angel's Egg presents with a wonderful neo-gothic post-apocalyptic setting featuring beautiful animation and art work, a wonderful original soundtrack, lots of symbolism, and a duo of characters who lack development but are symbolic in their own right, and is more so an experience to be had than a story to be understood which is full of interpretive content. Overall, Angel's Egg is a movie I recommend anyone into classic animation riddled heavily in thematic content to watch and undergo themselves. If you are in for a read, feel free to check out my full review on my blog Otaku Nurse, which is some 2000+ words long at the following link: [][1] [1]:

This not like other anime movies you'll come across..And I Mean It. Synopsis - There is no clear cut story is left to the viewers interpretation...its also kinda Mindfucing xD.Your mind will be like Ditto in Pokemon center..fuced. I've decided to divide the review into points keeping in mind the overall rich and fantastic experience of this movie. Animation - Lets get this one aside first -this movie was made in 1985; But time has not restrained its beautifully crafted scenes with heavy symbolism .. Im bored lol just watch the damn movie....

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