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Akari, Aika and Alice are three girls who share a single dream: to become the most talented gondoliers in all of Neo-Venezia! Every day they train toward their goal, exploring all the wondrous sights that the water-covered planet Aqua has to offer. Whether it's spending a wild day at Carnevale, sharing a beautiful sunset, or even crossing paths with the mysterious spirits that dwell in Aqua's shadows, for these three friends, each day is a new adventure! (Source: Right Stuf)

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**Story:** Akari is a young aspiring girl who goes to Neo Venezia at Plantet Aqua (formerly Earth) in the hopes of becoming a gondolier, so she can ride on boats to give to other people and take them around the place to show them the beautiful things all around it. She goes over to work at the ARIA company held by a cat named Aria and her master Alicia Florence (who is also one of the greatest gondoliers ever also known as the Three Water Fairies). During her journey she comes across some friends from other companies and towns and discovers many new things around the town. This is the story of Akari and her friends slowly training to become Prima Gondoliers. The story is very slow paced and beautifully told, there are a total of three seasons and about 50 episodes, and none of them are filler or glossed aside, they are all important and special. Every scene in every episode makes you feel as if you are apart of that world interacting with these characters and exploring the sights alongside them, or at least want to anyway. Even after the episode is over, you will be wanting more (well chances are you will). **Animation:** The art and animation is also pretty to look at, its very detailed, bright, and colorful which will leave you gasping in awe and wonder just like the other characters. Also they sometimes use chib designs for comedy, and its surprisingly fitting and is actually funny... don't ask.**** <strong> <a href=";rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;frm=1&amp;source=images&amp;cd=&amp;cad=rja&amp;uact=8&amp;ved=0CAcQjRw&amp;;ei=Ad4_VJzVC8aiyASckIKoBA&amp;bvm=bv.77648437,d.aWw&amp;psig=AFQjCNEFv0T-AeDEi4pLCggONjI0PYR14w&amp;ust=1413557906742542" /> </strong>**Characters:** Speaking of which, every single character in this is wonderful and likeable and its really hard for me to describe all there personalities in one review. Normally shows like these have some annoying or unlikeable characters but not here, not to mention everyone has a key essential important part in the story and anyone taken off could/would harm it in some way. Ok, well, if I had to nitpick, there is this one guy in the beginning who kind of got on my nerves but he did develop and get nicer later on and I liked him now. So yeah, the character cast is flawless. **Sound:** The music, much like the stuff above, is beautiful and well done. It's even played during the opening while the episode still goes on and it really goes well with the show. I wish more shows would do something like that. The ED is also great. The voice work is perfect, all the voices fit the characters and their personalities (they work off each other wonderfully, just wanted to mention that again). [][1] [][2] The show can also be pretty funny at times, when its sad, and touching for when Aika (one of the main characters) calls Akari out for making 'embarrassing remarks' and the look on their faces are priceless (at least for me anyways) XD The ending is one of the best I've ever seen, without giving it away, you need to watch all the episodes in order to truly appreciate the ending, even if you do see it coming from a mile away. **Overall:** This is the best anime I've ever seen. It's perfect and flawless in every way and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves slice of life and science fiction anime. The only ones I would not recommend it to are those who don't like slow paced anime but other than that, watch it. You will not be disappointed :) **Pros:** Gorgeous art, fluid animation, characters are all wonderful and crucial to the story and atmosphere (even the side characters), soothing music (playing it while the show is still going is a great idea), and one of the best anime endings ever made. **Cons:** Absolutely none, this anime is perfect :) Thanks for looking at my 4th review and for taking time to look at the best anime ever~ \[Special thanks to Them Anime for the recommendation, if not for them, I would not have ever discovered this masterpiece of an anime, thanks again you guys and girls, you rock :3\] [1]: [2]:

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