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Aru Machi Kado no Monogatari

The scene is set with a poster on a street corner, a girl who cherishes her teddy bear, a street lamp and a playful moth that is drawn to the lamp. These creatures and inanimate objects, each with their own dramas, get involved in a war and the story ends in a tragic climax. This is a private animated piece that expresses feelings rather than telling a story. It can be said that Tezuka Osamu, frustrated with working for big companies, made an attempt here to depict what he really wanted in his animation. This work illustrates that even a poster on the wall can have a vivid drama behind it, and brings the magic of animation alive for us.

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A teddybear and a girl and a little mouse and many "talking" posters on the wall find their own way to create a peaceful world.

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