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Centuries ago, mankind was slaughtered to near extinction by monstrous humanoid creatures called titans, forcing humans to hide in fear behind enormous concentric walls. What makes these giants truly terrifying is that their taste for human flesh is not born out of hunger but what appears to be out of pleasure. To ensure their survival, the remnants of humanity began living within defensive barriers, resulting in one hundred years without a single titan encounter. However, that fragile calm is soon shattered when a colossal titan manages to breach the supposedly impregnable outer wall, reigniting the fight for survival against the man-eating abominations. After witnessing a horrific personal loss at the hands of the invading creatures, Eren Yeager dedicates his life to their eradication by enlisting into the Survey Corps, an elite military unit that combats the merciless humanoids outside the protection of the walls. Based on Hajime Isayama's award-winning manga, Shingeki no Kyojin follows Eren, along with his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and his childhood friend Armin Arlert, as they join the brutal war against the titans and race to discover a way of defeating them before the last walls are breached. (Source: MAL Rewrite)

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Attack on titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), ceptional addition to the Action genre of anime.  The story follows a young boy named Eren Jaeger, and his sister Mikasa Ackerman and their childhood friend Armin Alrart. Humanity, having been forced to live behind great walls, is attacked by their greatest threat, the Titans. Eren vows revenge against these powerful foes and takes action, joining the military in hopes that he can learn to combat this threat and unite the people of humanity once again.**** <b>Sound -  </b>Attack on Titan offers a absolutely amazing soundtrack, and spectacular use of audio throughout the entire series. The sounds created by the titans emphasize their pure power and giant size in a great way. **Animation - A**nimation is very solid here. Again I cannot emphasize enough how well made this anime is. The scale of the giants is done amazingly well and makes you feel like you yourself are in the shoes of the characters. <b>Characters - </b>The characters are well rounded, and expressed in very thoughtful ways. Each of the characters is introduced to the watcher and you are able to draw your own conclusions about each of them. **Story** - The story this anime brings to the table is a powerful one. Though it may seem simple at the surface, it is a psychological roller coaster and will bring about a lot of feelings both good and bad. While some parts may be hard to watch, others make it more than worth the wait. Attack on Titan is one of the finest anime I've ever had the joy of watching. It is powerful, and will leave you breathless time after time. If you're a fan of the action genre or powerful themes, Do not let Shingeki no Kyojin pass you by.

Attack on Titan is certainly not under-appreciated with all the attention it's getting; however, the hype it has received is well-deserved. I have to admit that while the manga has definitely spoiled me by ruining plot twists, the anime took the story to a whole new level. You can see it immediately in the opening (which is extremely well-done; Guren no Yumiya is a great song as well!), Attack on Titan is clean and well-executed. **Story** (9) — I have to say that so far, the story has been amazing. While I do know eventual plot twists due to my reading the manga, I have to say that I definitely appreciate the progression of the story in the anime much more. I do have to say that much of the time, the incoming plot twist is obvious, but I won't take too much away from the score for that. **Animation** (10) — The animation is great. It's clean—Darker than Black level, even. Even when the characters use the 3D Maneuver Gear, the rushing surroundings appear detailed as ever, and a lot of thought is put into the animation. The characters all move like they're supposed to, and given the poor quality of the manga in terms of how it relates action scenes to the audience, the anime does an exceptional and commendable job. **Sound** (10) — Like I said, you can tell this is a professional anime starting with the opening. The song—as well as the entire soundtrack—encapsulates the atmosphere of distress and hopelessness and the theme of perseverance in the face of adversity. Attack on Titan seems to always play songs that fit the emotions perfectly, and that's definitely a good thing. The voice actors are fairly good as well, and the titans' cries are well-done. **Character** (10) — The characters in Attack on Titan are all human. What I mean by this is that they all have personal flaws—imperfections, if you will—but they also have the positive features that make them good characters. The development of the main characters, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, is chronicled well through the series. Armin is the brains, Mikasa is the brawn, and Eren is the fighting spirit. All the supporting characters are pretty well-done too. Jean is the foil to Eren, Reiner, Annie, and Berthold are all elite students that are nearly Mikasa-level, Connie is the typical student, etc. I really enjoyed how they separately show the growth of characters through the series. Mikasa gets an episode that reveals what actually goes through her mind and her rationale behind every action that takes away the perfect air that she had at the beginning of the series, Armin gets an episode that demonstrates that he's not useless like it seems he is at the beginning. As for Eren...well, you're in for a titan of a surprise! Overall, the character development is exactly what I'd envision for an anime of this caliber. It's definitely worthy of a full 10. **Enjoyment** (9) — While I do have to say that while the anime is certainly enjoyable, I can't say it couldn't be better. At points, the anime feels a bit slow, and while I understand that it's supposed to be dramatic, the long pauses and frequent flashbacks make it so that very little is actually compressed into one episode. However, that doesn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the series, as I still believe it to be one of the most enjoyable anime I've watched. The drama is necessary at times, too, so you can't be too hard on Attack on Titan. I do think that I'd enjoy the anime more by waiting until a full season is released and watching the whole thing then, though whether I'd actually have the patience to try that is up in the air! **Overall: 9**  In conclusion, Attack on Titan is not going to disappoint. I recommend that you give it a shot soon; my overall grade of 9 might upset some, but I'm definitely very hard on the anime I view, and Attack on Titan earned every single point it received.

Attack on Titan is definitely the biggest show to look out for this summer season, and it earns all the praise it has been getting. The first 5 episodes of the show are some of the most fast paced starting episodes that I have watched and they engage you throughout the experience. I have to admit however, that the show does begin to slow down after the episode 5 mark, but 5 episodes later you can notice the show starting to escalate again. The animation is top tier, and watching the characters maneuver in the air, and attacking the titans is never short of amazing. The music fully enforces the mood you are suppose to be feeling, and all of these attributes help make this show one of the most enjoyable series I've watched. This show isn't just about humans trying to defend themselves against the titans, there are twists that I wont mention that you keep you intrigued and wondering why things may be happening. Overall, the show is indeed great. It has started off really well and hasn't dropped it's momentum by much making me wonder how they may possibly end down the road. But, we will have to wait and see, and until then I give Attack on Titan a solid 9/10.

Story: When i was first introduced to the story of Attack on Titan i wasn't really surprised.The idea of ferocious giants slaughtering humans with no obvious reasons made no sence to me.However as the story progressed i started to understand the purpose of what is happening and without wanting to spoil anything i'll just say that i was impressed.Nail-biting moments and unexpected plot twists is the reason this anime has so many funs already. Animation: I haven't seen anything like it,EVER.I'm sure everyone has been stunned by the way simple things,like travelling from place to place using the Maneuvering Gear,have been animated.The camera angles make every action scene more dynamic and awsome.There are always some flaws(more or less expected) but they barely affect the final outlook. Sound: When it comes to sound effects and soundtrack Attack on Titan shines from the first moment with it's amazing opening.Almost every scene is accompanied with a perfectly fitting theme,creating excellent atmosphere.The voice acting is great with every word being told with passion.I especially like Marina Inoue voicing Armin Arlert. Character: The character development has been very smooth in Attack on Titan,peacefully co-existing with the action aspect of the anime.Every character has its own pros and cons,its own ways,its own mysteries.I was really surprised by the way the characters act in frightning situations,many times not being able to move a finger.The realistic way the characters act make you feel more worried and anxious about them. Enjoyment: Extremely enjoying,captivating you from the first moment and never letting you go.You can't stop watching episodes after watching the first one or two. Overall: Definitely one of the best if not the best anme of this season.Worth watching even if you are not a fun of action and/or fantasy aniime.

**Story and Thoughts for New Comers** Attack on Titan is anime that's probably been heard of this year and some might say it's overated, however, it shows great potential with its unique and thrilling story. This isn't your typical stereotypical action anime where the character is uber powerful or super weak. His character development and motives are what draw you in the most and you'll find your self in awe sometimes or cheering him on. The grotesque antagonists and mysterious setting only make you want to discover more and draw you into the story. Giant man eating humanoids give the watcher give watchers fright and even cringing; The human race trapped within 3 giant walls that vastly outrank the Great Wall of China times 10 and all on the verge of extinction. **Some notable info, Tetsuro Araki is the anime director of AoT who is also known for directing Death Note, Black Lagoon, High School of the Dead, and Guilty Crown.** ***Animation*** * The animation of the show is probably the BEST animation of any anime yet. What drew me in was that it was different, high quality, and was beautiful to watch. It could be described as graphic novels and anime fused together or Borderlands type design and anime fused together. The artwork of the backgrounds and scenery are all beautiful to look at and don't impose any of the characters. Action wise it is the most fluent and highest quality of any action animes. They are fast paced, precise, and what makes it shine is motion panning of the scenes where they zoom out and do three dimensional rotations around an action. ***Sound*** * The sound track couldn't be anymore perfect and is what draws many people to watch it. The opening theme is soo marvelous you could watch it over and over again. It's one of the few shows where you don't skip the opening and just listen to it. It's also worth noting it is composed by [Hiroyuki Sawano][1], who also did Blue Exorcists, Gundam, and Guilty Crown's OSTs. ***Characters*** * Characters in this series like I said in the beginning, "they aren't overly stereotypical and cliche." Eren, the main character boasts with emotion and development throughout the series. The supporting characters have some back story (they are more explained in the manga) but not to spoil much, most of them die in the series. ^ [1]:

<strong>Shingeki no Kyojin </strong> Hello! everyone any welcome to my first review and i really hope you all like it. SnK is Japanese manga series, published in Kodansha since 2009. It won the 35th Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shounen Manga The Anime adaptation directed by **Tetsuro Araki**, written by **Yasuko Kobayashi** and produced by **Wit Studio** in cooperation with **Production I.G**. Its run started April 7, 2013 with a slated **25 episodes** **Part I** first of all, i want to talk about the story that anime based on, from my own view, this is the best story i have ever seen before, every thing is perfect and in its right place.. i really want to say "thank you" to Isayama Hajime who do create this amazing story, you won't see such a strong story like it every day. and this is a small summary of the story, i won't spoil anything thought,, It is set several hundred years ago when the remaining small percentage of human race was forced to live in the protection of three concentric walls, hundreds of kilometers long and fifty meters long, because of the titans. Titans are typically tall human-like creatures who seem to have no intelligence and devour humans for pleasure. After one hundred years of peace inside the wall, two unusual titans suddenly appear to break the outermost wall of the human territory, forcing mankind to face the greatest threat to their survival once again. The story follows Eren Jaeger, a young boy whose mother was killed during the attack of the titans and whose father disappeared after. He later enlists to the army, accompanied by his friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlelt. Their lives are changed forever with the attack of the titans once again. the story is original and there are a lot of things that have not been disclosed yet, and a lot of mysterious things which i can't wright it here. I'll talk about the animation here, the animation is EPIC and impressive ! you won't see it anywhere but here, the production is also as good is it should be, i can't criticize it at all, well, Wit and Production I.G won't be able to animate more than 25 episode with this quality, they won't be able of doing that because the lack of materials and this is the firsts and the most important problem and they don't have financial capacity to do that and i don't think there well be a second season for this great anime, bad luck now we need to read the manga so we can continue the story, and this is also how i see it and not a fixed thing, all i had said is nothing but predictions and expectations Now I'll talk about the OST's ( the original soundtracks) and i really enjoy listing to it whenever i could, actually there's a lot of OST's that you can't stop yourself from listing to it, those for [ex.][1] this is really from the best i have ever heard there's lot of characters in Shingeki no kyojin, to be precise we have a lot of main characters, Eren Yeager: the main character among the main characters, there're also Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, the main's friends, also I'll right here the most important main characters like Annie Leonhart, Jean Kirstein, Reiner Braun, Marco Bott, Erwin Smith, and Levi, for more characters you can visit [this][2] i really enjoy watching this show and i know you do too, and i can really say like a shot that SnK is the anime of the Year and we won't see anything like it in the near future Part II i made this part after watching episode 25 - the last episode, it will be included how i saw the anime after it finished first of all, i'm glade that i had the chance to see this show, and I'm saying that from the bottom of my heart, this show is the best one which have been made so far Don't misunderstanding me, of course there's many of good anime that surpass SnK, but what i mean, that SnK is the Best Dark Fantasy - Short Anime that has ever made, that what i meant, i learned that there's nothing called the best anime ever, but there's many of anime which is the best on its own way, the best among its Genre, I'll say it again, Shingeki No Kyojin is the best anime ever made so far among its genre there was a lot of fillers, especially in the last episode, but it was a good ending though, that strange Titan (Kyojin) was peeking from the wall gap, that was very scary to those who didn't read the manga, they didn't expect something like that in the end of the episode, well, it was filler in the end. Eren Vs Annie fighting was impressive too, it was animated very well, the fighting was short though, but it was good for me. A Second Season For Shingeki No Kyojin I bet that they will make one soon as more materials will be available, speaking of the manga, the manga is very close to the anime, we won't hear about a second season in the mean time of in the near future Part III Here I'm Talking about the manga, well, i won't wright too much, to those who want to read the manga, you need to start reading it from **chapter 33** [1]: [2]:

Now about 22 episodes in I want to give you my impressions about Attack on Titan. Shingeki no Kyojin is definitely not a bad show and I enjoy watching it a lot. It´s a gritty and mature fantasy setting wih a lot of gore. The soundtrack and animation quality is amazing. Especially breathtaking are the quick paced action sequences. However there are some annoying flaws. The pacing is sometimes terrible. There is a whole episode in which literally nothing happens and every main character just runs along a wall letting his or her thougts wander. Sequcences like these let the show appear extremly meticulous and it is not the only one. Beside the action sequences (which are really good) there is very few that keeps the show going. It appears just like filler to bridge over to the next battle. All the political and social nuances appear so shallow (however I appreciate they exist and offer a little contrast to all the gore) and (in many cases) in the least interesting. You are just waiting for the action to start again. There is so much potential but it remains unused. I would like some clever political shemes or some consequences of the titan domination on the public. But they kept it simple and the only emotion throughout the whole series so far is terror and nothing else. All that was okay at the beginning, when everything goes to shit and the anime focuses on this parts and how society deals with ist fears. Later on you begin to realize that fear and rage are the only two emotion the characters are capable of (except Mikasa, who is able to express concern). It could have been an exceptional profound series but remains a good action packed Anime. Story: The story itself is decent, nothing out of the ordinary. Mankind has to assert itself against a much stronger and larger enemy. There are some pretty neat twists in it but the progression and pacing is sometimes a little bit off. Animation: Really, really good animation quality and a artstyle I really enjoy. There is not much more to say. Sound: The soundtrack is exceptional. Suitable for every situation and really entertaining. I really like the OPs and EDs. Character: The characters seem shallow and stereotype. There is the clever guy, a funny girl, a mysterious character, smeone who likes the main character and someone who doesn´t. The main char himself is decent, not too bad. I like Mikasa, in my opinion she is the most interesting of them with a uncertain past and so on. However there is little to no character progression and the only two emotion you will see are fear and rage. Everyone who istn´t crying or really angry has absolutely no expressions whatsoever (like Captain Levi). Most guys outside the main cadre are dumb as shit and no help whatsoever. Enjoyment: Despite it´s flaws I really enjoy most of the series. I am looking forward to watch it every week. Overall 8/10 or 4 out of 5 stars.

Ripe in generic characters, a lazy plot that takes a silly direction, but some of the most delightful action sequences compositing 2D animation over 3D models which manages to maintain fluidity and clarity while representing the breakneck speeds. Bloated with filler and poor pacing even early in the series marks troubling expectations for the future of the series, but the moments where the series isn't diddling itself with recaps of events you're already well aware of for 23 minutes of the 24 minute episodes, it certainly shines. Don't expect much from the characters, the interaction between them is formulaic at best and cringe-worthy and silly at its worst. It's hard to take it seriously based on some of the character dialog and behavior. Musically the show is scored fantastically, with rich orchestras and choirs guiding the series with self-iconized tributes to the action and events at hand. Beyond that, if you like some mindless fluff, a new approach to the ever-stale shounen action genre with a down-right depressing setting and world, Attack on Titan is at least worth that much. Just hope it doesn't run on for too long.

***---Spoiler Free---*** If you look up epic in the dictionary you will see the words *Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)* And if you look up badass you will see *Levi*. Humanity for the last 100 years has been locked in a cage of 3 sets of extremely tall walls. Outside the walls lurk human eating Titans. They are humanoid but other than a motivation for devouring manflesh we know nothing else about them. The story focuses on Eren Jaeger and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman as well as their close friend Armin Alrart. After the titans destroy one of the walls and start making their way inside, devouring every human in their path, our trio escape and decide to join the good fight and train to go to war with the titans. "Or get slaughtered by them". **Story(10)** - The story of Attack on Titan is brilliant and simple on the outside, but is extremely complex once it starts to unravel. Each episode we learn more and more and it never seems like we are at a standstill or are getting a brain overload. The plot twists are brilliant. Even as someone who reads the manga I can appreciate how they have brought it to life on the screen. This anime has a lot of twists and surprises, if you can I would recommend going in with knowing as little as possible. Spoilers would really ruin some of the shock. Attack on titan is a very dark series. There is a lot of death (a lot) as well as sadness, loss and gore. But it never feels out of place. In the world they have crafted this all seems common place and watching how these characters deal with it in their own way is spectacular. It is great to see an anime where nobody is safe, there is no guarantee that any character you see will survive. This gives your connection to the characters a deeper meaning. It really is similar to Game of Thrones in that sense. A lot of people, when they finish all 25 episodes, are going to go straight to the manga to find out what happens next. It just keeps a grip on you and gives you so much to speculate about. After every episode you will just want to watch the next, and then the next one. **Animation(10)** - Right from the first episode you can tell that Attack on Titan has a different feel and style with the shading and with the animation. I have watched a lot of different series and boy this has got some of the best fight animation I have ever seen. It's just so fluid and beautiful. The transformations are fantastic, it’s well lit and titan motions are done very well. When the characters use the 3D manoeuvre gear it really does look cinematic. It really does blow the manga drawings out of the water with how it looks on screen, especially the action scenes. Even the background shots are very well done. <strong>Sound(10) </strong>- Wow, what a soundtrack this anime has. From the very first time you watch the OP and listen to that song you know you are in for a treat. Just when you think you have heard the best it has to offer another piece that you have never heard before comes in and just up the level again and again. There are certain tracks that are going to be sat and listened to over and over again. Special mention goes to the track attack ON titan. The music is beautiful and adds an entire depth to everything that is on screen. The voice acting is brilliant. Special mention has to go to Hiroshi Kamiya for making Levi a badass not only in any action he takes but also every word he says. The dub for this is going to have a lot to live up to. **Character(10)** - So a lot of anime gets some flak for having a young male protagonist that gets beaten down and struggles and complains and doesn't want to fight back (hello Shinji). Yeah well don't expect any of that nonsense from Attack on Titan. Right from the get go, when Eren gets knocked down, he decides I AM GOING TO KILL EVERY LAST TITAN!!! He pulls himself up and gets down to business. The stand out character is by far <em>Levi. </em>Right from his introduction everything about this guy (even the way he cleans) is pure badass. But even the supporting characters are all fleshed out and have very great personalities and arcs. Especially Armin, Mikasa and Jean. Erwin gets special mention for being a Legend. **Enjoyment(10)** - The thrills and enjoyment that Attack on Titan brings are endless. And its every episode. Not many series can keep the enjoyment level up right through each episode. And a lot of this is thanks to how it tells the story. It’s more like watching a really good movie. Some people complain that it's too slow. I disagree. If you read the manga you will understand. And even if you haven't it is very well paced. The pacing gives room for great character moments as well as mind blowing action. If you can appreciate great drama, great character development and some of the best action anime has seen, you will get incredible enjoyment from Attack on Titan. <strong>Overall(10/10) </strong>- Attack on Titan is epic through and through. Its enjoyment level is through the roof and has a supurb cast of voice actors and characters and some of the greatest action you will ever see in anime. The story is fantastic and will keep you wishing for more. Twists and turns, never quite knowing what is going to be around the corner, it makes for one heck of a great 25 episode season. If you loved the anime please check out the Manga while you wait a good year or 2 for season 2.

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