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Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara, and Hororo are four little fairies that live inside bottles on their “Sensei”’s desk. Together, they have misadventures trying to understand the human world, seeking advice from the totally misinformed grade schooler next door. (Source: ANN)

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   **Story/Synopsis:** Bottle Fairy (as the OP suggests) is about four adorable little fairies who come over to the human world in order to become humans. They live with Sensei-san who contributes nothing but is a relatively nice guy, a flying cat named Oboro, and the next door neighbor who is ten named Tama-chan, who gives them misguided info (hey, she's a kid, what do you expect?) Honestly though, the story is meh, it starts right in the middle with no explanation, even the ending didn't really finish the anime off and I have heard and seen it before, its made up for by the humor. Animation: The artwork looks really cute, well mainly the bottle fairies themselves, the animation is fluid for the most spot though there are some choppy and stiff movements in there, it isn't much and its not easy to spot. The art and animation make the humor all the more wondrous and charming. **Characters:** This show is really cute and funny, the jokes are all great, and the main characters are wonderful (though they don't get much development through the course of the show, they are still fun to be around and interact with each other wonderfully). Kururu is energetic and optimistic, Chiriri is friendly and kind (and also loves hats for some reason), Sarara is a quier tomboy who loves western and eastern culture, and Hororo is a fairy version of Osaka, weird and funny :P However, not every character in this show is all that good... Sensei-san (that is his name by the way) is so bland and forgettable and has no presence in the show (He just says "I'm off" and "I'm home" up until the last few episodes). [][1] Tama is also kind of selfish but she has her moments and she is a kid so it isn't that bad. **Sound:** Music is also pretty forgettable.OP is nice I guess, though it serves no purpose other than explaining the plot of the show in song and the imagery looks really pretty to look at. The ED song is totally bland and generic with also still images. **Overall:** Overall though, I still really enjoy this anime. Sure it has problems, but there's a lot of good things in there that just can't be overlooked and I highly recommend it for those who love cuteness and want some chuckles :D **Pros:** Cute animation, cute designs, the bottle fairies are loveable, the humor is spot on, even the drama works! **Cons:** The story is not that good, the other characters are forgettable and don't leave much of an impact, the music is bland, and the show doesn't even... end. Hope you enjoyed my first review by the way and I'll see you again in the future (maybe)~ :3 [1]:,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNGKucGM0SaLkRpwP5bkOafQNG64Iw&ust=1413646079468894

Ah, Bottle Fairy. Either you love it or hate it. I used to hate it, but to be honest, it's decent. If you can get through anime like K-On! and Lucky Star, you can get through all 13 episodes of Bottle Fairy.  Um, story? Err... it follows the story of four fairies that are in their sensei-san's (YES, THEY LITERALLY CALL HIM SENSEI-SAN) drawer. These four fairies try to learn about human ways only to be constantly misinformed by their Kindergarten neighbor named Tama. Each episode is a month in the character's lives.  Well, the story isn't too bad. Like I said, if you can get past Lucky Star and K-On with no problem, the simplicity of this show shouldn't bother you either. While not a lot of the comedy is funny, some of did make me laugh. Xebec isn't really known for anything besides Pandora Hearts, anyway. But, in general, this show is pretty cute, so if you want something moe, this is *perfectly moe*.  Everything about this anime is moe.  The animation is pretty average. Nothing wrong with it. This is Xebec we're talking about, and this is a pretty old anime to begin with. So, the animation is nothing special, nor is it terrible. The sound is also decent. No comment here. The characters are also pretty decent? Pretty generic moe characters. The main characters are so misguided by Tama that it's rather amusing. I guess you could say Tama is the most interesting character in the show. Also, Sensei-san is pretty fun. Also, the names are pretty silly, like Kururu, Sasara... aha ha ha. Well, this show isn't that bad. If you plowed through Lucky Star and K-On and have seen A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. If you like moe, do it. But if you don't like shows where it's just cute girls doing cute things, just skip it altogether because this show is pretty stupid.

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