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Sendo Kazuki, failed the entrance exam for the art college he was applying to, His childhood friend, Kuhonbutsu Taishi forced Kazuki to enter the doujin (private publishing) world. (Source: AnimeNfo)

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In my experience in life, which albeit isn't very long in the grand scheme of things, have I ever seen a man who writes doujinshi or comics have as many as 6 women fawning over them. Now this is anime and this is a work of fiction so realism is out the door, but I mean what in the hell. How does this man just magically have these women surround him in a fashion that is akin to flies and crap. It would be much easier to follow the story (or what is called the story) if there wasn't so many freaking characters. I found myself having to pause to see who was talking in what scene and what they were saying. I get the creators were trying to add some slap-stick humor in it, but it honestly felt really forced and I didn't laugh. Overall I didn't enjoy it and I do not recommend people to waste their time with it.

In order to understand the horror this anime inspires in me, you have to understand that it was follow-up to one of my favorite anime, *Comic Party*. The show, while not perfect, was very inspiring to me, seeing as I make comics myself. It actually showed the process of selling fan comics at a convention, and somehow managed to transport you into its world. The series covered similar territory as *Bakuman*, however it brought its own style to the table with its quirky humor, dōjinshi-focused angle, and arc regarding lost motivation. After finishing *Comic Party*, I dove into *Comic Party Revolution* with high expectations, which were crushed within the first minute. Why did they destroy the only interesting aspect of the show to focus on annoying, repetitive jokes and formulaic plotlines?! Where the first series was cute, the second was obnoxious, where the first was charming, the second was galling, you get the idea. Even on it's own terms it's a terrible anime. I hope someone comes along and offers a proper sequel at some point. Until then, switch to *Bakuman*.

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