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Cosplay Complex: Extra Identification

The Extra Identification episode will allow you to match the different costumes in the series to the anime series they are from.

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"Cosplay Complex: Extra Identification" is an extra that shows you what anime each cosplay costume came from. The animation is very simple, it's done with a Picture Drama approach, they show text on the screen for what anime and character the cosplay is from, as they have the Ending credits theme loop in the background. This episode is nothing more than to quench your curiosity. The shows they cosplayed in chronological order of the video: You're Under Arrest Saint Tail Rurouni Kenshin Dead or Alive (Twice) Slayers (Twice) Wedding Peach Hand Maid May (Twice) Omishi Magical Theater Risky Safety Ushio and Tora Kiki's Delivery Service Magical User's Club King of Fighters Z.O.E. Street Fighter Sorcerer Hunters Zeta Gundam Magical Nyan Nyan Steel Angel Kurumi Star Trek: Next Generation Keroro Gunso Nurse Angel Ririka SOS Black Jack Galaxy Express 999 Card Captor Sakura Revolutionary Girl Utena Infinite Rivius Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Cutey Honey Kokoro Library Final Fantasy X Nadia Full Metal Panic! Nadesco - TV and Movie Sorcerer Hunters OVA Akazukin Chacha Sailor Moon (Twice) If you Google "Cosplay Complex Identification 101" you can see the video on YouTube.

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