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Punie is next in line to become queen of Magical Land. However, she must spend a year on Earth before she can inherit the throne, so she transfers into a school in Japan. She's usually a sweet and gentle girl... that is unless someone does something to displease her, then she'll drop the act. She won't hesitate to whip out her magic stick and cheerfully rain bloody destruction down on the hapless fool, or barring that, simply use wrestling moves she calls "Submission" to punish them. Accompanied by her animal mascot Paya-tan, who makes regular attempts on her life (still bitter about being defeated and then forcibly recruited from Waku Waku Mascot Village), and forced to fend off random attacks by various people from her Kingdom who all have different reasons for wanting her dead, she must complete this year of training on Earth without fail.

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Dai Mahou Touge is a twisted magical girl show that quickly turns into something you were not expecting at all. The story of the anime is more of a backdrop for all of the insanity that happens. Essentially Punie is the princess of the Magical Land and for anime reasons to become queen she needs to prove herself as a Japanese high school student. So the sweet and friendly Punie transfers to the human world with her mascot Paya. Of course, due to her being the future queen she is a magnet for assassins... too bad for the assassins.  None of the characters have a lot of depth or development and it's really how ridiculous they can get. Punie herself is sweet and caring but quickly turns very violent as soon as she thinks someone is targeting her. Remember those assassins? Her Mascot, Paya, is also a character with two faces. It's actually pretty funny how similar they are despite not really liking each other. Also, despite this magical girl background a lot of the anime is also a typical japanese girl (as typical as anime goes) so some of the characters display traits more like a student would. Punie's best friend Koku is somewhat of the character that will accept Punie no matter what simply because she is a friend. Anego, Punie's rival and fellow student also gets caught up in basic school things like having a crush.   Now do these things add anything to how good the anime is? Probably not, this show is not about the characters and more about the comedy and if you have the stomach for it... the comedy is incredible.   To start off this anime is probably most well known for the famous potato suicide clip that appeared on the soup and attack of the show. I'll tell you right now, there is more where that came from. A lot of the humor it though is very violent and at first some shock factor and later on because you know what's happening but it's just funny because of how insane the concept is to begin with.   The animation is somewhat middling. It actually has a fairly decent FPS rate and some nice vibrant colors (which is honestly the exact opposite of what this show is but you know.) However, I found that sometimes the show jumps around in quality from scene to scene too quickly. Somewhat like what happens when that CG pops up... only without the CG.   This is an anime where the parts of it don't quite equal the sum. It's a show where the comedy and humor carry just about everything else and you more or less have to accept the shortcomings they have in other areas.

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