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A few years after the adventures of the Chosen Children in the Digital World, a new batch of Chosen Children are summoned to save the Digital World. An evil ruler known as the Digimon Kaiser, or Digimon Emperor, is forcing the Digital World's Digimon into enslavement. The new group of Chosen Children, with the help of their Digimon, then begin a journey to stop the evil Digimon Emperor.

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A good sequel that I didn't enjoy as much as the first. So this is a direct continuation of the first series and cannot be watch by itself. It retains most of what made the first series good with it's likeably complex cast in which everyone is used, along with those really emotional moments that make you feel. It also does a good enough job incorporating the new characters with the old cast, they don't fully pass on the torch as much as it's a shift in responsibility, but for the most part the old cast hang back which is swell. They also added more songs to the soundtrack so episodes aren't as silent and repetitive as before, and they tracks they did add are good stuff. Why I didn't enjoy it as much as the first has to do with the second half. They get really into the problem at hand and unfortunately doesn't leave much room for the new characters to show off their personalities, some of which outright get soo much less lines outside of grunting that you'll even start to forget what they sound like, and anytime there seems to be an oppurtunity for breathing room, we get at most one scene of chill before the next plot point happens suddenly. It's a shame because seeing the children and digimon interacting with each other while trying to figure out what's going on around them was one of the big things that appealed to me with the first series. So while I am dissapointed with the direction it ended up going, it was still an enjoyable adventure and brought this story to a very satisfying conclusion. If you liked the first series this is more than worth watching.

Just re-watched this series and I love it so much! Digimon was my first anime and will always be one of my favourites!

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