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Masaru, a second year Junior High student and undefeated street-fighter, is about to learn the meaning of the word "teamwork." After Agumon escapes DATS, an organization that deals with Digimon, it winds up in a fight with Masaru. Soon Yoshino and Lalamon come to capture Agumon, and the two fighters escape. After an evil Digimon appears, it's up to Masaru and Agumon to defeat it with their DNA Charge. Soon, Masaru must join DATS to put an end to the Digimon coming to Earth. With the help of Yoshino, Ikuto, and Touma, the group must stop any evil Digimon that appear, and return them to the Digital World. But not everything goes as planned...

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This is my first review, so please bear with me because I am not used to writing reviews.Oh, and please bear with me if you love the anime because I will be a little critical about this.Digimon Savers is a sequel to the other Digimon seasons. The main character is Masaru Daimon who loves to fight. His Digimon is a new Agumon, and I'm saying new because this Agumon doesn't look like the old Agumon we all know and love. This fella is taller, his nostrils are bigger and he has these weird red bracers.Now I haven't watched a lot of this season, and I have dropped it but I might come back to it. Why? Well the story in my opinion is pretty good. It might not interest some Digimon fans into watching it since the story has changed quite a bit. These guys don't go into the virtual world that we know as the Digital World people. However, the series is quite funny in some stages.Art looks generally alright, this is what IO wouold expect from an anime, especially from the year this was made. The colours are beautful and some of the backgrounds are nice and detailed, simply lovely.The sound is pretty good as well, it's nice to listen to and it changes into well fitted music for each scene. Nothing else needs to be said here!The characters are quite good in their own sense. The development in these characters are shown straight from the first episode. From the first episode you knwo the main character loves to fight, and he ends up fighting with Agumon and stuff. Throughout the anime and the storyline, you get to really know the characters.Enjoyment, eh? Well I did enjoy this quite a lot, but the one thing that annoyed me the most was how Agumon looked. No-one can really blame me on this, since I've grown up with Pokemon and Digimon, and the monsters on these ttwo shows. If I see a Digimon I love get changed then I wouldn't say 'yay', I would say 'ney' because I grew up loving that Digimon. However, Digimon Savers is a good anime. I might even start watching again after finishing this review.

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