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A series of short animations that show different worlds and different characters. These episodes are designed to take the viewer into a psychological world of fantasy and mystery. (Source: ANN)

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*Somebody* had to write something about Digital Juice. Episode 1 - Keikaku: Well, it seemed like more of a trailer for a cheesy samurai movie than an actual short. The animation was odd, I'm not sure how to feel about it. But hey, the music was pretty hardcore, and it was awesome. Episode 2 - Chicken's Insurance: This one is definitely my favorite out of them all. It's about a chicken trying to sell insurance to two ducks(?), and it's actually pretty hilarious. The animation is different, but I sort of liked it, and the music was awesome. What better way to waste three minutes of your life than to watch a chicken try to sell insurance with a cool rap in the background? Episode 3 - Tojin Kit: Like the first short, this one seems more like a trailer than anything else... and I believe it needs to be a movie. From what I gathered, the setting is a futuristic steampunk-ish world, whether it's utopian or dystopian I cannot tell. But whatever it is, it looks like it would make for an interesting story. The animation is beautiful, by far the best animation out of all of the Digital Juice shorts. Episode 4 - In the Evening of a Moonlit Night: I'm not necessarily sure what was going on in this short, but it seemed to be a sweet story about a young girl travelling around witnessing the wonders of her city... or something. The animation was cute, and the song was pretty relaxing. It felt like a music video. Episode 5 - Table and Fisherman: A more accurate name would be Table and Fishman. It's basically the story about how a talking table and a fish-man, who used to be humans, came to be what they are. It's very strange, and all I remember is a visit to a disturbing strip club and a game of rock-paper-scissors with a farting robot... oh, wait, I think that's all that happened. The animation was interesting, there were times where I liked it and times where I didn't.  Episode 6 - The Saloon in the Air: My only reaction to this episode is; WTF. Seriously, this was actually quite disturbing and I wasn't exactly sure what was going on. I don't even have an idea of what was happening. Even the animation was disturbing... realistic human faces plastered onto cans and wine glasses? No thank you. Anyways, episodes 2, 3, and 4 are really the only ones I enjoyed watching.

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