Dragon Ball Z Movie 12: Fukkatsu no Fusion!! Gokuu to Vegeta poster

Dragon Ball Z Movie 12: Fukkatsu no Fusion!! Gokuu to Vegeta

Not paying attention to his job, a young demon allows the evil cleansing machine to overflow and explode, turning the young demon into the infamous monster Janemba. Goku and Vegeta make solo attempts to defeat the monster, but realize their only option is fusion. (Source: ANN)

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This fits in nicely with my theory that the Dragon Ball Z movies are getting sh\*ttier with each new addition. "Fusion Reborn", being one of the last ones as far as I can tell, manages to hit a new low.I must have missed something in one of the earlier Dragon Ball Z movies that I didn't watch, for in this one, all the characters from the old generation such as Goku and Vegeta appear to be dead. Either that or this movie is meant to be set in the far future relative to the other movies... who knows, it's probably too much to expect Dragon Ball Z to make much sense anyway."Fusion Reborn" is an incredibly boring movie. But what's more incredible is that they somehow manage to stretch the nothingness of the content into an almost an hour long film when there have been other Dragon Ball Z movies that's got more content that are shorter. I watched through most of "Fusion Reborn" in a kind of trance as one of the most bizarre storylines I've ever watched took place in front of my eyes. They appear to be going for some sort of original, comical storyline, and the result isn't pretty. Dragon Ball always seemed to be quite a childish franchise, but this one takes it down to a brand new level: Hell, or whatever that place is, gets frozen in some sort of jelly bean, with a big baby as boss for Goku and Vegeta to battle... what the F\*CK? Although I have to admit I chuckled at some of the comedy, like the fusion poses, most of this movie is pure sh\*te.Other than that part of the storyline, which is different but worse, the rest of the anime is mostly standard Dragon Ball Z fare. The animation is typically mediocre - although at least there's none of the usual fast exchanges of punches/kicks style fighting that I hate so much, the voice acting is typically rubbish (although the music used is okay), and again they managed to collect 7 dragon balls and summon the dragon Shen Long. That creature is seriously starting to lose its novelty value due to appearing so frequently. I appreciate that they appear to have tried something different from the usual Dragon Ball, but unfortunately the result is something that's worse.

I don't give it the score for its storyline, thats not in this movie at all. the story is only made for this movie to be and tell why everything happens but thats it. The fighting is good in and is also the biggest part of the movie.They also made everybody so that you can see how strong everybody is, for exemple that Gohan is stronger than ever before in the series and how badass Goku and Vegeta are. The effects used by the powerup to ssj3 are a little stupid that the film goes to negative color but its fairly done and the ending...well the bad guy dies and Goku and Vegeta say goodbye in a really gay way...

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