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Young millionaire Laocorn Gaudeamus is on a crusade to recover six pieces of armour said to give the user the powers of Mars—the legendary God of War. Fearing that her twin brother is slowly losing his sanity with every armour piece he collects, Sulia runs to Terry, Andy, Joe and Mai to form their own global crusade to stop Laocorn from opening a potential Pandora's Box and releasing an uncontrollable form of destruction. (Source: ANN)

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Start Date16th Jul 1994
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Animation... poor. For an anime such as this I would at least expect some kick ass fighting scenes, and I didn't get them here.Sound... can't remember any of the music so it can't have been too outstanding. But I do remember something about the character's voices though - they were annoying.story... nothing spectacularcharacters... tries to be deep but at the end of the day is still laughably shallow. You might get a kick from seeing a lot of cameos from the characters of the franchise though, if you're familiar with it that is.Conclusion... this anime sucks. Yet another one of those action anime that tries to be too deep and end up rattling off some senseless mumbo jumbo about life and love and trying to find some pseudo-philosophical justification for why they fighting etc. There's only one point of interest in this "Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture", and that's the fact that it appears to be a SEQUEL to the "Fatal Fury 2", not the prequel. I was quite confused by the characters talking about what I thought was supposed to be future events that occur in "Fatal Fury 2". And then I found out that "Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture" is indeed the sequel - it comes after the two OVA's "Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf" and "Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle". The first OVA wasn't listed in the database that I checked, and this naturally made me think the movie, as the only other Fatal Fury title, is the prequel to "Fatal Fury 2". So yeah, turns out this isn't such an interesting point after all, sorry to get your hopes up :P As a side comment, "Fatal Fury 2" is actually a lot better than this, as it doesn't make the mistake of trying to appear deep when it's blatently not. As many people who have watched this can tell you, this is basically one for the hardcore beat-em-up gamers only, and on top of that you probably need to be a fan of the "Fatal Fury" games to have any chance of enjoying this. Compared to other fighting games to anime conversions, this is not even in the same league as the animated street fighter 2 movie, but at least it's better than the Tekken movie, though that's not exactly saying much...

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