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Nothing interesting happens in Naota's life since his brother left for America, leaving him with his grandfather and father in their boring little town. On his way home with Mamimi—his brother's ex-girlfriend—a pink-haired, crazy woman riding a Vespa, named Haruko, suddenly slams into him, kisses him, and then bashes him in the head with her guitar before riding off. The next thing he knows, the crazy girl is working as his housekeeper, two robots sprout from his forehead to do battle, and the surviving one starts living with him as well. I think it's fair to say that Naota has parted ways with his old mundane life.FLCL is a kooky coming-of-age story with surprisingly deep undertones as the twelve-year-old Naota develops through the wild antics of Haruko and matures along the way into adulthood.

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Story: It took me about 3 times to understand what the actual plot was for FLCL only to realize that it didn't really matter anyway. Even though the plot itself is actually rather simple, it's told in such a way, and so rapidly that it's difficult to comprehend at first. However, this is no accident. The rapid, confusing plot adds to the more thematic aspects of FLCL as well as the overall mood of the show.  If you're looking for a well thought out, brilliantly told story then FLCL is not for you at all. Really, if you need any kind of plot then I wouldn't suggest FLCL. If you don't mind a great deal of abstractness in exchange for an amazing entertainment value, flawless soundtrack, intriguing artwork and interesting characters, then continue on.  Animation and Sound: The art is flawless, as the rating indicates, I don't have much more to say about that. The sound was even better. It's probably one of the best, if not THE best soundtrack of any anime I've seen.  Character: The character development isn't awe inspiring, though it's more than satisfactory. Naoto and Haruko were the only ones who had great character development, and the rest were just fair. However, I enjoyed all the characters, even the ones who remained a bit flat and those who's development was minimum to pretty good. I think the reason that FLCL has had such contrasting reviews is that it's like a work of abstract art - some people are all over the abstractness, some people think it's silly paint scribbles. 

I hear OVA's takes ages before all the episodes are released. Well, kinda make sense in the case of this show, because it must have taken them a long long time and a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make something \*this\* bad. "FLCL"? "Furi Curi"? "Fooly Cooly"? Regardless of what this anime is supposed to be called, "Fully Crap" is what this anime \*deserve\* be called, and call it that I shall. While watching "Fully Crap", I felt so apathetic, so detached from everything that was going on on screen that there were moments where I wondered if I'd accidently consumed some drugs beforehand. "Fully Crap" has in abundance most of the stereotypical things that puts people off anime. It's random, insanely over the top, infused with oddball Japanese humour, and contains lots of super deformity, mechas and explosions. The only thing that's missing is probably tentacle pr0n, and perhaps some sense. And to prove my point, let me tell you that I was watching this with a couple of friends who were relatively new to anime. About five minutes in, they both walked out on me with dropped jaws and glazed eyes. I was left watching the remainder of the episode accompanied only by those aforementioned jaws that my friends dropped on their way out, and fueled only by my own stubbornness to finish what I'd started... and boy did it push that stubbornness close to its limits.At first it seemed just like a normal anime, then along comes a girl on a motorbike wielding a guitar... and everything goes to sh\*t from there on. I had no clue what was happening. The creators' aim appeared to be to try and make "Fully Crap" as crap, as incomprehensible, and as insane as possible. A couple of the better episodes are very crap, which can be considered sky high praise in the case of this anime, because the rest of it is unwatchably crap. Towards the end of the series, it almost felt as though bits of it was starting to resemble some form of meaning, though perhaps that's due to my mind deluding itself after desperately trying for so long to make sense of what's going on. It's like the feeling of trying to piece together a jigsaw puzzle with 90% of the pieces missing, and with the pieces you do have deformed to such an extent that it's hard to tell what images are printed on them. I'm really struggling to think of anything good to say about "Full Crap". Er... the animation's okay when it's not too busy being crazy, and the music works out occasionally, although this appears to be more by fluke than by design, as they basically have a load of jrock songs weakly glued together to form a constant racket in the background, and by chance it manages to match the scene once or twice. And er... that's about it really. Probably the only way they could have made it worse is to make it longer - then I would have had to sit through more "Fully Crap" stuff. \*shudders\*

Let me say that I could not force myself to finish FLCL. I came to this anime due to the hype and I tried to like it, but after 3 episodes of total boredom and being totally lost every single moment of the anime I simply gave up. FLCL is the first anime I have completely dropped. I simply do not want to force myself to watch an anime that doesn't entertain me. Outside of the art and a decent soundtrack, this anime is one of the worst I ever seen. Below is the breakdown:Story: 3The story in this anime makes no sense. Infact, I suggest you don't even try to understand it if you want to enjoy the anime because it will reveal just how dreadful this anime is when you fail to get it. The plot is based on some convoluted garbage about a kid getting hit in the head by a guitar and all of a sudden he starts growing large horns that have robots shooting out of them that start fighting other robots. Yeah, that sounds about right. There was an attempt for a coming of age story but it is hard to appreciate this when the anime is completely random and difficult to follow. It is very difficult (for me, it was often impossible) to keep track of what the hell was going on and why the hell it occurred and you start asking yourself "what the fuck am I watching and why am I watching it"? Art: 10The art and animation are undeniably top notch. I have found nothing to complain about in this department. The environments look great, characters look great and the animations flow smoothly. High quality art and animation is expected from an OVA and this will not disappoint you.Sound: 7The soundtrack in the anime is alright. I would have appreciated an opening theme but that is not too much of a big deal. What caused me to take off points was the fact that the soundtrack was constantly playing and was quite loud. Some points of the anime felt like I was watching an AMV instead of anime. The music was very noticeable and it almost never stopped. I would say that this anime fails to use its soundtrack to increase dramatic effect.Character: 4Nothing much to say here. I'm not going to go into detail on their personalities, interests, etc because you could easily find that out yourself on this MAL page. I will simply state my opinion. I found the characters to be quite annoying, whinny, unlikable and completely unrelatable. There are no memorable characters in this anime outside of Haruko, who is only memorable for being completely ridiculous and often disturbing. Enjoyment: 3Its truly amazing how this anime was hyped as a glorious masterpiece comedy but when I watched it I didn't even laugh once. This is when I was TRYING to like the anime as well. I came in with expectations and a desire to love this show. I came out totally confused, bored and disgusted by it.Overall: 4One of the worst anime's I have ever seen and the first anime that I have dropped. I cannot recommend this show.

There isn't one specific word to fully describe this anime. For now I would call it, random, spontaneous, eccentric, wild, just something you shouldn't watch expecting a serious dramatic plot. Oh, yes, there is a plot, but it's so deliciously mind-twisting and fast paced that you almost forget that there was one.It's one of those anime, that it depends entirely on your mood, either you will completely hate it, or you will love it. If you are in a depressed mood and you are too serious-minded, avoid this show at all costs. Essentially it's about a 6th grade boy named Naota who gets hit by a strange woman driving a Vespa, who manages to resuscitate him via CPR, and then promptly whacks him in the head with her guitar. That's Haruko, she's an extra-terrestrial who's searching for the space pirate Atomsk. Oh, and she decides to stay at Naota's house as a maid, and of course, things just get even crazier and crazier...The name itself, FLCL or Furi Kuri, is used throughout the series as a euphemism or expression for sex , at least that's what I think they mean when they say it. With crazy battles with robots and machinery growing out of Naota's forehead, Haruko's bizarre and flirty behavior to Naota (and his dad), and epic music by The Pillows, FLCL is a roller coaster ride that is sure to delight anyone with an open mind about life and anime. This isn't an anime to be taken seriously, but there is an underlying meaning too: Don't be too serious and repress the child within you, or you won't be able to enjoy some aspects of life. Maybe that was the meaning, or it's just something I managed to figure out just for this review...oh well, it was good! If you like crazy anime, this is for you!

Everything about this anime is incredibly random, nonsensical, and hard to follow just whats happening, but that doesn't make it a bad anime. Storyline wise my brain was pretty fried. From one episode to the next was filled with jokes, obscure references, and some semblance of a plot that didnt become clear until episode 5 or 6. Other than that, they do an amazing job laying a baseline of what kind of etting you're in and then just shattering it. The way it starts off, you assume low fantasy. Normal city, normal people, school, stores the whole shebang. Then towards the end of the first episode, when you're starting to settle into everything is normal, everything starts going absolutely crazy. And then, even after everything going absolutely crazy, it never follows the same style of crazy as the last episode. Newer and crazier things just keep happening in a way you could never predict. Even though the randomness of the story was entertaining at times, it really had me question whether or not I wanted to continue watching. The style of animation that FLCL uses is one of my personal favorites. I'm not experienced enough to be able to tell you which style it is or even how to describe it differently than other animes, but I can say everything was smooth, there were a lot of colours, and putting outlines in the right place helps bring everything to life. The first experience I ever had with this animation style was the Digimon movie when I was just a little kid, if that helps you picture what its like. There's constantly music playing in the background during FLCL. Certainly much more than other anime's I've seen, and its always this smooth slow rock style of music that really helps you just drift through the episodes. Its really relaxing. Sound effects wise there's a lot of good cyberpunkish sounds that I see in older animes. Like when the ground breaks open or robots or fighting there's a lot of metallic sounds, even at points metallic sounds aren't what fits the best. Not that I mind, The sounds were familiar to me, and not nearly as crazy as the storyline. I enjoyed their selection. All in all the anime is good fun. Something to watch when you dont want to take anything serious or just drift through something thats pretty relaxing 90% of the time. As I said above, its incredibly difficult to follow whats happening, and its incredibly random, but as long as you accept that its a very enjoyable anime.

When I sat down to watch this OVA Series, I did not know what to expect. I ran in head first with prior knowledge that it's supposed to be one of the "greatest anime ever". How could one set up a world and set them off on a journey which finishes as soon as it begins? This is what FLCL sought to do, and it delivered. **Story** I'll be honest. It took me until episode 4 to fully grasp the story of FLCL. The show starts on a pretty normal premise, young boy and young girl having fun at the riverside, what could go wrong right? Everything, that's what. The fast paced and spontaneous nature instantaneously kicks in and begins to transport the viewer into its world where the wackiness ensues. I would not say the plot is all over the place but it is important to note that it's easy to get lost if you don't pay attention or at least look for the plot since, well, FLCL happens. The story ties in all the knots beautifully and the conclusion is executed with precision only in a way FLCL can express it's true self, in bad ass fashion. Still, looking back on the subject of the story, at the end of it's life, it leaves one question, "What the fuck did I just watch?" Don't know, but it was awesome. **Animation** Upon first setting eyes on FLCL, it had me wondering just how old this anime is? The quality was nothing jarring or distasteful to the eye. Comparing it to the standard of today, I am pretty sure that it was the top of it's game back in the day of release in 2000. The art was something unique and had an interesting color palette which to me seemed a bit diluted however this was not something that would take away from the overall score as it added something unique to its merits. The action scenes are done quite tasteful and the animation keeps up with the fast paced battles. Even in the non battle scenes FLCL shines on with it's various comedic sections. I might have to add that for someone who is only accustomed to more modern anime, it may or may not turn you off but I implore you to give it a try. It will not disappoint. **Sound** If it's one thing that really stood out in FLCL was the music. One can say music can sometimes make or break an anime or any piece of media that music may apply to for that matter. I'm here to report that the soundtrack for FLCL is phenomenal. It kicks in at various sections over the course of the anime, whether it is the comedic montages, the interactions between the characters or the explosive battles. Each and every part of FLCL has music and sound bursting with personality which draws you into the show even more. Whenever there was a battle I found myself getting hype due to the music playing in the background, there was even such a time I stopped and said, "I wouldn't be this hype if weren't for this awesome music". It left me on the edge of my seat to say the least. However, my favorite sections would probably the pieces that tend to play during conversations. For some reason it reminds me of various things and it uplifts me. One track in particular that hit home with me was "Brand New Love". The first time I heard it, it became an instant favorite and that's something since I generally don't like this particular kind of music. It's interesting how this same track was the one a friend recommended me to listen, not knowing it was already one of my favorite. **Character** The characters of FLCL were at first, very annoying. Particularly, the main character, Naota, who seemed to be another one of those "useless male protagonists". It turns out I had to be surprised. I was particularly pleased with his development throughout the course of the show. His emotions were believable because if I was thrown for a loop like that upon the arrival of a mysterious woman, I think I'd be a little bit ticked off and rebellious as well. The two other main characters would be Mamimi, Naota's older brother ex girlfriend (confusing I know) and Haruka, the mysterious visitor who bangs Naota's head with a Guitar. These two lovely females all have their separate, distinct personalities who interact differently with Naota. Mamimi is a lonely and depressed teenager who still clings to her ex through attaching herself to various things that remind her of him, including his younger brother, Naota (who incidentally has a crush on her). Haruka is the mysterious guitar wielding, motorcycle riding housekeeper who suddenly appears and is the source of the craziness the show is known for. Aside from these main characters, there are others who even experience some character development. All this adds to the experience as you feel a sense of progression within the story. **Enjoyment and Overall Thoughts** FLCL should not be considered a hit or miss show, nor a bad show by any means. It has something that I feel every show should have, fiery action, tasteful comedy, budding romance and even character development. You'd be amazed at how lacking character development is in most works. However within it's fast paced nature, some people may be turned off by this. If you're someone who enjoys a more slower paced story or premise, you are better off looking at something else. However I don't know why you would consider that for a 6 episode long series. There was never a dull moment in this show and it kept me wanting more and more. The flashy humor which even manages to break the 4th wall once or twice still leaves a lasting impression on me. All that said, this anime is something everyone should give a try, something everyone should enjoy, it's something you could show your friends and be like "woah dude look how cool this show is". That's the impression it left on me anyways because by the time I was in the middle of FLCL, I realized that I watched this a long time ago and up to now I still want more, even after hitting the stop button one more time. It is my humble opinion to give this anime a generous 9 out of 10. Stay Gold c:

Gainax, Gainax, Gainax... how you love your tales of adolescent heroes and their plights to save the world.... while growing up along the way.And how you love to have those divinely human characters in divinely abnormal scenarios...As if that weren't enough Gainax, you seem to pride yourself in having multi-layered plots and references that mean as much about the show as it does about the point.Really Gainax, it truly is no wonder as to why you have so many fans! But tell me, which of your works symbolize you the most?Could it be.... FLCL?Perhaps the most obvious fact about FLCL is that it's one of the harder, if not hardest, plots to fully understand.One could almost say, that the more you know about the medium the easier it becomes.People aren't kidding(or being arrogant) when they say to newbies: "Oh, dude, don't watch that yet! Watch XXX anime first before you do. You'll just end up getting angry".And that's the most serious flaw about FLCL's story: Not only is it a poor first anime exp. But it's structure almost encourages veterans only.Putting that aside, this OVA makes use of the anime medium in some of the most inventive ways possible.Common with Gainax, they tend to have a gift for world building and circumstantial developing.If Dead Leaves and Panty and Stocking show windows of "what else anime can be/do", FLCL is a complete symbol for what anime "is", period.A hick backwater town in "guess what country?" has a handful of plucky children, cranky, ornery adults, and absent minded teens. But...What of the kids who're starting to see things under new lights? Who are confusing and/or mixing several ideas and icons searching and perceiving them to be the "right" way?FLCL is, like you've probably heard, about the maturation of kids. The universal stage of Adolescence."facepalm!" Why continue?! Why not go back and watch Nadia, the saner parts of NGE, or pop in Honneamise? Certainly you'd get the same concept of growing into one's destiny, and you wouldn't need to have hours and hours of anime experience either!"Well, while Gainax has always employed this common theme, never was it the full focus.And no other Gainax work has it being their prime directive.Main character, Noata Nandaba, has a fixed view on life. His brother has always been the coolest thing in his life. So much admiration is adorned on him that it seems everything else around him can't even compare.Everything else, Noata places it under his catchphrase, "Nothing amazing ever happens..."Because to Noata, nothing else can be amazing.Well, at least the kid has common sense, as he certainly can identify CRAAAAZY! A type of crazy that can only be described as a Spirited Away that exchanges spirits for robots, and the theme of supernatural for sci-fi.And you'd almost be tempted to contact Webster and sincerely ask them to add primary heroine, Haruko Haruhara(the ultimate tongue twister!), under that said crazy.But she is what she is, a radical, unknown, unpredictable element that, almost literally, crashes down on Noata's head.Don't lie to me and say you've never had that to you in some form or another!We, as people, naturally shy away from things that completely go against what we know and believe in, so no one blame Noata for wanting her outta his life!Even though it's almost mandatory to know anime well, the end result is that we get a real bildungsroman told in anime style!Talk about a cluster"cus" of styles! Apparently Kazuya Tsurumaki decided to stop being Anno's tag-team partner and go solo.Even though it might not do it justice to group it, let's count how many things here shine with the beauty of "anime".1. There's the legendary character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. He is, both a master of body language/facial expressions, and just... knows how to make attractive looking characters!2. The fluid and, almost too deliberate, act of animating everything as bizarre and zany as possible to the point where, if it wasn't Gainax, one would almost call it anime contortion.... wait...3. The design and scale of the beasts/machines(mecha), aren't just fun to look at, but, in motion, have the blast of a riot gun in your face. With the central robot Canti, you'd almost think of him as a C-3P0 that can't talk as his simple, curiousness, and his petty cute responses, are enough to have him as anyone's favorite Super Robot.... and that's not even counting the things that bot can do!4. The "out-of-way" decision to allude to many cinematic techniques(slo-mo), or anime references(I'm afraid to learn just how many...!), and have the skill to merge them with the narrative.5. Well choreographed scenes with music that is as effective as it is affective.What? Just 5? I guess it wasn't as much I thought...Well, considering how much is employed, and how well it consists, I'd say a 10 can only describe it.One question I asked myself when the show ended was: "Why the hell aren't the Pillows in any more anime?!?!"Seriously, in the same way Satoshi Kon's passing instantly lowered the overall grade of anime, you'd almost petition for the Pillows to be in more anime.But then again... would their music really suit any other anime?Lyrically and rhythmically, the Pillows music and songs fit the theme of FLCL to a, pardon the cliche, perfect T.When a score is this good, and contributes this much to it's video counterpart, you'd almost think there would be a nod for them here.Ride on Shooting Star's END theme seems to describe the sheer adventure of living and being alive. I won't lie and say I didn't find it puzzling at first, but it, like the rest of the series, it's is more than it appears.Come to think of it, the very presence of the Pillows almost makes the FLCL a living breathing music video(and the choreography isn't a big tip-off either!).My personal favorites of the soundtrack are One Life and Little Busters(who doesn't love this song?).I love the somber semblance of it's subtle summarizing of what all life share in common.And Little Busters? Man, when that song breaks out, you'll just want to picture a world with kids reigning. A world that isn't Lord of the Flies XDThe most common way to identify and see change within ourselves is to use other people's eyes as a mirror.And that is, ultimately, how Noata himself discovers his transformation.Having Yoji Enokido on the script job, was sheer genius. The man created one heck of cast in Utena, and that show's variety and usage with such a cast, equally impressive.Here, he's not only able to create characters that influence just the hero, he's also able to have the hero influence the characters.And even though it's established that FLCL's nature isn't something we can really exp. Yoji makes sure that we can't say the same about the cast here.Mamimi is, in one word, a dependent person. She shares a common sentiment with Noata in that their most important person; his brother, is terribly missed. And, also like Noata, her views on life also relate to him. But, unlike Noata, she's past the point of forming her mind on changing, and refuses to ultimately discover "another answer".Eri Ninamori, strangely enough, has a comrade in Noata, in that they're both going through a similar path, and, even more strangely, via the same way: feigning indifference.While her circumstances are treated and handled much more practically than Noata, it serves to show that growth occurs in many ways, and in Ninamori's case we see a glimpse into what childish "maturity" really is.Haruko is..... a tough cookie to chew. As per mentioned earlier, her very existence is a catalyst for both the nonsense and the message. Almost every single thing about her is a mystery, but the only real thing we know for certain is that she's a badass.The epitome of a reckless, ambitious, arrogant daredevil. We may not really know what's her M.O. but her relationship with Noata fits into a mentor x pupil role, not unlike that of The Boss' relationship with Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3.Still, not many like character mysteries; They can be turn-offs for some, annoying for others, and considered lazy by others.By most accounts, people typically love characters who won't become different from why they fell in love with them, and with FLCL, that danger exists. This isn't a 26 episode series, so having the absence of closure should be expected.However...Internal complexities we can guess accurately, but will never know for certain. Personalities that we can identify but don't necessarily follow into predictable. And antics and quirks that are as personable as they are embracing.These are some of the traits that make the best and most memorable of characters, and Gainax has a real knack for it!The show's fun level does not let up.It may not have a consistent basis for it's madness(like a central parody topic, or a specific genre), but it's always entertaining.And their isn't a single source of entertainment that succeeds or overpowers another. Actually, they seem to accent one another in succession. Like a row of dominoes falling one after another, one thing leads to the next, leading to humor, awe, the occasional thought provoking moments, and so on.The biggest problem of FLCL(limited accessibility), runs into this category too. The crazed nature might distract, or confuse viewers into not looking for the depth.... or anything else for that matter.And, if one doesn't know what to look for, you can bet your guitar strings that they'll be annoyed.And FLCL doesn't exactly stick with a normalcy that casual viewers can latch on to either.Anime isn't exactly "normal" by standards however, as it's different. And FLCL makes regular anime look normal! That right there, innately makes it as much of a gift as it is a curse.Open your eyes, take everything in, and think about it. That's where it all starts.If Honneamise is the symbol of Gainax's ambition, then FLCL represents it's soul. I say this, because a central motif of FLCL is music. And many believe music to be the the truest outlet of the soul.But... there isn't a single genre that works for everyone, and there's always moments when we don't wish to expand horizons.But, honest efforts deserve respect, and OVA's are just that: Unrestricted, unlimited freedom to express.It's rare to see such... drive in something so miscellaneous.Perhaps Ani-Kuri is the only example that could be compared...All art share one thing in common: They constantly force reassessing opinions. We'll have a 1st thought, and with a next visit after some time, perhaps it will change...?After all, the more we experience, the more such things mean to us. FLCL isn't just a pinnacle of anime art, it's a pinnacle of societal art. A symbol of symbol.Will wonders never cease with FLCL?I can't help but feel that Gainax was trying to offer an experience of life, as much as they were telling a story about experiencing.You don't see something like this often, people. Out of all of the popularized domesticated OVA's in the world, few deserve it more than FLCL.Letter Grading Time(LGT)Story: A-Art: A+Sound: A+Animation: A+Character: B+Enjoyment: B+Overall: A-+ Thoughtful, layered, soulful, smart, inventive, and fun; one of the truest forms of art in anime. Rounded human characters, none of which are really clear cut. Spectacular animation which still stands up enormously today, with visuals that only Gainax can call it's own. Music serves more than just atmosphere.- Too different. Helps if you have a varied anime exp. Some won't see it anymore as being nothing more than aimless creative venting.

Fooly Cooly is one those series where u need to not think logic or "What the fuck is this" just watch and you'll enjoy. Fooly Cooly is an unique coming of age story about an young boy trying find himself in the world. He gets run over by a mysterious girl or women or whatever the hell she is. After that things get out of control &amp; mechas come out of people's heads. The animation is really colorful and jumps out at the viewer sometimes the characters can look deformed and detail in their faces aren't there but other that it pretty good for it's time. The OST is one of the best I ever heard in anime done by the J-pop rock band "The Pillows" their music really fit in well with the crazy and over top top anime that is FLCL. The english dub is good <em>Kari Wahlgren voices </em>Haruko Harahara well. Overall Fooly Cooly is a wacky, out of control series and a must watch for the frequent anime viewer

This is, by far, the strangest show I've ever watched in my life. It's the mini-est of mini-series, and they waste very little time. From the start, they're telling this story, and for some reason, it never feels forced. You actually begin to believe that all this weird shit can happen in just a few days. I applaud Naota for keeping his sanity if that's the case. The action, humor, and lewd themes are most of what you see, but when you push that aside... it's just generic. Aliens, giant mechs, strange weapons and rituals, it's a perfectly generic anime for a more mature audience. Strange considering the main character is a kid. The characters themselves are lackluster. Naota's a cynical middle-schooler, Mamimi is his brother's chain-smoking slutty girlfriend he left behind, Haruhi is a fucking weirdo-enigma. That's about all there is to them, no hidden things, that's them. Pretty one-dimensional for the most part. Overall, it's not bad, so long as you don't start digging into it, or rewatch it ten times over like I did. Good if you want your quick shot of "what the fuck?" before you go to bed.

This is one of my all time favourites! This is also a very classic anime that most people should watch. It beats any of the modern day cartoons, for it has everything that ridiculous you could ever want packed into a short series.

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