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Equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and specialized troops, a private military organization named Mithril strives to extinguish the world's terrorism and all threats to peace on earth. The organization is powered by the "Whispered," individuals who possess intuitive knowledge and the remarkable ability to create powerful devices and machinery. Seventeen-year-old Sousuke Sagara, a sergeant working for Mithril, has been assigned to protect Kaname Chidori, a Whispered candidate. He is ordered to join her high school class and be as close to her as possible to prevent her from falling into enemy hands—that is, if he can safely blend in with their fellow classmates without revealing his true identity. Sousuke, who was raised on a battlefield and has very little knowledge of an average high school student's lifestyle, must adapt to a normal school life to safeguard Kaname. However, enemy forces have already begun making their move, and Sousuke is about to find out that the adversary coming for the Whispered girl may be a lot more familiar than he expects. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Part-Time Steady

Putting the tumultuous experiences in Khanka behind them, it’s business as usual back at Jindai High School. On the way to school, Kaname is asked out by Shirai, even offering to leave his girlfriend, who watches the debacle furiously from cover. After Sousuke threatens to kill off his family if he goes near Kaname again, the situation appears to be resolved-or is it? At school, Kaname gets the strange feeling that she’s being watched. The situation explodes when Sousuke finds foul graffiti written about Kaname scribbled on the men’s room wall, and proceeds to torture and interrogate Shirai trying to get him to confess. Kaname is called in by Kyouko to defuse the crisis before Shinji’s bladder bursts. Once Shirai is rescued from getting intimate with the toilet bowl by his enraged girlfriend Mizuki, Sousuke sets out to learn about love from one of Shinji’s dating simulators. Kaname and Kyouko watch with distain as negotiations break down between Sousuke and his virtual love. While Sousuke hasn’t got a clue about romancing virtual girls, this military maniac is about to find himself on the receiving end of a crash course in the real thing courtesy of Mizuki Inaba. Blaming Kaname for Shirai breaking up with her, Mizuki recruits Sousuke to fill the roll as her beloved boyfriend in the hopes of convincing some old friends from Jr. High that she has the perfect relationship. Will Sousuke survive basic training in the art of romance? And just how much of this insanity is Kaname going to stand for?

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Dangerous Safe House

Attempting to clear Japanese customs at the airport, a peculiar young man named Takuma Kugayama lunges at and viciously attacks a customs agent for simply having a crooked tie. Elsewhere, Melissa and her team raid a terrorist base in a dense forest with their M9’s, only to learn that the target they’ve taken down isn’t the one Mithril was hoping for. Back on de Danaan, Captain Testarossa is distressed that the terrorist organization A21 has escaped her grasp. While this raid was a bust, information comes in that a member of A21 has been taken into custody at Tokyo airport, and that the prisoner may be a Whispered. Lt. Kalinin takes off to investigate. Realizing that he missed a planned study session with Kaname the fortnight, Sousuke rushes back to Tokyo from his mission and catches up with Kaname while she’s “eagerly” playing softball. Kaname is so infuriated by Sousuke’s failure to show up, despite telling him otherwise, that she clubs him in the back of the head with a softball base. During lunch, Kaname generously shares all the leftovers she had prepared the previous night with her friends. Sousuke breaks the tension in the classroom by presenting Kaname a bracelet and earrings. Kaname is struck by the gesture; at least until she learns they’re actual weapons for self defense. Strike two for Sousuke. Elsewhere, to confirm whether or not Takuma is a Whispered, Tessa arrives in Tokyo to investigate in person. Things don’t go well at the facility when A21’s forces attack, and with Lt. Kalinin wounded, Tessa is to take flight with the prisoner. To whom will she run to?



Story -An evil group wants Chidori for a reason yet unknown. Mithril sends Sagara to protect Chidori. She finds Sagara to be wierd, but interesting. Sagara is paranoid about Chidori's safety and when they take an airplane trip to somewhere abroad... the plot and all its players.. unfold.Art/Animation -GONZO shouldn't do 3DCG mecha. EVER. It turns into mush and fail. This series is a downright failure in the FMP series. Ugh. It was just so terrible. It had no redeeming qualities - ANYWHERE.Sound - The music was very nice and catchy. The OP was just lovable. The ED, not so much. I personally didn't care for the ED. That's just my strange taste in songs, I suppose. Character - The interaction between Chidori, Sagara and the others is very interesting. FMP is definately a character-driven show. All the characters had great chemistry. The blooming relationship between some people are great to watch and experience. It's quite nice and good.Enjoyment - I really enjoyed it however. It was a fun series. It was FULL of PANIC, METAL, romance and hillarity. It has a very high rewatchablity factor, so you can enjoy it many times over. It is truly a nice little gem for anyone to watch.Overall, I'd give it an 8/10.

"Full Metal Panic" and its sequels are a couple of my friends' favourite anime. But to be perfectly honest, I really don't see what all the fuss is about. Although the presentation is pretty shiny (it's GONZO after all), and the execution competent, for me, this is mostly just a bog standard action anime with some comedy moments (only some of which are funny) and some nice gripping scenes sprinkled over it. But the key word there is "mostly"... and more on this later.You've probably seen the type before. You have a military organisation, and they go on the various missions, always running into this seemingly unkillable boomerang of a bad guy who happens to be a bit insane and wants to destroy the world or something. At the end of the show, you get the obligatory final show down between the hero and that insane villain. Most of these missions are enjoyable at the time of watching, but ultimately forgettable (in fact I have actually forgotten them), but one does stick out. It's where they go on a desert mission that takes place in the the main character Sagara Sousuke's homeland. The internal conflicts within the mission team and Sousuke's meeting with an old acquaintance managed to spice up the flavour quite a bit and put that extra edge of tension as well as emotion onto the story and the action. The story in "Full Metal Panic" is kinda incomplete, with a lot of it involving the "Whispered". The problem is that they don't really explain much about the Whispered, so by the end I was still kinda clueless about what they are. My first instinct is to blame it on GONZO, since throwing out ideas without thinking/developing/explaining them through properly is exactly the kind of thing they usually do. But now I think about it, this time the blame is probably with the manga source material rather than with the studio. I was kinda hoping "Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid" would be able to provide more answers, but now that I've seen it, I'm disappointed to say that it doesn't.The cast of "Full Metal Panic" are also mostly templates taken out of their respective genres. You have the usual cold blooded, evil, ruthless and insane main villain taken from a typical action movie, and the loud mouthed, aggressive female lead taken from the school life settings. Admittedly the latter did fall into the likeable side of the fence rather than the annoying (I'm thinking of Asuka from Evangelion here). The sniper guy is a bit more interesting though, and no, not because he's a bit of a perv. What struck me was how useless the guy is at close combat. We're so used to seeing the generically all round elite soldier type who so commonly feature in today's media that it makes a refreshing change to see someone who's got clear strengths and weaknesses that reflect his role in the squad.You've most likely seen the captain somewhere before. Tess - an innocent, ditzy teenage girl playing an important role on a warship, as a captain no less. Sounds familiar? \[Hint hint: "Nadesico", "Vandread"\]) In fact I hated her more than most, for some reason she just gets on my nerves sooo baaadly. Probably because she sticks out like a sore thumb when they're trying to sell the story off as more serious oriented as opposed to comedy oriented like in "Martian Successor Nadesico". Sure she's a genius that has "special abilities", but special abilities and brain power alone doesn't make a good captain - that's why you never see a complete geek playing the captain role . The primary traits required for the job are leadership and presence... and it would be too kind to say that she has zero presence... she has bloody negative presence. Small, clumsy, pretty teenage girl with squeaky voice who often looks to her second in command for reassurance whilst commanding a ship full of hardcore mercenaries? Sounds like recipe for rebellion to me. Are all these hardcore mercenaries really gonna stomach taking commands from someone like her and do no worse than wolf whistle behind her back? I have a hard time imagining it. She's pretty much a purely fanservice character. And if there's one thing I hate more than a fanservice oriented character, it's a fanservice character that plays an important role and ends up distorting a more serious storyline. But the worst thing is that is that the anime plays up this cuteness thing during the character interactions so you can't even claim that it's all superficial - notice all the guys in the mercenary group goes around saying how cute/hot Tessa is as though that's her defining characteristic. Maybe I'm the crazy one here, for thinking that the defining characteristic of a 16 year old captain should be something other than "cute"! \*rolleyes\* I wonder whether the full version of her name - Testarossa - is based off the word "testosterone", as it seems her whole fan-servicey design is geared towards stimulating the production of that particular hormone from the male viewers...Luckily, there is one character that truly shines - and the bonus is that he happens to be the main character. Yes, it's that infamous Sagara Sousuke. In fact, he pretty much carries the anime on his back. He provides the extra spark that distinguishes this action/comedy series from its peers. Without him the anime would be a lot more dull and unremarkable. Unlike Tess, his comedy attributes doesn't "clash" with the settings very much because the jokes that involve him comes from the fact that he does his job not incompetently, but rather TOO competently. He doesn't know anything OTHER than doing his job. And this is clever because this one defining aspect of his character enables him to fill both the comedy role and the serious role perfectly. When it comes to comedy, he shines as it's mainly his inability to get out of his military mindset when in school (along with Chidori's reactions to his antics) that provides most of the chuckles for the show. When in serious mode, his hardcore military side allow him to play a believable and key role in the serious missions. In contrast, Tess is a complete failure - her comedy bumbling scenes just makes me grimace and her unignorable presence on the serious missions makes me grimace even harder.For a while I was undecided whether to label this as good or very good... but Sousuke probably tipped the scales in the anime's favour. Still, this anime owes a lot to "Full Metal Alchemist". If it wasn't for people searching for "Full Metal Alchemist" and accidently stumbling across this show (like my friends and I did), I doubt it would have gotten so popular. On its own merit, it's an anime that has out performed its mostly unremarkable potential. Mostly.

Full Metal Panic is a pulpy Cold-War era story that has been run through the Anime-machine. From the cold-war story side we get conspiracies to start World War 3 involving Soviet scum with gloriously evil villains and high-tech weaponry fighting guerilla warfare. From the anime side we get the heroes not being pumped full of testosterone faultlessly nationalistic Americans, but instead a teenage boy and a paramilitary force with terrible CG submarines captained by a cute teenage girl. Also giant robots. Because there is not a single story than cannot be improved with the addition of giant robots.Full Metal Panic has to win some kind of award for having its main character, Sagara Sousuke, come from Afghanistan. I know they say Sagara is from the non-existent Helmajistan, but let’s not kid ourselves. That’s just so the author could avoid having to deal with real politics in his nonsense cold war story. He’s got darker skin than the Japanese and had a really shitty childhood torn apart by war which he’s only been able to get over by immersing himself so much in military knowledge and protocol. When you take a step back and think about it for a second, that’s kind of crazy that this dumb anime had the balls to cast such an unconventional protagonist.Sagara’s military-obsession is usually played for jokes, and it does get a bit tiring. Well, the tiring parts are mostly Chidori’s reactions. Sagara is so straight faced and meticulous about the way he pulls off these actions that it still cracked me up, much more so when the show made nothing of it. It’s such simple things too, like snapping his feet together when addressing someone new. It’s like they had a laundry list of things Sagara must do at all times to ensure they keep this image. Whenever Sagara enters a room, his eyes must dart to the four corners. Whenever he’s got over his initial introduction, he must stick his hands behind his back in his ‘at ease’ pose.It’s because they keep up this image of Sagara in the dumb school segments that it’s really damn cool when he’s called into actual proper military action. What makes it satisfying is that, through his actions earlier on in the show, we know he’s competent but just not in this environment despite him clearly trying his hardest. I’m half tempted to call it moe, but it’s not quite that. You want to root for him when he’s sucking, and you get that emotional release when he’s finally put into a situation where he can be awesome. It’s a different sort of play on the emotional satisfaction you get from watching someone kick ass after going through training. The bonus here is that the non-awesome parts are still charming and funny in their goofy anime way.Tessa plays to this strength too. Her shtick is that she’s frail and clumsy physically, but she’s a tactical genius and military expert. The way they play into this is kinda neat too, because they tease us with the idea of how the hell could this moeblob command the highest technologically advanced submarine full of buff macho military dudes when she’s so outwardly useless? They particularly play into this when, in her first real scene with Sagara, she deliberately plays to dunce in front of Kaname because she knows this will get on Sagara’s nerves.Tessa’s story, or more accurately the slow reveal of her competence, is the secret best thing FMP does. Through the course of the show you slowly start to understand why it is she is able to command that submarine. The moral guardian, strong will, hard work, tactical genius and a whole load of various other strengths she has come to the fore so that by the end you totally understand why everyone listens to her. It’s a strange sort of command, where you get the feeling people follow her orders because they don’t want to let her down. But it works. I know that if I was on that sub and I was called into her office for not following orders and she had that hurt look on her face, I would be devastated and vow never to let her down again.But anyway, Tessa is a badass and I weep for those of you who consider Kaname a better character.I think the moment that sealed my dislike of Kaname was when Sagara was doing his first badass military action hero shtick. He dashed in and rescued Kaname from the research facility, only for Kaname to then yell “eeewww you pervert get away from me”. It’s not necessarily Kaname’s character that makes her bad, although she is a pretty boring person. It’s how the show treats her as well.Like pantyshots. Full Metal Panic is in many ways a product of its time, and much of the shit it pulls that I don’t like are outdated anime tropes. Random upskirt pantyshots in otherwise serious scenes of generally serious anime appear to have gone from anime nowadays, and thank christ for that. The most egregious example is when Kaname is going through a mental breakdown, and they decide to have a little peep up her skirt. Great, because that’s really the time I feel like perving out over a girl. When she’s going through a mental breakdown. Tessa gets treated to this perv-cam sometimes too, albeit mostly just caressing her legs. With Kaname though, it seemed to be in perv mode the entire time.Speaking of dumb shit that’s finally outdated, abusive girlfriends punching their men because it’s so funny when the violence is reversed! The it’s never funny because the joke is entirely Kaname hitting Sagara. It doesn’t evolve as a gag. We’re just expected to laugh because she hit him. It’s not going to evolve either because Kaname doesn’t have much of a personality to speak of. She is Ordinary High School Student Mark 591245. You can tell she’s a boring person because any scene with Sagara not around simply consists of her talking about TV and shopping and homework and tests and every other thing boring teenagers talk about.Her saving grace is that her relationship with Sagara is genuinely charming. Their relationship is used to different effects through the show. Sometimes it’s about establishing trust, or how Sagara has grown to care for a person. The strangest, and I’d argue most surprisingly effective use was the surprisingly dark and gritty trio of episodes where Sagara goes back to his home country of Afgani-I mean Helmajistan. While they’re excellent episodes, they’re so tonally different from the rest of the series that it barely feels like the same anime. But how it draws attention to that is quite marvellous too, using the almost alien calmness of Sagara’s return to Kaname as a really effective bookend to the harshness of that arc.I was not expecting Full Metal Panic to hold up, but it turns out I still love Full Metal Panic. It’s got its problems, almost all of them centring on Kaname, and I’ll whole-heartedly admit that it is totally My Kind of Anime, but it does what it sets out to do really well. It’s a huge amount of fun with great characters and giant robots.Also, to re-iterate, Tessa >>>>>>>> Kaname.

Full Metal Panic is a series that tries to please two kinds of viewer, and as a result, succeeds at neither.The problem with it, in general, is that Full Metal Panic is both a serious militaristic action series and a high school comedy at the same time. Now, I've seen quite a few things over my years that should not go together, but do anyway. This, however, is not one of them. The two of them are essentially a massive clash, rather than a well-mixed combination.The premise of Full Metal Panic is this: Kaname Chidori is one of the "Whispered", a group of people who have the power to generate information... or something along those lines. The details are kept vague, for the most part. As a result, terrorist organisations are after her, leading the military superpower Mithril, belonging to no particular government, to send Sosuke Sagara, our main character, into her school disguised as a student to watch over her. Hijinks ensue.The high school comedy side of the series is lacking, to say the least. It's mostly the standard material you would expect to see in that kind of series, mainly humour based around comedic misunderstandings, very little of which is really funny at all. Played for laughs most of the time is Sosuke's complete maladjustment to normal society, which is usually more cringeworthy than it is entertaining.The military half of the series is considerably more interesting, and are very true to a military style of series, and certainly fit the scene, whatever it may be. They use the perfect blend of dialogue, action, drama and realism to keep those episodes afloat. One of the things I like more about the series is the antagonist Gauron. The pure nihilism of his actions is always entertaining, if questionable. While the questionableness of his actions is, in one way, a good thing, what I refer more to is that you really have to wonder why in the hell he's doing them. One does not simply kidnap, murder, maime, hijack and possibly rape just for the fuck of it, and his reason for doing so isn't given passing mention in the series. The sequel, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid clears a bit more on the subject, though it is still annoying to watch the first season without his motives brought into question.A big problem with the series is the pacing. As one might expect, the constant switching every other episode from wacky comedy to serious action doesn't really work very well. Interesting parts of the story are kept few and far between, and a large number of the episodes in the show are thoroughly pointless.Finally, my biggest complaint is the characters. Sosuke Sagara, as of the first season, is a character some enjoyed and others hated, and I have to say that I'm in the second boat with this. His actions, as said before, are generally quite cringeworthy for the comedy side of things, and in the more serious parts of the series he is as much as you would expect of the perfect soldier: a complete tool devoid of personality. Thankfully, the series that follow the first fix these problems and then some, but in the first season he can be really painful to watch. The supporting cast is also horribly one-dimensional. Kaname Chidori is the tsundere, Kurz Weber is the handsome lecher, Melissa Mao is the action chick, and Teletha "Tessa" Testerosa is the moe-girl. While Gauron is an excellent antagonist, he really doesn't outweigh the bad cast on show here.In technical terms, Full Metal Panic isn't terrible, but not particularly great. The animation is OK, but there's a lot of CG scattered around the place. The music is unremarkable, and the voice acting isn't particularly great in either language. I wouldn't particularly recommend either track over the other. I'd say this kind of show works better in dub (the military side of it, anyway), so that would probably be a good choice, but if you generally prefer subs then you really aren't missing anything.Overall, despite being pretty clearly flawed, it's hard to call Full Metal Panic outright bad. It's watchable on its own, in particular with the help of Gauron, and the series that followed (Fummofu and The Second Raid) are more than excellent enough to make this season worth watching just for the sake of watching those.Final Words:By no means a bad series, but very hit-and-miss. Worth watching if only to see the sequels.Animation/Graphics: 5/10Story/Plot: 5/10Music/Background: 5/10English Dub: 5/10Overall: 5/10

The Mecha genre has almost always been about shows where two different alliances are at war. Their weapon of choice in their wars would be some insanely large and surprisingly under powered giant robots (with the exclusion of every Gundam ever made). While there were other shows, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, which tackled fights with other creatures, almost all of them would follow the same concept. When a new concept comes into our world of fiction, we usually question how well that concept is on paper and how well it can be executed. Full Metal Panic! just happens to be one of those particular shows that brings something very nice to the table, but did Gonzo play their cards right with this? Story Our story follows Sousuke Sagara, a soldier working for the secret organization Mithril. One day, he is assigned a task to keep his eyes on a certain girl known as Kaname Chidori, though Sousuke doesn't know the specific reason as to why she needs to be protected. Despite this, due to Sousuke being raised as a child into a very respectable soldier, he takes this task with no questions asked. In order to make sure this job can go without fail, Sousuke enrolls at Kaname's school. With this in mind now, Sousuke needs to balance his school life together with his life as a soldier. Like I said, interesting concept, no? The idea of bringing in Slice-of-Life elements into a Mecha is something that no one would even attempt to think of. Since I do have my share of cons for the story, I'll praise the show for two things. First off, the comedy is nicely done. The dialogue and actions between the characters, especially with Kaname and Sousuke, are some of the funniest things you'll encounter. Even some of the small interactions, such as Sousuke talking with his teacher in the first episode, can easily get some chuckles out of you. Secondly, the arcs of the show when Mecha battles are present are good for the most part. The events that set-up everything to occur, as well as the people that Sousuke ends up meeting, sets up a nice atmosphere for the battles to come. With this, I feel like there lies a problem. While the people that Sousuke meets in each arc have some form of importance, they don't leave much of an impact onto Sousuke's character as you would expect them to. I'll explain more about this when I talk about the characters. Now for the flaws to this story. The first thing I need to mention is the fillers. Full Metal Panic! is an adaption from a Light Novel series of the same name, so when I review adaptions, I focus on the material that gets placed into the anime that wasn't from the shows Source Material. In total, there are around three filler episodes and one action arc that isn't necessarily filler, but wasn't in the source material. Now, are fillers that big of a problem for this show? Yes. Its not the fact that the show is only just taking an episode to show you some side story, but its the fact that they were the "Slice-of-Life" parts of the show which really weren't that entertaining to watch. It saddens me since comedy is a part of the show, I would've wanted at least a nice amount of humor for these fillers. The mix between the High School life and soldier life for Sousuke was a great <em>idea, </em>but it wasn't properly<em> executed. </em>You would expect for someone in High School who has to keep track of their homework and study for tests would be tired out by the fact that they have to also keep up their commitment as a soldier, but this wasn't present in Sousuke's case, making this idea seem much more unrealistic in the end. My final issue is every single encounter Sousuke and/or Mithril have with Gauron, the main antagonist. Don't get me wrong, I honestly think Gauron is a very nice protagonist, but its the way their battles go out and the aftermath of them which really ticks me off. Going too much in depth on this topic would cause some unwanted spoilers, so I'll just leave it on this vague statement: Don't expect Sousuke and/or Mithril's battles with Gauron and his crew to be easy. Characters If there is anything about Full Metal Panic! that really drives this show in the right direction, it would easily be the cast of characters that we're introduced to. Sousuke is your child soldier, who really only knows about how to be that role model for the younger recruits. In terms of being a person living a school life, well, we're going to have some trouble there. Those two aspects about him make him one of the more enjoyable characters to see. In order to avoid spoilers, I talked about how some important characters that Sousuke meets weren't going to change Sousuke's mindset or emotional stability. Only one character really does something like that to him, but, in all honesty, it isn't the biggest hit onto him as you would expect. This may be due to the fact that Mithril taught him to not show emotion for the enemy, but there could've easily been a great psychological aspect to this show brought up with certain characters. The next major character is Kaname Chidori. Kaname is just a normal, beautiful high school girl trying to live her high school life as normally as she possibly can. When Sousuke comes into her life, it easily causes her much more stress than she wanted. Now, Kaname is in fact a tsundere, but just one of the less extreme ones. What separates her from other tsunderes is the fact that there is a *reason* for her to act in the way that she does, which is because of Sousuke, if you didn't catch that. Kaname is actually much more tolerable than you would expect her to be. Her development throughout the show is superbly done and can even generate some feels. Our last major character is Teletha Testarossa, better known as Tessa. Tessa is the captain of the submarine Tuatha de Danaan, becoming a captain of the submarine only at the age of 16, due to something special about her. Tessa is, personally, one of my favorite characters since her role as being a captain, as well as showing off the fact that she is just a teenage girl, really just shows off a more realistic standpoint from her. I could even go as far as to say that she is the best written character in the show. It would be an insult to his character if I don't mention one of my favorite antagonists in anime. Gauron isn't necessarily a crazy antagonist, but his mental state is probably what some people could call odd or unusual. Its so much fun to see Gauron plot out certain things and to see him attempting to change some characters psychological state, especially for Sousuke. You really won't be annoyed by this guy, no matter how hard you try to be. The supporting cast also shows off their parts perfectly, with great moments coming from characters like Melissa Mao, Kurz Weber, Richard Mardukas, Andrei Sergeivich Kalinin, and others. While they don't get as much screen-time as our major characters (obviously), they do get their fair share of time and they make sure that its well-used. As said earlier, the cast for Full Metal Panic! is the best aspect of this show, and they make it well-worth watching the show again just to see their adventures unfold before you. Their development is well done, relations are hilarious and believable for the most part, and everyone is just so likable. Sound, Animation, Art To start things off with our sound, the OP and the ED are both sung by Mikuni Shimokawa and her voice really sets a nice tone for the show. The OP isn't necessarily upbeat, but its a more lighter and happy tone for the show. The ED is a more slow, easy-going song, but gives good closure for each episode. The OST for the show gives off a much more old-school Mecha feel, while bringing in some modern sounds to complement it perfectly. One of the biggest things that I argued with myself for this show was whether or not I enjoyed the sub or the dub more. Now, the sub is good for the most part, with my only issues being with Kurz and Gauron's voices. I feel as if the dub actually gives off a much better personality for both characters, as well as giving a nice upgrade for most of the other characters. I mean, Chris Patton on Sousuke and Luci Christian on Kaname shows off one of the greatest voice-acting combos I've had the pleasure to hear. So, I enjoyed the dub more, but I still think that both versions are watchable. Animation during the fighting scenes are surprisingly well done for the time this show was released and the fact that it was Gonzo doing the animation for it. While the OP and ED aren't the best animated, the show in general is surprisingly well done. The only issue I really have is the fact that Gonzo was really reluctant to show off blood and gore during the show. While gore can be passed off as not much of a necessity, I feel like the amount of blood shown was so little to the point where some certain actions were not that realistic, especially for one character in the latter part of the show. Gonzo is also known for showing off CG in their shows, with this one only being done for the Tuatha de Danaan as is sails through the sea. The Mecha designs are great, if you were wondering. The picture above Melissa and Weber shows off just a little bit of the very nice designs for the mecha. I would say that my personal favorite would be The Codarl, which is the Arm Slave that Gauron pilots. It may seem plain, but its setup in general is what I love about it the most. Second favorite would be the Arbalest, since a nice amount of the other Arm Slaves that Mithril owns aren't some of the best you'll ever see. Enjoyment I could keep mentioning this aspect of the show for the rest of the review if I wanted to, but if there's something that kept me going through the show, it was the wonderful cast. Sure, they do have some problems here and there, but its just a pleasure to sit down and see them interact each and every episode, making it worthwhile at the end of the day. The filler episodes do leave much to be desired, but the main action arcs are worth talking about in some way. With that, the only times I can say that I felt bored were during the fillers, except for one, but it shouldn't tamper too much with your fun with the show. Final Words While the concept to Full Metal Panic! is very interesting, it wasn't executed to its highest potential. Mixing in comedy with the show's serious nature at other points felt unneeded, but also helped in some areas. The near godlike cast for this show will make you want to keep watching each coming episode and may even warrant you to re-watch certain scenes with them. If you're big on the older Mecha, like the 0079 Gundam-esque shows, then you won't find some groundbreaking battles in this show, but its a very interesting take on the Mecha genre that I would recommend to even the people who hate anything Mecha related with a passion.

The first season isn't great, and I wouldn't even consider it good. Yet, it's still enjoyable popcorn material and therefore not a bad watch. It's what I would consider b-anime (if there were such a thing). It's really corny but they get some good jokes and good action scenes in there, along with a pretty good chemistry between the main characters (or at least a foundation for it). This show was just ok, 6/10 (but leaning slightly toward 7/10). The second season is pretty fantastic. It's the best user of fast-paced/visual comedy I've seen in anime. It had me constantly laughing with the exeption of a couple of episodes where it wasn't as strong. It didn't really build much on the foundation built by season 1 but it had a heck of a lot of fun playing with it. Fumoffu was extremely good and very entertaining, 8/10 (but leaning heavily toward 9/10). The third season is great, but for diffrent reasons to the second. While Fumoffu was pure comedy TSR was pure mecha/action, and it was also really improved from season one. It was intriguing, entertaining and thrilling constanly (well, for the most part). It was a really good watch even though it wasn't as good as Fumoffu. TSR decided to build on the first season in every way and it did it very well. While it's not flawless it's still a really great addition to the franchise. TSR was great, 8/10. All in all, Full metal panic is great. It's a show that greatly benefitted from being more focused on either action or comedy instead of trying to do more than it was capable of. While the first season may just be ok the Fumoffu and TSR makes up for that in spades. Both season 2 and 3 are great and though it's predecessor might be lackluster it's still pretty enjoyable and definitely worth watching beacuse of it's sequals. If you haven't watchen any FMP yet I highly urge you to do so. While some may find it very difficult to get through s1, for it's cornyness ect, if you distract yourself with a for example a game in the meanwhile, only paying half-attention to the show, it's probably gonna get easier. Just remember to put that game down for s2 and s3 since they definitely deserve your full attention. Overall, Full Metal Panic is a really good series that's difficult not to recommend, 8/10.

**Title:** Full Metal Panic **Stars:** 5.0 **Genres:** Mecha, Action, Comedy **Review:** Full Metal Panic talks about a seventeen year old military guy called Sousuke Sagara assigned to protect a girl, This anime contains a lot of comedy mixed up with mecha action. Personally i think this anime is fantastic.  ***Just watch it.***

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