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It's back-to-school mayhem with Kaname Chidori and her war-freak classmate Sousuke Sagara as they encounter more misadventures in and out of Jindai High School. But when Kaname gets into some serious trouble, Sousuke takes the guise of Bonta-kun—the gun-wielding, butt-kicking mascot. And while he struggles to continue living as a normal teenager, Sousuke also has to deal with protecting his superior officer Teletha Testarossa, who has decided to take a vacation from Mithril and spend a couple of weeks as his and Kaname's classmate. (Source: ANN)

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The original Full Metal Panic was an anime that really did not recognize it’s own unique strengths. It had a very sub-par plot that did not captivate in the slightest, and didn’t use its clever comedy as much as it should have. When it was serious it was difficult to watch as it just felt so fake, however when it was funny, my god it was funny. When I was watching it I found myself struggling through the plot episodes just to get to the comedic ones that came afterwards making the vast majority of the plot feel terrible. Now we have the sequel/spin-off Full Metal Panic Fumoffu which focuses primarily on comedy, judging by how I liked the comedy in the original, this should be great. Is it?... Well, sometimes.I don’t think there has ever been a time before where I have experienced such highs and lows in an anime. Sometimes this show was brilliant and possibly the best humour I have seen in anime. The other times, through either cliche situations, or lackluster writing, fell far below the other episodes. I wanted to love this show, and there were times when I definately did. However these times were few and far between. Episodes such as the rugby episode, or any of the Bonta-kun episodes, were brilliant and some of the most fun you can have anywhere in anime. But in a twelve episode series, there are only four or five that I would consider to be good. Unlike the first series, this show has next to nothing to do with war, mechas, or anything that Full Metal Panic is synonymous with. Instead this focuses on Sousuke’s and Kaname’s school lives, and while some of the “School Life” episodes were good, it was the ones that broke this mold that were spectacular. Episodes that really involved something happening, rather than just dicking around in school were the episodes that I really stuck around for. I think this is because of how I wanted Full Metal Panic to be, and what I was expecting of the franchise before I started to watch it. I thought I was going to get a mecha based comedy. I wanted to laugh while the action was unfolding. Rather than what Full Metal Panic actually was, which is extremely serious action briefly interrupted by light-hearted comedy. In a way I wanted both at once, rather than one and then the other. After finishing Full Metal Panic I believed that the series would never get to do this, and left me questioning whether I should actually keep watching.Surprisingly enough, there are episodes in Fumoffu that capture this situation, and gave me a true view of what this series could have been, what I really wanted it to be. Some episodes do have some pretty good action, particularly when Sousuke pilots the greatest mecha ever invented, Bonta-kun, a kickass, bullet stopping teddy bear who can only communicate through various alterations of the sound “fumoffu”. When Bonta-kun appears, we get a perfect blend of kickass action, and laugh-out-loud comedy. This is when the series is at its best, with episodes that are funny, and different from any other anime comedy I’ve seen. The comedy also causes one large problem, the lack of character development. Many of the characters in this show, the most important being Kaname, rely on those little moments to look deeper into their personalities and with that, make them likeable characters. The original Full Metal Panic, as much as I disliked its plot, it was able to do this, and by the end of the show I liked Kaname as a character. Fumoffu is the exact opposite, as I counted three moments in the series that tried to make Kaname likeable, and one of them failed in doing so. This show made me re-hate Kaname as a character as most of the time she comes off as abusive, stubborn, and rude. I had to ask myself, why doesn’t this show have those moments? The answer is simple, because it is trying to be funny. It is trying to push a laugh out of you all the time and thus takes out the moments that make you like the characters, because let’s be honest, the funny part of Kaname is the abusive, stubborn, and rude part.The reason I really wanted to love this show is because when I first had it described to me, it sounded exactly like how I wanted the original Full Metal Panic to be. I had it described to me as a “more comedic take on Full Metal Panic”, this could not be farther from the truth. I feel this to be more of a high school comedy that happens to include the characters from Full Metal Panic. It felt like it had nothing to do with Full Metal Panic and all the problems from the original show just felt so far away.In fact, I don’t think I would have really minded a light plot somewhere in Fumoffu. I know this sounds weird coming from the person that hated the plot in the original, but it’s true. I don’t think the plot to Full Metal Panic was bad because it was bad, I think it was bad because it was nowhere near as good as it thought it was. It didn’t realize the right times to stop being serious and would often keep a dark tone for episodes on end until it could be separated by a light-hearted funny episode which in the end, just felt awkward. Fumoffu could have fixed this by using its comedy. If it had a very light plot, nothing too serious, just robots, explosions, and the odd bit of character development. Combine this with the kooky comedy we have seen from these characters and we would have had something absolutely spectacular.I think I just dislike the Full Metal Panic franchise because it is not what I could see it being. If you want a high school comedy with the characters of Full Metal Panic, then I could see how you would love this. The problem is, it did not have what I wanted to see in a comedic spin-off of the franchise. Full Metal Panic is synonymous to action and mechas, something we do not get from fumoffu. It lost what Full Metal Panic had to make room for dicking around at school, which while fun, was not what I could see this franchise being and as such, I can only give it a 7/10.

Story - A bunch of mini-stories and mini-plot involving our lovable Chidori and favorite military freak, Sagara! It's full of fun and hillarity, you'll bust a gut!Art/Animation - KyoAni's first FMP series -- and its stunning animation. It's truly a great start and steps much higher than GONZO's piece of junk.Sound - Nice music, much nicer than FMP's OP song and a much nice ED song too. The inbetween music was pretty good as well. I had no complaints overall with the OST.Character - We see quite a lot of development between Chidori and Sagara, Kyoko, Mao, That One Guy and Kurz. It's relatively nice and interesting. It's a nice comedy and its driven very well throughout.Enjoyment - It was funny, entertaining and very good. It was outstanding, but words cannot do it justice as to how much I enjoyed this series. Overall, I'd give it a 9/10.

First up, it should be noted that this is NOT a sequel, but it should be watched after you've seen a bit of the main series at least, just so you know what the characters are like. This is like a "companion" series consisting of funny short stories that happens in the school life part of "Full Metal Panic", and it runs in parallel against the events of the first series of the franchise."Full Metal Panic: Fumvlkvo" (I haven't bothered learning how to spell the title of this anime correctly) is a very easy watch due to the total light heartedness and bite sized format of the stories. The short length of each story (they're generally last half an episode each) helps to sustain its entertainment as each one will finish before attention starts to wander. These mini stories tend to be very imaginative and clever, and although most are episodic, a couple of events do have a follow up later on.The comedy itself mostly involves Sousuke making a fool of himself by being a military nerd trying to blend into the school. It's essentially the same comedy distilled from the original series but taken to new level. For many people, this is probably the pinnacle of anime comedy, and it's pretty much why Sousuke is such a legend. Even I probably prefer this to the original series as the original series sometimes takes itself too seriously but didn't have the substance to back up its serious themes while "Full Metal Panic: Fnmvlp;l" doesn't bother trying to be much more than a shallow comedy and succeeds admirably. But in between all the silliness, there are some softer moments where the anime found time to develop the relationship between Souske and Chidori a bit, which is good. The only low point that I can think of is when Tessa turns up and started to annoy me all over again. God how I hate that character...Presentation wise, the animation style of "Full Metal Panic: Fmvvufn" is mostly the same as the original series, but without the action sequences. The artwork is gorgeous, at least as good as the original, and in fact is probably better. The new characters that gets introduced are all nicely designed, whilst the old ones looks like they've been refined slightly. I love the opening and ending themes, and the background music and voice acting are pretty good as well.If you love anime comedy, you can't afford to miss "Full Metal Panic: Fufdnfh" - it's likely to be one of the funniest anime you're ever likely to come across. Even I found it to be very funny, which is damn high praise considering my usual attitude towards anime comedy.

For a lot of people, their favourite parts of Full Metal Panic were the goofy side stories involving Sagara blowing stuff up in a school environment and Kaname getting mad at him for doing so. To appease that fanbase, and to keep the main storyline more serious and consistent in tone, they took a whole bunch of those stories and compiled them into season 1.5: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. While it helps to have the experience of the main story to know the characters, Fumoffu works perfectly fine as a stand alone dumb comedy, such is the disconnect between it and FMP regular.The issue is about 75% of the joke of Fumoffu is Sagara shooting something and then Kaname getting angry and hitting him for doing that. That joke wasn’t particularly funny in FMP regular, and repeating it 100 times does little to improve it. If anything, it also starts to degrade the joke of Sagara’s military fetishism, because the jokes become so predictable. I wouldn’t have thought that solving every problem by shooting someone in the face would ever lose its charm, but I’m sure even an avalanche of kittens would eventually grow tiresome.The new characters don’t add much to the story either. The nature of Fumoffu means the jokes have little in the way of depth or weight, and what’s there comes as baggage from the main series. Even when they bring over characters from the main FMP, they lose a lot in transition to goofy comedy. Tessa in particular is pathetic in Fumoffu. There’s no real satire on display here, when almost all the jokes are slapstick of someone applying military logic to real life situations. It’s the lazy webcomic artist method of humour. Apply video game logic to real life situations with hilarious consequences.So, repetitive jokes and bland characters. “But I heard Fumoffu was really good” I pretend to hear you say. “And you really like Full Metal Panic, so what’s going on here”? Well, my theory here is that it comes down to selective memory. What I described above is about 75-80% of Fumoffu. The remaining part of Fumoffu is a bit more diverse and a touch insane.My current running theory is the guys tasked with writing and storyboarding Fumoffu were locked in a room together and told they couldn’t leave until the entire show had been planned out. For the most part they just made a generic romcom with a military nerd lead. However, as they were forced to spend so much time together, slowly they started to go mad. When the producers finally opened the door to let them out, they were a shrivelled gang of deranged lunatics, talking about trapping prostitutes in cages, repeatedly shouting quotes from Full Metal Jacket at each other, and with one guy huddled in a corner muttering the word ‘pony’ under his breath over and over again.When you start breaking down the themes and layers behind these jokes, this side of Fumoffu does not have nice things to say about humanity, nor the people who made this show. Humans will crawl over each others dead bodies, whether fuelled by hunger, lust or simple self-preservation instinct. Practically every episode involves someone threatening to sexually assault Kaname, and in the case of things like the Pony episode, you get the feeling the sympathy lies with the Pony man. The tone frequently swaps into slasher horror-mode, and the results are as frightening as they are funny. It’s hugely imaginative, laugh out loud funny, and the kind of humour that definitely sticks with you. But insane in a slightly worrying way.If Fumoffu was a person, they would be the kind of guy who you heard ‘stories’ about, but seemed like a perfectly nice guy in person until you went on a night out with them. Fumoffu is the kind of person who would suggest re-creating scenes from The Wicker Man, and be deadly serious about it. Fumoffu is the kind of person who would tie an old man to a cross and do tribal dances around him while yelling “this is so much fun”! Fumoffu is the kind of person you wouldn’t remember what happened on this night out with them, except that the next morning you found yourself in an unfamiliar bedroom with only a decapitated gorilla for company.

As the second season in the Full Metal Panic! series, I feel that Fumoffu benefits from being more focused than its prequel. The first season of FMP is a combination of the mecha-action and high-school comedy genres, as well as containing a number of sub-genres. While it has several good things going for it, one issue that I think hurt the experience a little for me was that the show, though having major elements of both, excelled in neither category. Fumoffu instead focuses exclusively on the high-school comedy genre, which in turn I think allowed for higher quality comedy and entertainment. I also grew to like the main character Sousuke more because of this, as he and his antics are usually the center of the comedy. The relationship between the common sense-lacking war nut Sousuke and the level-headed Chidori makes for one of the best duos/couples in anime. Now, as Fumoffu is an episodic series, in which most episodes have their own plot, some episodes I enjoyed much more than others. Some of the best comedy, in my opinion, is contained within the first 2 episodes and the latter few episodes, especially the one at the bath house. As a whole, I would say that Fumoffu is very entertaining, with amusing characters, great comedy, and a nice soundtrack. (I actually looked forward to the episode previews so that I could hear the FMP theme.) I give Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu an 8/10 (Very Good), an improvement over the first season, and a high recommendation to watch. Now, if you haven't seen the first season by Gonzo yet, I think you will enjoy Fumoffu more if you watch Season 1 first, though it's not a requirement since the plot from the first season doesn't carry over and continue into Season 2.

I think i like Fumoffu much better simply because it bring out the the real characters attitude and making fumoffu a lot enjoyable than the other season of Full Metal Panic. Story The story is pretty random so you dont need to expect so much to happen and they only focus in comedy with few action in it Animation The animation may be a little off to some viewer but actually thats what make this anime really awesome unlike other anime with good animation fFumofuu is alot differeent in many aspect. Sound The sound is quite simple not something especial that i can say or it just my opinion i did'nt mean to offend anybody Character All character has strong personality leaving some presence on the viewer which is really nice

This is one of my favourite animes. Was very in enjoyable the was great and the character didn't freak me out, and the story line was well plan out.

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