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After Aoi Zip Formula was banned for one year from Cyber Formula racing due to cheating, Jotaro Kaga, alias Bleed Kaga, returns for the 17th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix. However his old car is no match for the returning champion Hayato Kazami, whose skill has improved tremendously, and his Nu-Asurada AKF-0. An old face, Kyoshiro Nagumo, appears suddenly to him and offers him the Ogre AN-21: a prototype to the Bio-Computer operated Al-Zard series created by the developers of the Asurada, and an ultimate racing machine that only a few can drive. Kaga must now master this car, confront his own inner demons and, most importantly, defeat his longtime rival Hayato in what is possibly Kaga's last and greatest Cyber Formula season. (Source: ANN)

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