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The protagonist, Kouda Mikako, is a student of "Yaza Gaku". Specialising in fashion design, Mikako dreams of becoming a fashion designer with her own brand. Living next to her is her childhood friend, Yamaguchi Tsutomu. Even though they have been close since they were young, they share a platonic friendship. However, Tsutomu has been gaining popularity, especially with the girls, because he seems to resemble a popular vocalist from a band and somehow, Mikako begins to see him in a different light. This is a story about how youths cope with dreams, love and friendship. (Source: ANN)

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Let's do the Circle! Poster Image


Let's do the Circle!

While Mikako is back on track and chugging full speed ahead, Jiro is hard at work test-playing a computer game of his design for bugs -- one of which requires the whole night to identify and rectify. Yuusuke calls on the exhausted Jiro the next morning for a meal due to having been caught with his micro-economic pants down while Mikako and Tsutomu prosecute their daily school commute while trying to fully awaken. While Mikako tabulates Tsutomu's fond recount of his karaoke concert for Mariko and her friends in preparation for an appropriate response, Yuusuke nearly dumps Jiro on the pavement in a mad dash to school where Mikako exhorts everybody to come up with a name for the social circle before the bell rings to signal the start of class. While the girls have the question answered as to what they will sell at the flea market, Yuusuke is at a loss for how to contribute to the flea market before discovering his proficiency in art; after an unsuccessful brainstorming session, the concourse gravitating toward the rationale for enrolling in Yazaku strikes a chord within Jiro who has been grappling with that very issue from the start. The deus ex machina solution to what to call the social circle, Jiro's contribution to the flea market, and the rationale behind Jiro's attendance at Yazaku lies in the dream sequence that explains his prologue of proficiency at playing video games and how a classmate named Chika Ishida suggested that he investigate how to program them after sharing her dream to be an akindo for tea.

Is it Tsutomu or Ando? Poster Image


Is it Tsutomu or Ando?

Deciding upon the name of the social circle and learning to keep her hatred of Mariko in check are small potatoes as a jubilant Mikako is shocked to discover considering the less-than-receptive acknowledgment of her newly-created brand name from the other Akindo members; even as her fears that her ambitions will be sunk in the harbor abate somewhat when Yuusuke creates a sketch of her to extricate himself off the hot seat, Mikako quickly finds that she has bitten off more than she can chew while synthesizing clothes that night for the flea market. It quickly becomes evident the next morning that the stress has overtaken Mikako when she immediately takes the boys' absence along with Mariko's as a personal affront and races off much to P-chan and Risa's shock; after having the situation explained to him, Hiroaki advises Mikako to put into perspective both the Akindo circle and her issues with Tsutomu's relationship with Mariko who Tsutomu explains has offered her apartment as Akindo headquarters. Mikako's relief at Tsutomu's dedication does very little to compensate for her vendetta with Mariko; a frenzied foot race later, Tsutomu explains his activities yesterday and Mikako acknowledges her fallibility. Upon returning to Mariko's apartment with the raw materials necessary for the accessories that she wishes to make, Mikako ultimately realizes why the word »assume« is spelled the way it is when she has it explained that Yuusuke and Jiro have been as busy as Tsutomu has been.

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Free Market!

The day of the flea market has arrived and Akindo is ready to make its debut in earnest!!! Ruriko decides to wish everybody good luck by giving Mariko, Risa, Yuusuke, Jiro, and P-chan the communications device Mikako and Tsutomu use to contact each other known as the Tsuurabu. Once at the fairgrounds, Mikako wastes no time in taking charge much to Tsutomu's frustration and even counsels P-chan who has a bad case of stage fright. Mariko taking it upon herself to advertise the Akindo shop to help the other six members better do their thing obfuscates a little girl named Shizuka wandering around with an iconoclastic volition for Yuusuke to fulfill...that is, once he sees the folly in scaring away the customers; a brief adversarial divergent concourse later, Yuusuke sets course for a destination arcane that Shizuka promptly emulates only to find that Shizuka gives as good as she gets and insists upon the commerce she is more than willing to pay for while the other Akindo members have gotten back on track—especially since Mariko has brought back more merchandise. No sooner does Yuusuke get compensated for his commerce than Shizuka cries out a negation for her grandfather's company that conscripts him into a high stakes hide-and-go-seek game that requires the other Akindo members; upon having Shizuka's prologue explained to him, Yuusuke's contrition serves at the deus ex machina for Shizuka's reconciliation with her grandfather and for P-chan to do an excellent job of keeping shop to ultimately sell out everything.

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