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Kintarou Ooe is a specialist in part-time work, riding all over the highways and byways of Japan on his trusty steed, the Mikazuki 5, and finding employment wherever he can. His adventures bring him knowledge and experience that can't be taught in a classroom, from political corruption to the delicacy of a young woman's heart. With nothing but the open road before him—not to mention the many beautiful women along the way—Kintarou pursues his spirit of education while attempting to hold down his various odd jobs, however undignified they may be. As he learns from each task he takes on, who knows what could happen? He might even be able to save the world one day. One thing is for sure—this will all be very educational! [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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I'll try my best to make this review short and sweet. So lets begin shall we? For me to watch anime anime that aired before I was born is a really daunting task, so when I was told to watch Golden Boy. One can tell I took my time getting to watch this. But , I thank God I did watch this cause I've never had so much fun watching something. We start with Kintaro, our Harem lead who loves to venture around the world finding jobs and pleasing attractive women as he does so. See, from this, this sounds like a normal ecchi-harem about some perverted douche who likes to go round striking out with women. However true that may be, the thing that makes Golden Boy so different is one thing. That thing being that it DOES. NOT. CARE. The person who directed this was behind Blood: The Last Vampire so its no shock that we seen Kintaro do such things that involve toilets. \*nudge nudge\* Bottom line is, its a fun watch. And the funniest anime I've ever watched.

Classic short anime full of funny shit with the maxim: never judge a book by its cover. "How educational!" takes a whole new level of sense after watching this surprisingly educational anime about prejudices. The ecchi bullshit wasn't all necessary, but it added some funny crude stuff for some enjoyment, like how he gets caught in almost all episodes smelling a toilet bowl while washing it. While being a pervert, the MC is still surprisingly memorable, humble and simple-minded. Overall 8/10.

***Story: 7/10*** Golden Boy is 6 episode anime comedy that tells a story of a young man called Kintaro and his way of life .Kintaro travels through Japan from city to city and takes part time jobs in this cities and he does this so he can gain new experiences and new knowlege .Through his adventures he meets many women and also gets in very akward situations both phisicaly and mentaly with them .This show is very humorus, but the show focuses mostly on sexual jokes so if you are not into those you should not watch this show .The story follows always the same formula for each episode so it gets repeditive and it ruins the experience because you know how will the episode end (Kintaro saves tha day and the girls falls in love with him) .This anime is not afraid to make fun of their cliche characters and situations .The ending was disappointing and it was so cliche but overall this anime had a solid story. ***Animation: 7/10*** Animation here is good ,but it did not age well and some viewers will not watch this because of the animation. Character designs are ok nothing special (big titty girls but this is a comedy so i think that this is apropriate for this show).Some scenes show that the anime budget limited their animation. ***Sound: 5/10*** The soundtrack is ok ,again nothing special .Lots of tracks are forgettable and uninteresting ,but the opening fits the show good and tracks go somewhat  well with the atmosphere of the show .Voice acting is medicore and the english dub version is ok (for a dub). ***Characters: 9/10*** Characters are here cliche (in a good way because they are made fun of because they are cliche and they all represent some stereotypes of women) with the exception of the protagonist who has a great view of life and wants to live as best as he can .He is a funny guy and makes the show overall more entertaining .You will find yourself quoting him at times ,because of his funny lines and charisma. ***Enjoyment: 8/10*** ***Overall*** ***Golden boy is a classic in anime comedy genre and it is one of rare anime that will make you laugh .As someone who hates ecchi anime I gonna say that I am impresed by Golden Boy and it is truly an anime you should experience and see that there are actually good ecchi anime out there.***

Let me start this off by saying that I have never written a review of an anime before. There. I said it. Golden Boy is a legend in anime. The absolute perverted nature of the main character draws the viewer in, and is naturally, his main character flaw. However, this is the show's greatness. Just to put it in perspective, I learned about this anime from watching AMV Hell 0, which surprisingly, is where I found out about a lot of good anime. Character: (9/10) Kintaro, the main character of the show, is a genius. Enough said. He can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to, from computer programming to swimming to cooking ramen noodles. He roams the land on his bike doing various odd-jobs and meeting sexy women, all while taking notes in his little brown notebook. His only real flaw is that he is a completely perverted person, and let's just say it: a character is perfect, therefore they are boring. Perfect characters are not fun to watch, since they are completely unrelatable and boring (An example of this is Jurassic World's Chris Pratt Character, ugh. Boring.) This flaw is what sets this character apart from other harems, such as Girl's Bravo, and Sword Art Online(shots fired). It acts as a plot device in Kintaro's case. His obsession with women is what usually draws the character to do the various odd-jobs and learn what he wants to learn. That's just the thing. He is on a quest for knowledge. It is as if he is so smart that he has seen through the fourth wall and become the adventurer in question. Most of the time(As seen in the book <u>How to Read Literature Like a Professor</u>), when a character goes on a quest, the real quest is to grow up and become a more knowledgeable person. Ant that's what Kintaro does. Not just does, he knows, since He pedals his bike while obsessively chanting "Study, Study, Study". Usually, his quest for knowledge is what allows him to save the day in the end and get the babe. But, the funny thing is, is that he doesn't really know that he gets the babe. It's like he's aware of the whole "I've got to go and get knowledge to be able to save the day." And that's the beauty of the character. You never know what he might do next. One moment he may be caressing the toilet seat of a hot babe, and the next he might be taking notes on how to code C-Base. The other characters on the other hand, they aren't privy to the nature of the show like Kintaro. The girls that he meets are not as smart as him, but they feel as though they are more so. This provides for hilarious antics to ensue. Story: (8/10) This OVA is an episodic animation, with the only episode to include references to earlier episodes being the final one. The plot of each episode follows the same formula, much like a pokemon episode. First, Kintaro meets the girl of the episode. Then, he gets a job. Then, he caresses a toilet. Then, he ogles some boobs. Then he screws up and the girl fires him. Then, he leaves, but not before he somehow makes everything right. Then, the girl realizes that he did make something good, and tries to chase after him, but she is too late, and he is gone. This formula is pretty good, and amazingly stays fun to watch for a while. The only two episodes to break this formula are episodes 2, 3, and 6. This provides some variation to the formula. In episode 2, he leaves after confessing his love, and in episode 3, he leaves after the girl confesses her love. But, if he is so obsessed with making it with women, why would he run away from a girl who confesses her love? Is it possible that he realizes that he cannot stay, since the story is not over? Does he realize that he needs to meet more women? Maybe I'm just reading too much into this, but it begs the question, Is Kintaro self-aware that he is in a harem anime? Does he know that he cannot settle down with a woman, since he cannot choose just one? I don't know. The story, for what this anime is, works well. Like Mushishi, it's simple, as an episodic anime should be. Animation: (9/10) This OVA was made in 1995 so some leg room has been given. For the time, the animation is very good, and in some places, it holds up more than the animation of the early 2000s. The animation adds to the show's comedy vibe. The opening of the anime is like an action movie opening, drawn in wide screen with the screen going dark every few seconds to show the opening credits. It contrasts so nicely with the rest of the show so nicely that its hilarious. Here we have an action opening for a harem anime. Enough Said. Kintaro's animations and movements have just enough awkwardness to them that they stand on their own as hilarious. His facial features contort and writhe in ways that you could only expect that of a buffoon's to. The physics of bouncing (you know what I mean, heheh), are just so outrageous that it is funny. In the first episode, for instance, the main lady of the episode gets out of her car and after speaking the camera stays on her while her breasts jiggle some more. It's hilarious. It is as if we are put into Kintaro's shoes as he is too captivated by the magnificent bouncing to be able to speak. He has watch with intent until the woman's boobs stop jiggling, and therefore, so do we. The animation, for the time, is amazing. It draws you deeper into the comedy of the thing without being too distracting. And that's just what you want for animation in this kind of an anime. One that doesn't distract from the written comedy, but is a comedy of its own. Sound: (7/10) I watched the English dub, which sounded like some kind of a professionally-voiced fandub at some parts. The voice acting of Kintaro is spot on in the English dub. He sounds just enough like a buffoon to add to the overall comedy of the thing, which is just what you want. The voice actor was able to effectively activate puberty mode at just the right places to have his voice crack. I do not think that another person could have done a better job in voicing this character in English. It is perfect. The voice acting of the women of the episode is very good. Although they are not as memorable as Kintaro's voice, they're not supposed to be. The only way that a person should remember a character in this anime is by their body.  Their voices are just normal, like normal women, which is what they are supposed to be. The only scene that is memorable because of both voice acting and animation is in Episode 5, where a woman is pleasuring herself on top of her motercycle. The voice of the woman is so believable that the scene is much more believable. And, the women's voices are not supposed to be memorable, as Kintaro is the main focal point of the anime. We see the world through his eyes, and the way that he remembers women is not through their voice, but through their sexy bodies. But, why does it sound like a fandub, you ask? If you've ever played Tales of Xillia 1 in English, then you should know why. The voice acting, while being supurb in execution, is held back by an unstable audio quality. It made me ask if I was watching a fandub since it sounded as though everyone had different microphones, as if they each were talking into their own headsets. This, however, does not detract from the overall enjoyment, and is just something that the most OCD people will have a problem with. The audio successfully takes us into the comedic world of Golden Boy and only adds to the enjoyment. Enjoyment: (9/10) This show is hilarious. Every aspect of it adds to its enjoyment. What else do you want me to say? Overall: (8/10) In conclusion, Golden Boy is time well spent. It has enough of a benefit to warrant a watch, since it is only 6 episodes. You won't feel as though you wasted time watching it.

A short classic for anyone wanting something old, but does not take itself completely seriously. It is a comedy that will have you laughing at it's absurd jokes. From sexual innuendos, to ridiculous sexual gags, and of course pure vulgarity spouting from the mouth of both the main protagonist and supporting characters. Preferably the notoriously hilarious English dub is the most amazing way to watch this show, but Japanese is accessible enough for people who just cannot stand English dubs; however, I implore you to watch it in English. It is an underdog story about a guy who loves to study, and moves from job to job like a free spirit. He comes off as a complete loser, yet to anyone who has watched this show can tell you that he is a lovable idiot. The English dub colorfully paints these characters in the light of abusing but coming to adore an idiot who wins them over with clever charm. The animation is nice and it won't be a big problem if you're not really into old school animation. Besides the bad ass opening theme there is not much to speak of in terms of a great soundtrack. What really makes this show great is the voice acting in the English dub to be specific, and the execution of both it's characters and gags working in tandem to create an atmosphere that makes you sit back and laugh like a perverted old man.

Una obra maestra que combina la comedia y erotismo en un joven que busca el aprender de la experiencia de vida. Es un anime inolvidable.

A quotable ecchi harem anime even haters of this genre can enjoy. Dub is a must for Kintaro's vocal effects.

Changed my life.

At first I was not sure if I would enjoy this anime or not, but I definitely did. Apparently, Golden Boy's argument follows the same line: Kintaro goes from one place to another with the purpose of learning new things. He makes mistakes, remediates them... and ends up stirring the hearts of the rest of the characters. Although his argument seems simple, the different personalities of the characters and the complexity of Kintaro, the main character (pervert but goodwill character) make this show a turn of emotions: you'll laugh, you'll hallucinate and if you're too sensitive, you'll cry. It also contains 'erotic' scenes. The art was great, I couldn't ask more from a 90's show (I really like 90's style) and I found the backgrounds very detailed though the characters looks more simple and similar. So.. go watch it!

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