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Kanenone Gakuen is an all-male boarding school located in the countryside of Japan. Although an all-male school is nothing new, life can become quite difficult when there are no female students for miles around. In order to help the psychological health of everyone involved, the school board has decided to try and merge with the nearest all-girl boarding school in order to become co-ed. The boys of Kanenone are more than thrilled at the prospect, and the girls are curious as to how interesting school life might become if there were more boys around. Before any serious decisions are made, the girls have been invited to stay at Kanenone for one month as a test.Green Green follows Yuusuke Takazaki and his naughty room mates called the Baka (Idiot) Trio, and their ability to talk to the girls without making complete fools of themselves. But as soon as the school bus with the girls arrives, things become weird, hormonal, and hysterical. In particular, a girl named Midori Chitose leaps off the bus and immediately embraces a very confused Yuusuke. Is he a natural ladies' man, or do the two of them have a shared history that he is not aware of?

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As of right now the community rating for Green green is hovering around 50%. Which is fairly accurate, 50% of the people will hate it, and the other 50% of the people will love it. Green green has the stereotypical ecchi harem story, which can turn off some viewers because it really bland. There are some parts of the story that really feel like it doesn't fit in, but I can't go into too much detail without giving away spoilers.  As far as characters go, there is the male lead, Yuusuke, and the infamous Baka-Trio. All three members in the Baka-Trio have enjoyable and interesting personalities, and the interactions involving them with Yuusuke and the other characters was kept me laughing the entire time.  If you like comedy animes with pervertness (which is pretty much comedy animes, because which one <i>doesn't </i>have some kind of fan service?) you'll love this series. Even if you don't, I'd still suggest watching the first or second episodes, it might just get you hooked.

Green Green was awkward at times and sometimes weird, but overall was enjoyable. It was a very interesting slice of life that I would like to be continued.

This anime is not on my dropped list because I did not finish it. I left this insult to modern animation in the unsavory corner of my list because there is simply no other place more shameful that I could categorize it in. It is on the same level of bad jokes that Boku no Pico is on. There is a reason this anime is not anything I would seriously recommend to anyone but the biggest media companies that produce anime. This is for the sole reason of giving them a bright example of all of the things not to do with a series. Even in the light of watching this series to laugh at how bad it is, as one would watch an old, low budget film from the 80s simply to giggle at the poor special effects, it falls pitifully short.

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