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Rikujou Bouei-tai Mao-chan

Mao Onigawara is a happy 8-year-old grade-schooler and the granddaughter of Chief of Staff of Ground Defense Force. Equipped with her cloverleaf-shaped badge which enables her to transform (but gives her no special power whatsoever), Mao and her best friends (granddaughters of Chief of Staff of Air and Marine Defense Force, respectively) will defend Japan against the invasion from "cute aliens," who are way too cute to be dealt with regular armed forces. (Source: ANN)

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I can't believe Ken Akamatsu can make a harem like Love Hina and then turn around and make a stupid show like this one. Story? ... Why even bother? It's about these three girls who fight "cute" aliens. And trust me, they're so cute, thy might murder your soul. This show isn't supposed to be serious as it is, but there's nothing funny about it, either, it's just another stupid excuse for grade school loli moe. The animation, as such, is nothing special. And why the hell would it be? It's average and already with its time. The soundtracks aren't any good, either.  And the characters are your typical loli moe eight year old girls. How is that any special? =\\ Don't waste your time.

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