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All Rakka remembers before emerging from her cocoon is the sensation of falling. Confused, she is welcomed into this new world as one of the Haibane, a group of youth with small gray wings and bright halos. Together, they live in the Old Home on the outskirts of Grie, a quiet town where wingless, halo-less people live. There are many rules governing the world of Haibane Renmei: the most important one being that Haibane cannot go near or touch the massive walls that surround the town. Only beings known as Toga may come and go as they please. Although her daily life is quiet, there is much Rakka and the other Haibane do not know, or are not allowed to know. Rakka will work through her own doubts and questions as she figures out what she is doing in this world, while working towards the goal of each Haibane: to get beyond the walls on their Day of Flight. But this is not a light task: failure means being branded as one who is Sin-bound.

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Haibane Renmei is definitely a very interesting anime to review. For starters it is created by a certain Yoshitoke ABe, whose contributions helped to bring such works as Texhnolyze and of course, Serial Experiments Lain. Haibane is a relatively large departure from those series opting for a more peaceful feel and none of the mind-trickery that you would find in anime like Lain. It still has its weird elements, but overall forms a much more simple tone which towards the end becomes a heartfelt drama.Haibane Renmei depicts a town whose whereabouts, or even if it is in this world is unknown. In this town exist humans as well as creatures known as Haibane adorned with wings and a halo above their heads. They are born from cocoons at various ages with no recollection of who they once were or their names. Instead their names are representative of whatever dream they had while inside of the cocoon. The story itself follows Rakka, a girl who hatches at the beginning of the series with no recollection of the dream she had except that she remembers falling.Haibane Renmei has a rather slow start using the first six or so episodes to introduce characters and give a detailed interpretation of the world of the Haibane. These episodes had a quite peaceful feel which served as a brilliant contrast to the events that occur later in the story. Around episodes six or so things begin to change in the world of the Haibane and the peaceful happy-go-lucky attitude that was built up in the previous episodes is quickly torn apart by a rapidly developing, but logically paced plot. This is when the series really begins to shine, all the development that we sat through in the first few episodes now has a purpose in the grand scheme of the series and the way in which every aspect of the plot begins to come together towards the end of the series is nothing short of beautiful. It is well constructed and emotionally impactful in a way that is rarely seen in anime. The problem is, it ends. The story is way too short as there are really only the final six episodes that affect the plot as a whole. Upon its conclusion I just had this feeling that there was so much more that they could have done with the series but never got around to actually doing it and made the conclusion feel weaker than it should have been. Not to mention that the list of unanswered questions as a result of the short length is astronomical in length.This shortened length also has a great effect on the character development as only the two main leads (Rakka and Reki) were legitimately layered as characters and the rest just seemed to take on very static character tropes. I feel that if more time was granted to the series, these characters could've been explored to the same degree that the main two were. The series seemed to establish these grand backstories for each of the characters that were just waiting to be explored but then really only explored a single character which made the other characters to seem weak in comparison. The shortened, length which drastically affects both the characters and the overall plot of Haibane Renmei is my only real fault with the series though it is a very major one that is extremely difficult to ignore. Probably the most noticeable thing about Haibane Renmei would be the soundtrack which has quickly become one of my all time favourites. It isn’t just that the soundtrack is good, it is also used at the exact time in which it is needed in the series. There is not as single second of music that feels in anyway out of place and overall it really makes every single scene much more emotionally impactful than it would have been if it were to be silent. It can carry both the emotional and peaceful sides of Haibane Renmei perfectly on its shoulders and always keeps the emotion of the series flowing in a very effective manner. The art is good though sometimes is a bit overly simplistic and at other times a bit overly complex. The art really doesn’t have too much consistency in terms of complexity which allows the art style to shift depending on the mood that the series is taking. The simple character designs really help to complement the very peaceful part of the series, particularly the first half and the more complex designs compliment the emotion of later episodes very well. I occasionally noticed a few odd animations but they were few and far between and were never able to take away from the immersion factor of the series.In conclusion Haibane Renmei is an extremely good series that is brought down by an depressingly short run-time. Had the series made more money there could have been room for a sequel but sadly it was the not the most popular series out there and remained stuck with what it got. That being said the plot is interesting and very well presented and the main the characters have a degree of depth to them that you rarely ever see. Combine this with the mind-bogglingly good soundtrack and you have yourself and great series with one crippling fault.8.5/10

Calm. Melodious. Sublime. Heartfelt. Sincere. A revelation striking beyond belief - the most striking piece of art I have ever seen. A story of salvation, written by Yoshitoshi ABe, Haibane Renmei changed me and influenced my life as nothing had before. The story of Haibane Renmei starts from a falling into a mystic town of Glie, where live haibane, enigmatic grey-winged people with nimbi. Who are they, ones who have forgot but not lost themselves? What is this town with majestic walls one cannot escape? New haibane Rakka asks herself why has she come here, in this world, but the series doesn't hurry to reply - the answer is what one find himself, something has to stay mystery, for breaking a secret would mean killing it. Haibane Renmei is like an unhurried measured fly in the sky, its slow pace may alienate, antagonize those came into anime for breathtaking stories, charismatic characters, beautiful romantics. A town which stands alone, a world without eternal confrontation between good and evil, where one has no enemies: for his own enemy is himself. Conversations with friends and relations, everyday job, returning home. Thoughts of own imperfection. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Secret sins hided from everyone and desperate trials to change everything. All this, as well as the thin mystical cover of the series is easy to miss, and despite its seeming slowness, it is to be watched carefully and attentively. And in a moment one comes to understanding how close it is to him. While searching for the answers of this world and probable salvation, one may fall defeated in the struggle with distrust, egoism, misunderstanding, distance oneself from others. It is not life that you move, eat, talk, work - you can be at the death's door while smiling to your fellows, you may have a common day of work with your soul broken. But even this drama does not overshadow the main. The warmth of soul, the one very feeling of... Pacification? Calmness of friendship and love? Or faith? No difference how you call it, you know - this one simple feeling, this one understanding is important. The questions, they never go away - and you still wonder of the existence of Glie, of haibane, of yourself - but they don't weight anymore. Once again you learn to live. The true power of this anime, the reason of its emotion, is wonderful unique atmosphere. The weakening backgrounds and soft character designs by Abe calmly catch your eye, and ethereal melodies by Kow Otani appear in the air around you, creating an immense appealing atmosphere. Tranquille piano and violon compositions are quiet and melodic like lullabies, but they are not entering the doors of dream oblivion - instead, they are full of profound energy, they knock down with their deep emotional openness. "Ailes Grises", "Refrain of Memory", a masterpiece "Garasu no Yume". The thrilling opening "Free Bird" and melancholic ending "Blue Flow" are very different, but complement best to the show in their own way. What is the life? What is the world where I live in? What is the reason for that? The main heroine, Rakka, didn't find the answers for this questions, but was able to escape the incomprehensibility and threat of this world, acquired connection to it. We are born and die alone, but in this world we are many and understand, forgive others is to be forgiven oneself, to be given a salvation. Haibane Renmei teaches, that salvation isn't what you may find inside, but only around you: in the world, its creatures, its people. Isn't it called a hope? Faith? Or, maybe, love?


What can be said about this show that hasn't been said a million times? Haibane Renmei is like very few other shows. It grapples honestly with extremely big and weighty themes: self-knowledge, understanding others, love, hurt, loss, depression, the fear of death, forgiveness, and redemption. Its deft writing and heartfelt performances are all the more impressive knowing that its genesis was a barely-there Yoshitoshi ABe doujin that did little more than sketch out the details of the world. While this is obviously a lower budget SD-era show with occasionally spotty animation, the design and world-building are strong, Kou Ootani's score is achingly beautiful, and the voice actors earn every tear the viewer might shed. New viewers should know that the show starts slow, but the payoff is worth it. This is a deeply reflective series that merits an open and receptive mind, and will reward the viewer with a story and characters that will wedge themselves deep in your heart.

A fairly deep anime that takes abit of thought to figure out some of the answers. i love this anime because there is somuch more then what is on the surfface.

**Spoiler free!** Wow! Sick of stereotypical anime? No need for big robots, big chests, lots of yelling and exaturated humor? Check out Haibane Renmei. In my opinion, it's in a class by itself. This anime was recommend by a friend of mine which became one of his favorite animes of all time. **Information:** ****{::}**Type:** TV ****{::}**Episodes: **13****{::}**Status:** Finished Airing ****{::}**Aired: **Oct 10, 2002 to Dec 19, 2002****{::}**Premierd: **Fall 2002 ****{::}**Producers: **Radix, Kadokawa Shoten, Fuji TV, Studio Tulip****{::}**Licensors: **Geneon, FUNimation****{::}**Studio: **Radix Ace Entertaiment****<b>Source: </b>Original **Genres: **Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life, Fantasy **Duration: **24 min. per ep. **Rating: **PG-13**** **Story - 9/10** The overall story of Haibane Renmei was beautifully told. It starts out very happily and half way threw it shifts to a more sad atmosphere. The story follows a young girl who wakes up from a cocoon into the Old Home in the town of Grie. Greeted by a strange group of people that resemble angels (by there wings and halos). She has no memory of her past life and they give her the name Rakka (which means falling) because of her of falling from the sky, she soon grows her own wings and is give a halo and finds out that she has been reborn as a Haibane. It turns that all Haibane have no memories of there past life and are all named after there dream. She soon realizes that the entire world they live in are confined behind a tall impenetrable wall that none except the mysterious Toga allowed to exit. The first few episodes are about the main character (Rakka) ajusting to her new life as a Haibane, it later becomes much more sadder after the "passing on" of a certain Haibane. **Animation - 6/10** The animation was done by Radix Ace Entertainment who haven't made any worth mentioning anime. The studio closed on October 1, 2006 and the best anime they made is Haibane Renmei. The animation was good, but not great. The animation during the serious moments can be very detailed, but when nothing is really happening it can be average at best. You can tell they had budget problems, especially during one scene when 2 of the characters were on a scooter, the animation there was really bad. **Sound - 10/10** Haibane Renmei has over 46 tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36DgAT5jWMY&amp;list=PL6FVKZ3H3pn4Q5juDyWwQDKJR4jYncsl3 The soundtrack is is absolutely amazing and beautiful fitting with the anime. The track Blue Flow is an amazing OST and one of my favorites. The opening is well okay nothing amazing and the ending song was bad. Sub: I can't really judge the sub, considering the fact I can't speak Japanese. But the performances were spectacular in my opinion. Dub: I only watched 1 episode of the dub and I was impressed. Considering that no big name voice actors were involved. **Characters - 9/10** The strongest part of the entire anime. The 2 main characters (Rakka and Reki) are fantastic characters. Rakka is a believable female main character seeing her develope throughout the anime is really interesting. She learns the good things of becoming a Haibane, but also the bad. Reki being one of the most complex characters I have ever seen in an anime. She doesn't get much screen time in the beginning, but half way through the series she gets much more screen time. The side characters (Kana, Hikari, Nemu &amp; Kuu) are the weakest part. They aren't bad characters, they do get development, but they don't get much screen time. **Enjoyment - 9/10** I enjoyed every episode of Haibane Renmei even the slow ones. The characters were amazing, the animation was average, soundtrack was fantastic. The biggest negative I have of this anime is that there isn't a second season. 13 episodes weren't enough and there are still some plot holes. **Overall - 9/10** I can't guarantee that you will enjoy this anime as much as I have. But if you like the synopsis that give Haibane Renmei a try. **Recommendations:** **Angle Beats: **https://hummingbird.me/anime/angel-beats **Serial Experiments Lain: **https://hummingbird.me/anime/serial-experiments-lain

Haibane Renmei explores metaphysical themes such as life, death, states of sin and grace, in a tasteful way.

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