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There exist creatures of darkness and evil that plague the night, devouring any human unfortunate enough to be caught in their grasp. On the other side is Hellsing, an organization dedicated to destroying these supernatural forces that threaten the very existence of humanity. At its head is Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who commands a powerful military and spends her life fighting the undead. Integra's vast army, however, pales in comparison with her ultimate weapon: the vampire Alucard, who works against his own kind as an exterminator for Hellsing. With his new vampire servant, Seras Victoria, at his side, Alucard must battle not only monsters, but all those who stand to oppose Hellsing, be they in the guise of good or evil. In a battle for mankind's survival, Hellsing Ultimate proves that appearances are not all they may seem, and sometimes the greatest weapon can come in the form of one's worst nightmare. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Guns+Vampire; no it's not a Rosario+Vampire episode name, though would be interesting if it was solely on the basis that guns would be present...Guns+Vampires, no joke those are the two things you can't go 5 minutes without in this OVA well while I'm listing things I could throw in zombies, big guns, Nazis, WWII German weaponry amongst other things. Cliche yes but by no means bad, if you have seen the TV series or read the manga then you know what is going to happen. Having watched the series and reading it, it is by no means repetitive, that is assuming you liked the Hellsing franchise to begin with.Probably the best OVA yet, art is done fantastically; lead flying everywhere being second only to blood and gore on the screen. Character's expressions are menacing to say the least and The Major is still short and fat.For those who have not seen this it is not Rosario+Vampire (don't worry I slapped my self for mentioning it in the first place) not Blood+. It is John Rambo meets anime meets London meets vampire meets enemy vampires (minus machine guns\[for Rambo\]) (also minus traps).World War II (Nazis or no Nazis) is a great treat for those history loving people here, they also throw a SR-71 in all it's over stylized glory like in the anime/manga. The FG-42 machine guns and the way the Nazi paratroopers (see part 5) are launched reminds me of the original Mobile Suit: Gundam which had me laughing when it intended to be serious.All the characters or series I have mentioned are in no way comparable to the Hellsing franchise as it stands on it's own. If you haven't seen this hop on to YouTube and see a trailer, or purchase a copy. A must see if you like...gunsnazisvampireslondon (lol; if you see part 5 you'll see while I laugh at this)

Hellsing Ultimate. Action, church, vampires, guns and nazis. The first five words coming up in my mind. Hellsing Ultimate is one of the animes you should see without doubt. Not because of its special story telling or twisted ending, but because it is very gripping. This anime is amazing, even though the story being not that well. There are some nazis coming back as vampire attacking Great Britain. The church and the organisation against supernatural activity of Great Britain are rivals, however both are hunting the vampires. Also the caracters are not that special. The crazy leader of madness, the rivals playing good-guy in front of public but being bad-guy and the so ambitious good ones leader Lady Integra Wingates Hellsing. Just the animation was great. I liked the dark and evil design. The only reason why this anime is for me so precious is the presence of Alucard. Because of him the anime has an atmosphere that is thrilling. He is absolutely the best anime vampire. Of course the action is well made, too. If you like action and violent animes you should watch this for sure. As well people who normally doesn´t like very bloody animes like me could enjoy this one. By the way thank god the last episode was finally released.

Not a complex storyline, lots and lots of action. Great voice acting, both Japanese and English. Excellent musical track and great visual artistry. Worth watching multiple times

**The Story** Hellsing… You will not be watching it for the plot. The story follows Alucard, a ridiculously over-powered vampire on a crusade against Nazi vampires and Catholic sociopaths. Sounds ridiculous? And it is, the story is horrible. While the first few episodes were mildly coherent and okay in terms of why Alucard goes where he goes and what he does, after episode five it rapidly goes downhill. Plot twists will be revealed without any premise or reason \*cough\* Walter \*cough\* and will serve only one reason – giving Alucard people, vampires, ghouls or Catholic soldiers that look like the KKK to massacre. But like I’ve said – you will not be watching it for the plot. It is like porn, you just want a premise and a lot of action. I may have sounded a bit too negative, but I really enjoyed every episode except the last two. The last two episodes were just too much for me to bare, the final plot twist just makes everything feel pointless and stupid. **The Animation** This is the reason for watching. The animation looks amazing; after all they took their time. Everything from the character design and fights to the backgrounds and general style of the show (fucking zeppelins people). Simply watching Alucard ripping stuff to shreds using huge guns, hands or his teeth is a sadistic orgasm. The same goes for Anderson, a crazy priest who is probably the best thing Hellsing has to offer. As you might have concluded Hellsing has literally gallons of blood, it can only be challenged by Genocyber or Elfen Lied, at least in that department. <strong>The Sound </strong> Every once in a while a dub will be better than the sub. And Hellsing does have a better dub, thanks to Crispin Freeman, who did the voice over for Alucard. I highly recommend waiting for every episode to get dubbed. As for the music, it was great. It doesn’t have an opening but it has great musical background that mostly consists of classical pieces. **The Characters** **Spoilers ahead** Just like the story, not much attention is paid to… well, being good. Every character is here to be cool and awesome but they aren’t given any development, and if they are it’s shit. Why did the Nazi vampires assault London? To kill Alucard, because it makes so much sense. Why did the Catholic Church kill civilians? Because they can. Why did Alucard become a vampire? Because he was raped. Why did Walter change sides? No fucking reason. I could go on but it would take too much of your time to cover all the plot holes and character inconsistencies. <strong>The Conclusion </strong> Does Hellsing have any of the usual requirements to be called a good show, such as plot and characters? Fuck no. Does it have tits and huge men killing each other? Fuck yes. In that department it is a pure winner. This is a show that I actually recommend, it was fun and violent, over the top with stunning animation and badass characters. If you are craving for blood and violence this is a show that you should watch immediately.

Hellsing Ultimate (we'll call it Hellsing for short) has the greatest disparity between substance and production value I've ever seen. It is a testament to beauty being far less engaging than brains. Sadly, this could of been a fun series if it didn't take itself so seriously but it does and it expects the viewer to do the same. Animation Considering the first installment was released in 2006 and the following episodes had to match its production quality the show is gorgeous. Episode one contains a few quality drops during comedic sections but it isn't too off-putting. Character outlines are thick and consistent while backgrounds are just striking. Action scenes contain blows with a sense of weight and geysers of blood that are vibrant and brilliant. CGI is used sparingly and doesn't look forced for he most part. Sound I would never count a dub against a show even if it was bad which is why Hellsing's superb dub is just icing on an already great audible experience. Other than taking an episode to get used to it the english dub is sweet. The score for Hellsing is mainly comprised of industrial, orchestral, and rock tracks that really command the viewers attention. I can only think of one instance in Hellsing that the score really annoyed me. Overall I can't imagine anyone not being able to find something they like in the ost. For an example of the awesomeness I left a link below. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqcPYUzWFlA][1] Characters Alucard is the star of Hellsing. He loves to kill anything that stands in (or even adjacent to) his way. That is his strongest character trait which is just too weak to build a protagonist around. He is simply a maniac that later into the series begins to randomly wax poetic about how he's a lowly monster which totally contradicts the "I am a mighty God" attitude he had before. Then again none of the characters change gradually or subltley in Hellsing. Alucard's assistant Seras starts out as a normal police officer who doesn't even know vampires exist. She is then turned into a vampire and forced to take a job as Alucard's assistant (which barely garners any reaction from her) and by the **middle of episode one** she's happily ripping ghouls in half. There is a brief period where she questions becoming a vampire as she fears she will lose her humanity, but her qualms are immediately squashed by a single comment from her commanding officer. Seras may carry a big gun but her inability to make her own choices makes her anything but compelling. The Major is the main antagonist. He loves to kill anything that stands in his way. That is his strongest... wait one soda-sippin' second, he is basically just Alucard. As a matter of fact MANY of the characters defining trait is violent insanity. None of the main cast is relatable because of how shallow they are. Not only is everybody one dimensional but any changes characters experience are so sudden and ridiculous that it's laughable. In other shows with poor casts at least you won't see the same persona twice but in Hellsing there are multiple repeats of the same superficial character, it's pitiful. Writing Hellsing's writing is filled with clichés, redundancy, and flat out stupid dialogue. Constant one-liners are sure to leave the viewer rolling their eyes as they aren't even clever enough to be cheesy. There are numerous "edgy" speeches each episode about the joys of killing from different characters which all sound as if they were ripped from a 7th grade emo kid's Attack Attack notebook. That's not all that's repetitive though. Every attempt at comedy in Hellsing is just characters bickering or over-reacting about something insignificant. Nothing anyone says helps with their likability which would of been great considering how sickening the cast is. The writing is so piss-poor and devoid of subtlety or intelligence that it makes me wonder what was going through the VA's heads as they read this garbage. Story It's as sophomoric and unoriginal as vampires killing nazi-zombies sounds. What makes it even worse are the character's motivations. The whole story is built on the premise of a man inciting a war because he likes war... Scout's honor, it's that insubstantial. Even with his ludicrous reason to go to war and NO wins under his belt as a commander he somehow gathers a massive army. Hellsing won't admit that it isn't sly though, because instead of just letting the ridiculous story play out you'll be reminded that everything was planned... You won't be shown how it was planned out though because they needed that 12th "mature" speech in the final cut. That's alright though because Hellsing has plot twists! Two to be exact; one that doesn't affect the story at all, and one that occurs because of a contrived character motivation which adds in a fight that's mostly talk. Hellsing's one positive is that it is easy to follow. Verdict The first episodes are fun with a great action-to-story ratio but as it goes on Hellsing talks more out of its ass than it does with its fists. If you're not willing to wade through a truly awful show for slick visuals and a great auditory experience then pass on Hellsing Ultimate. [1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqcPYUzWFlA

There is no doubt that this is an unique Vampire anime.. A lot of people may like this anime for that but its too bloody for me.... If you can take it try it...

This is by far one of the best animes I have ever watched, especially when compared to the original Hellsing. The animation is perfect, the atmosphere is amazing, and it is quite possible the single best dubbed anime I've ever watched. That said, there is one small problem I have with the series, and that's the humour. It goes from dark and gritty, ultra violent vampire battles to cute little chibi silliness, and while this does work with Schrodinger, there's absolutely no reason for it to be there at all, and really breaks the atmosphere. Over all though, it is definitely my favourite anime right now.

Changes done to make it action packed turn One Shot Multikill Alucard into One Magazine One Kill Alucard. Not worth it unless you dont have access to TV series or manga.

Hellsing ultimate is *one of the best if not the best at what it does. *

This show is amazing. The main story is pretty straight forward. There are 3 factions in a kind of power struggle to take over England.  You are seeing the battle from the perspective of the Hellsing organization. Their main job is to kill vampires in the name of god and England. ( Even though their best employee is a vampire. Yeah in that right they're kind of hypocrites.) Then there's the Iscariot organization. they work to kill vampires and spread the word of god. then there's  Millenium they are the last of the Nazi's<b> </b>and with a war hungry leader with a grudge against our main character Alacard. They give us the climax of a life time. The climax they gave was amazing. It had mutiny , destruction , death , disrepair and moment were you wondered how one side could lose but in the the smoke cleared with an ending left me satisfied. Now this show is not perfect. There are things that you don't understand and are never given an answerer but this is the best anime at least so for I have ever seen. If you liked this review follow me, recommend it and tell you friends about the ***teknogeek***       

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