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In the Asuka family, nothing is more important than family tradition. For their lovely young daughter Jun, it means she must get married on her 18th birthday. Although poor little virgin Jun is not above kickin' butt, she just can't stand the thought of marrying someone she doesn't love. Her mother sends out a gang of bloodthirsty goons to drag her to the altar, but Jun would rather beat a hundred suitors into one big bloody mess than get married on her mother's terms, and she's about to prove it. (Source: AniDB)
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Start Date21st Jul 1992
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Rating Rank11120
Age RatingR
Age Rating Guide17+ (violence & profanity)


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Pretty good. Not something I'll ever go back to but it was worth the watch. Not sure why people gave a less than two star rating; it definitely deserves more than that. It has that early 90s feel to it but I can look past that for 46 minutes. The mother is a complete beast and it's worth watching just to see her. It is quite different from the manga, from what I've read, so you might not like it because of that. Overall pretty enjoyable, I'd give it I watch.




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