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Aoba is a young girl who loves to build models of robots. She lived alone with her grandmother until her grandmother passes away. Shortly after she is kidnapped and brought to a secret base where she discovers a huge robot. The piloted robots fight against Ancient-Jinki in The Grand Savanna, but the true meaning behind the fights is hidden. Aoba works hard at the base so one day she can pilot one of the robots and discover these secrets.

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This is the makeshift epilogue that the staff of Jinki: Extend developed. Also known as Jinki: Extend(ed). Though it isn't "extended" by much.Why they decided to do this after previously transforming the TV series into a trainwreck, can only be either out of guilt(which they should feel), or due to fan complaints.Either way, this is definitely a MUCH better ending than the TV ver. had!Story: 7/10Those who've watched TV series can sigh with relief, as this last chance of an ending offers more closure than the last few minutes of Jinki TV ever tried to do(if it EVEN tried!)Thankfully, they decided not to add any more story elements(it wouldn't have done any good anyway!), and just focus on what they did do and see where they can leave it. This might come off as being lazy, but at least they did a better job than the later half!So what does this story consist of? Nothing but well-deserved downtime.Each of the major characters chat about what to do, and what's left for them. Several characters don't make an appearance until after Probably to signify that more plot exists, and that you'll have to make do... Like the primary characters have, and, hopefully, you too!What makes this single episode much better than previous ones, is that it has what made the first half so good, and has the release feeling of "letting go".This episode won't give us everything we want but'll, like the overall series, try.Art: 8/10It's pretty much the same as before except that it's a little rougher on the character renditions... Strange for an OVA.As a trade-off, we get slightly better animation. But... a lot of good that does us now.No declinations, and that's good enough.Sound: 9/10Ironically, the best thing about this episode is the same thing as the series and that would be... Kenji's handiwork!!! Yeah!You know it's ALL over when a supplementary factor becomes the defining one! HA! jk...But seriously, Kenji's score really helps out with the closure here, as his "healing" accented songs make the "it's over..." message more effective than without.I swear, Kenji must've been the only one competent on the staff...Character: 6/10Without adding(Thank God!) any more characters, we, for once, get to see some capable character intermingling between one another, and furthers the goal of self-completion that much more.An interesting thing to add, is that Aoba gets more screen time than Aoka. This'll probably mean more to fans(those that are), than anyone else. But for those who liked this series "because" of Aoba should watch this to see what will happen with her.The other characters who never really got developed, stay that way. No more wasted time, MEANS no more wasted time! All they do is this and that, and serve more as accents to the characters that matter than anything else. Sucks to see people treated as tools, but at least their used here more than before!Overall, the characters here, in this one episode, fluctuate better.Enjoyment: 9/10With all of the negative factors gone, and with the simple yet important task of "ending", does this OVA deliver pleasantly? Why, yes it does!With screen time assigned only to the people that matter, I must say that it's nice to remind myself on how much I did enjoy Jinki. Even if that's not what I was supposed TO enjoy...Relaxing, paced well, and chock full of "good", it's safe to say that Jinki couldn't end any other way... Well, we can only dream right?Overall: 6/10When it's all said and done, this OVA does nothing more than end.With a purpose like that, it's hard to promote more than it's worth. To sum it up, this is nothing more than an attach-on.But, like attach-ons, it adds that extra flavor that can lean towards more than less. And for Jinki; Extend, that's a HUGE achievement.+ In an attempt to save the series, it tries to offer that sense of closure that the TV series didn't have...- ...but still doesn't save it. Bummer...

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