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After the break up of their old band, guitarist Yuki & drummer Santa decide to form a new one. They recruit bass player Towa, young guitarist Atsuro, and after much persuasion, vocalist Sakuya. Together they form Lucifer and they struggle to make it in the music business, and also to stay together. As well, they have to deal with personal issues, such as parental objections, and watching their old bands succeed ahead of them. Sakuya is the most troubled band member, as he has to deal with his tragic past, and his relationship with teenaged lyricist Aine.

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Since I had just finished watching Kaikan Phrase, I thought I'd do a little review on it.I came across this anime while updating the Kaikan Phrase manga entry, I immeadiatly added it to my plan to watch list since I had liked the manga so much.The story is very simple, the band Lucifer tries to make it to the top of the music charts while various people try to stop their journey to the top.I was disappointed to say the least but enough about that, onto the good points:The other members of the band (besides Sakuya), get a lot more screen time and character development, I seriously could not remember their names while I was reading the manga. You actually get to hear the music, it's good but not the best, the lyrics were supposed to be sensual but, since this was tv, there was a limit to how sensual they could be so they were sensual lyrics in disguise. The art was good for it's time but sometimes, details were lacking and movements weren't very fluid. It was quite enjoyable. Also, Sakuya and Aine actually spend time together before they go out, you can judge on whether this is a bad thing or a good thing.And now, the bad points: If you plan to watch this expecting it to be like the manga, try not to be disappointed. This anime focuses on the band a lot nore than Sakuya and Aine's relationship, believe me, A LOT more. Also, Aine pretty much becomes a supporting character, she first appears in episode 21 HALF WAY THROUGH THE SERIES, not much time to work on their reletionship I'm sure. Sakuya is no longer a crazy sex freak, he becomes much more considerate toward Aine's feelings, which I could not believe. NO SEX, at all (unless I missed something), probably trying to keep it sutible for PG - 13 viewers. VERY slow paced, not something I like. The only thing to come between Sakuya and Aine's relationship was one woman (who then disappears) and a bunch of crazy, hardcore Lucifer(Sakuya) fans.Overall:Story: Good (7/10): Slow paced, not like the manga so it's not to my tastes but it could be for some people.Art: Good (7/10): Good for it's time but sometimes the quality and detail isn't very good.Sound: Very Good (7.5/10) It was since to hear the music but it wasn't AWESOME, just good, not very sensual.Character: Very Good (7.5/10): The only character that was not well developed was Aine and a few of Lucifer's enemies.Overall: Good (7/10): Decent. Not exactly the right thing for me, did have the potential. It just wasn't my cup of tea.Comments: If you really liked the manga and want to know more then go for it, if you really like the Music genre and a bit of romance on the side, go for it. If you hate slow relationships, don't watch it. If you thought the manga was just ok and you liked the romance a bit, don't watch it.

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