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As a talented young acrobat, Sora has dreamed of sharing a stage with the performers of Kaleido Stage, a world renowned circus that combines graceful acrobatics, dazzling costumes, and stunts that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. She makes the move from Japan to California to audition for the show, in hopes of one day basking in the glitz and glamour. However, finding her place in such a competitive world will not be easy. Sora will shed blood, sweat, and tears on her path to becoming a performer, buoyed by the friends she makes along the way. Of course, there will also be rivals and other individuals who do not believe Sora has what it takes to shine as brightly as Kaleido Stage needs her to. Sora will need to endure these trials and tribulations in her quest to become a star, earning the respect of both those who doubt her abilities and by those who are threatened by her. Watch as Sora flies through the bright lights in Kaleido Star!

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Story -Meet Sora Naegino. Her dream is to join the Kaleido Stage and become a Kaleido Star! Follow her and her many trials she must face to obtain her dream!Directed by Junichi Sato and Series Composition by Reiko Yoshida, your going to get gold no matter how you look at it. Art/Animation -GONZO's finest work since I saw Gankutsuou. It's a stunning, breathtaking stunts(just don't try to do them at home), vibrant colors and gorgeous costume designs. Sound - The first OP is I really enjoyed. The second OP, not so much. The third OP, I really liked. The EDs were relatively nice and good. The inbetween songs were crazy good, the soundtrack is quite excellent overall.Character - You gotta love Sora. She's truly an inspiration and makes this series. Fool provides some great comic relief. You'll like Mia and Anna's undying friendship with Sora. You will even like Kalos, who will push Sora to do great things at Kaleido Stage. Enjoyment - I enjoyed every second, minute, hour and day I watched this. I loved to watch Sora try and try again to get to her dreams of being a Kaleido Star! It was a fantastic ride and I hope you'll take this review and join Sora on her amazing adventure to becoming a Kaleido Star!Overall, I'd give Kaleido Star a 10/10. No question, despite the music/sound. Who knew an anime about a circus would be this much fun?

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