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Kaleido Star: Aratanaru Tsubasa - Extra Stage

Sora Naegino has finally consolidated herself as Kaleido Stage's greatest star ever, and a new star starts to shine as Rosetta Passel is selected to participate in the next attraction in a main role. But when things start to go wrong in the rehearsals, Rosetta starts to question her abillity to take the role, as her own capacity to remain in Kaleido Stage. Meanwhile, Fool also struggles with his demons from the past.

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Since it's a 30 minute OVA, this will be relatively short.Story -Rosetta Passel is the diabolo player at Kaleido Stage and she used to never smile during stage preformances, until she met Sora. In the new production, it's not Sora who will be playing the lead, as usual. It will be Rosetta! However.. she is having second thoughts... will she play the lead? FIND OUT AND WATCH!Art/Animation -Like the TV series, this OVA has the stunning animation and gorgeous designs the original had. It should be quite obvious if you've read my Kaleido Star TV review, that I'd just have to give it another 10/10 for animation/art.Sound - The music is relatively nice and it works for the small OVA.Character - Quite a large amount of character development for Rosetta and the Fool in this OVA, it seems everyone else takes a backseat role in this. If your a Rosetta and Fool fan, like me. You'll love the development they get.Enjoyment - Like the TV series, I enjoyed this immensely. That should be obvious. :)Overall, I believe a 9/10 is appropriate.

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