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Vampires—supernatural beings that feed on the life essence of the unsuspecting at night—have been around for centuries. However, high schooler Karin Maaka is unusual, even among her own kind. Unlike her vampire family, ever since she was a child, Karin has suffered from polycythemia: a rare disorder which causes her to periodically produce excessive amounts of blood. And the more blood she produces, the more anemic and lightheaded she gets, ultimately leading to frequent nosebleeds. Her only solution? Force her excess blood onto random strangers, which surprisingly causes these "victims" to become livelier and happier than before. With her siblings—Anju, her reserved yet affectionate younger sister, and Ren, her womanizing elder brother—helping her abilities remain a secret by altering the affected humans' memories, no one is the wiser. That is, until Karin's newly transferred classmate, Kenta Usui, finds her behavior suspicious. And to make matters even more complicated, Karin feels her blood reacting unusually to Kenta's presence. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Wow, so I've never had a anime be so good for 20 episodes, then completely crash and burn as hard as the last 4 episodes did for me. I actually quit watching at episode 23 out of revolt at what was happening. The last episode is just a mockery of the whole series in my opinion and for nothing, it ends just as you would expect if the last 4 episodes didn't exist. This to me is raising the stakes for the sense of drama, and the cost of everything else. It's a terrible way of handling a series and wrecks what otherwise was a great series overall for me. I really did enjoy it before the last 4 episodes, to the point of which it might have been the best handling of vampire romance I had seen. I took the time to write my first review simply as a warning. It was a great series that crashed and burned amongst the hardest I've ever seen. And in the end for nothing, it accomplished nothing that wouldn't have happened if they had not tried to artificially raise the stakes by making all the character simultaneously become incompetent, idiotic, and pathetic all at the same time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime. I was actually looking for something sappy to get into at the time, but it ended up being deeper than I thought it would be. Although it is at the forefront a romance anime with several funny moments and should not be watched if you're looking for something especially dramatic. About half way through the show they begin hinting at something much larger about to happen, and it ends up being not nearly as big of a scope as they implied. By the last episode it completely comes back to being a light-hearted comedy romance and throws away every inch of drama. Which for the genre and purpose of the anime actually fits rather well, but it did catch me off-guard at the sudden change. Basically it nearly forgets itself in the last few episodes, but I think the rest of the anime alone is worth the watch. Interesting characters, scenes that show emotion well, and it plays on the troubles of the lower-class and high school romance very well. And it goes 12 whole episodes without making boob jokes!

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