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Time has come to a standstill. A whale appears from a glassy ocean and spends half a day soaring gracefully across the skies. What makes this works extraordinary is the artist's decision to use the transparency and visual bulk of 3D computer graphics only for the un-moving ocean and glaciers. The people, whale, and ships are all hand-drawn, and with this contrast, he invites the viewer into a different world. This is a poem written in animation, the creation of a true fantasy. This project was a considerable under taking, and the results are marvelous. (Source: ANN)

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This is a unique film in many ways. It is 22min centered on a whale jumping through the waves of the ocean. This ocean is special though since it is made of glass, hence the title. For the people living on the glass ocean the whale jumping up is a unique event that gathers people from far to come and watch it and talk to eachother.  The story is nonexistent but not really needed since it isnt what the show is about.  The film is exploring the concept of time. In our world a jumping over the waves would be over in a matter of seconds but in this glassy ocean it takes it half a day to complete all while people watch it slowly travel its arc.  The art and animation is a mixture between handdrawn 2D characters and 3D CG and creates a fantastical atmosphere in the film. The music further help to create a sort of trance. The film is like a bubble that you look into where everything servers to make you think.  This film was certainly not the best I have seen, nor the worst, but I got a unique experience out of it. The film is all about looking at the world in different ways and appreciating the day to day occurences we take for granted.  If nothing else it is something you will not see somewhere else. 

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