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Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa takes place in a world where humanity once built great flying cities. A catastrophe later destroyed all of these majestic creations, forcing the human race to once again live on the ground. Despite these setbacks, humanity still has a passion for flight and explores the skies with planes and airships. A young girl named Sheeta is on one such airship, having been abducted by the government agent Muska. When the ship is attacked by the air pirate Captain Dola, Sheeta takes the opportunity to escape. Saved by the grace of luck and magic, Sheeta is found by a young boy named Pazu. The two later discover that Sheeta's amulet is the key to finding Laputa—a legendary castle that is said to be the greatest of the flying cities. Together these new friends head out to find the castle and unravel its mysteries before the greedy and evil people of the world do.

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When I originally watched "Laputa: Castle in the Sky", it felt pretty similar to the rest of Miyazaki's works, but now that I'm older, watched more of his films and more anime in general and written more reviews, I've come to realise that it does contain quite a few elements that are not the norm for his other works.At the time of viewing, I could feel a kind of raw, unbridled joy radiating from the film that's missing especially from Miyazaki's later, more polished works. Now I realise that it's because this film is unburdened by the usual heavy, central moral message that is found in most of his films. It's a film that, at its heart, is just about innocent, lighthearted fun.Another thing that's different is the cast that make up the film. But at first it looked for the world like the main characters are a text book copy of the ones from other Miyazaki stories. I was like: oh god, not another female lead... and one who unsurprisingly has a similar appearance to all the other female leads that Miyazaki's ever created. Sheeta, the character in question, could be easily passed off as the sister of Nausicaa from "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds" and Kiki from "Kiki's Delivery Service". I remember inwardly suppressing another groan when more unsurprises followed as the typical main girl is joined by a typical boy sidekick named Pazu. But luckily, the way this relationship is fleshed out is a bit different. In this film, Sheeta has a much more vulnerable air about her than the other Miyazki heroines, and as a result the Pazu has to fill a much more central role than the other typical Miyazaki's boy sidekicks to try and protect her. It is perhaps because of this that the bond between them feels unusually strong, and is coloured by a hint of rose tinted romance. Interestingly, "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" also has one of the very few real villains found in Studio Ghibli films.It occurred to me while watching this film that it's probably provided the inspiration for one of my favourite anime "Last Exile". Part of this gave off a very similar vibe to "Last Exile". The feel of a grand, epic fairy tale, Pazu's ambitions to follow in his dad's footsteps (his dad was a pilot) and achieve the dream that his dad was reaching for, and the whole fabulous sense of the joy found in flying across the skies, all these aspects from this old film are reflected in that modern series... even the feel of the music used is similar."Laputa: Castle in the Sky" is thrilling ride from start to finish, it's a family epic of a film that's hard to beat when it comes to pure, lighthearted entertainment. It's the kind of film that you can just sit back and enjoy without reservation.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky is fun and enthralling, with amazingly hand drawn animation (for the time) and a story with a powerful message.

Al ver...mejor digo nada más El Castillo del Cielo, ya que el recibimiento de la isla protagonica del film de Gibli, suena muy vulgar en mi continente, pero aun asi los dobladores latinoamericanos lo hicieron (en españa no). El film ya mencionado, para ser de los 80's, en verdad, es muy bueno, con sus errores minimos en las animaciones, que luego te van a impresionar. La historia, aunque es cliche, la vas a recordar con cariño al igual que los personajes. Y en la banda sonora es epica, no la recuerdo bien, pero se que cada momento que pasaba en la obra, eran unas escenas muy muy memorables. Muy muy recomendable para quienes gustan de las aventuras. Puntuación: 9,3 de 10 ptos.

Laputa is studio chibli's first movie and one of the bests. This is even better than Nausicaä. Laputa is combanation of masterpiece and really fun adventure. If you love scifi or adventure then this is for you. I am almoust speechless of how great Laputa really is....

kaitlyn fell asleep

The best anime ever. And I have watched them all.

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