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Hard-boiled, cocky, classy and silly. These words only begin to describe the amazing master thief Lupin the Third. With the help of some quick gunplay by his partner Jigen, Lupin takes on the world in elaborate heists, classic car chases, and nasty explosions. Fujiko, a buxom redhead with a penchant for betrayal, always gets tangled up in Lupin's capers. The stoic but swift swordsman Goemon is just as inclined to kill Lupin as he is to help him. And Lupin can never seem to lose the relentless Tokyo Police Inspector Zenigata. What sort of trouble will this band of misfits get into next? (Source: Discotek Media)

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Lupin III is the Scooby Doo of Japan. It's easily one of the greatest anime of all time, and it's sequels, spinoffs, and movies are all of a similarly high quality. Each episode is about a different scheme that Lupin concocts either to pull off a grand heist while evading the ever-vigilante and prepared policeman, Zenigata, or to have some other fantastic caper. Paired with his compatriots Jigen the sharpshooter, Goemon the samurai, and Fujiko Mine the mysterious maiden thief, they pull off one adventure or another with style and panache. Its masterpiece cannot be compared, so just know that this one show sparked a generation of greatness in media. This is one of the founding fathers of anime.

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