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In the world of Maburaho, everyone is born with the ability to use magic and are thus labeled magicians. However, the magical ability of each person is not equal. The number of times you can use magic determines the amount of respect you receive, and since one’s magical power is determined at birth by traits and genetics, those who have a bloodline stemming from famous magicians are highly sought after. Having the lowest magic count in Aoi Academy, Kazuki Shikimori is looked down upon by his classmates and seen as a nearly worthless magician. However, his bloodline consists of many great magicians throughout the ages, meaning that while he may not be a great magician, his offspring could be. This leads to him being sought after by three different young women: Yuna Miyama, a transfer student who declares herself his wife upon arrival, Rin Kamishiro, a prideful swordswoman of a traditional family who wants to kill him so she will be free to pursue her own desires, and Kuriko Kazetsubaki, a member of an influential family who bluntly tries to seduce him for his genes. Now he has to deal with not only the jealousy of all the guys in his school, but also various women chasing after him!

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'Maburaho' is an anime that certain people will appreciate and some will not. I was in the group of those that saw it for what it truly was. <strong>STORY: </strong> First, the story is very generic, to be honest BUT it adds concepts that make this generic theme, original. Sure, its an ecchi so you know the plot would be in the girls' breasts but no, its actually a developed plot line for the most part. There are some errors in the plot but they aren't noticeable unless you heavily analyze the series, which even then it is still enjoyable. **CHARACTERS:** I loved the characters and felt each character had their own personality. A few characters are cliche in the ecchi series as we have the typical snobby girl who turns out to be caring on the inside, the one who always gets jealous when someone even says the guys name, and the quiet epic one who turns out to be hurting on the inside. However, these characters still develop through the story and aren't cliche the entire way. <strong>SOUND AND ANIMATION: </strong> The music is beautiful and very enjoyable. Never once have I felt a song being out of place in the moment. The animation is debatable. I am NOT a fan of older animation but this anime scraps the line with animation as it doesnt look too old but not too new either. It holds a in between which is good for those who are picky about that stuff. <strong>OVERALL: </strong> Overall, I love this series for being what it is, which is original. It tries hard to be something original and in a way it succeeds. Sure, there are errors and cliches but it is sure to keep you watching all the way through.****

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