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In a world of racing and high-performance engines, Daisuke Mifune’s design of a 30,000 RPM engine still defies belief. After being refused an opportunity to construct a prototype of his dream-design, Mifune walks out of the company. Of course, this decision has a negative impact on his son, Go Mifune, and his dream of joining the company race team and becoming a professional racer. When a gang of motorcyclists attempt to steal Daisuke’s engine blueprints, Michi Shimura, Go’s girlfriend arrives to help save Daisuke’s designs. All is well and good, but now the big questions are: who is trying to steal the blueprints, and what will Daisuke do to protect his designs? Aya Mifune provides the solution when she and Go urge Daisuke to open his own business. With his ingenious designs, there should be no problem, right? Well, only if they can draw in consistent funds, but that’s not the only thing standing in the way. Mach GOGOGO flings ever more intent villains at the Mifune family, and the family must work together to ensure Daisuke’s designs are not stolen.

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There's a reason Speed Racer is so iconic. Yes, some of that reputation is from the quirky fast-paced dubbing and low budget visuals. Despite it's dated dub and visuals it still has the ability to draw in its audience. In fact its age has given it a kind of charm. You're missing out if you don't watch the dub. The dialogue takes a little while to get used to but the adjustment is worth it. This show is campy, nonsensical and most of all, fun. Episode to episode you watch speed and pals beat up henchmen, save orphans, and defy physics with the Mach 5. Speed Racer is a timeless classic that made its way into the hearts of a generation watching Saturday morning cartoons. Its one of the first pioneers of anime successfully gaining traction in the west. If you're an anime fan, then you should at least treat yourself to one episode.

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