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After a mysterious spaceship crashes into Earth, humanity realizes that they are not alone. Fearing a potential threat from space, the world pushes aside their nationalism, conflicting interests, and cultural differences, unifying under the banner of the United Nations. The newly formed UN forces decide to repurpose the alien spacecraft, naming it SDF-1 Macross. Unfortunately, on the day of its maiden voyage, a fleet of spaceships belonging to a race of aliens known as Zentradi descend upon Earth, and the SDF-1 Macross, acting of its own accord, shoots down the incoming squadron, sparking an intergalactic war. In an attempt to escape, the Macross tries to launch itself into the Moon's orbit, but the ship—as well as the city was in—is teleported to the far reaches of space. Caught up in the mess are Hikaru Ichijou, a free-spirited acrobatic pilot, and Minmay Lynn, an aspiring idol. Together, alongside Macross's bridge officer Misa Hayase, they experience an epic journey rife with grief and drama as they begin their trek back to Earth, facing with the cruelties of war along the way. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Booby Trap

On South Atalia Island in the South Pacific an alien warship crashes on Earth in the year 1999, bringing a raging global war to a halt. The united forces of Earth spend the next ten years developing its technology, rebuilding and refitting the ship. On the launch day of the ship (now christened the "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross”) an amateur pilot named Hikaru Ichijyo flies to the island to visit his friend Roy Focker and watch the launching. An alien armada enters Earth's star-system in pursuit of the ship. The armada is manned by a race of humanoid aliens known as the "Zentraedi". The Zentraedi send two scout ships to Earth to investigate. As the two ships approach the Earth they accidentally activate the automatic defenses aboard the Macross. The Macross fires a beam into space destroying both ships as they were entering a lunar orbit. The rest of the Zentraedi fleet witnesses the destruction of their scout ships and their general (Commander Breetai) orders them towards Earth. Roy was showing Hikaru the interior of a Valkarie fighter cockpit when the Macross fired. Roy tells Hikaru to wait in the cockpit while he goes to investigate what just happened. As the Zentraedi fleet advance on Earth they are attacked by Earth's orbital defense forces, but are easily beaten back. The Zentraedi press their attack towards Earth and Misa Hayase (the first officer of the Macross) mistakes Hikaru for a military pilot and orders him to take off. Hikaru, unfamiliar with combat, takes a near miss and his plane begins a nose dive. Misa orders him to switch to "Battleroid" mode, but Rick has no idea what she's talking about. Misa then tells Rick to pull the control marked "B" on his control panel. When he does his plane transforms into a giant robot and crashes into several building on the ground. Both Hikaru and the robot survive the crash with little damage.

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The Zentradi attack on South Ataria Island pauses briefly. Global wants Roy and his squad to return, but they are in the middle of a dogfight. Vanessa reports that enemy forces are entering the atmosphere, and Global orders Misa to dispatch helicopters to investigate. She informs him that he already has dispatched the helicopters. Near the Nyan-Nyan Chinese restaurant, everyone watches Hikaru's Valkyrie and wonders if it is an alien mecha. Minmay's cousin Yoshio runs across the street, and Minmay scolds him for running in front of the mecha. Yoshio wants to look at the mecha, so they go up to Minmay's room. Hikaru gets out of the Valkyrie and asks Minmay what the Valkyrie looks like. He has no clue why it turns into a mecha, and a truck driver tells him to get out of the way. Two Sea Sergeant helicopters approach the ocean and are destroyed by the Zentradi Regult battle pods. Global sees that the Zentradi want to surround the island. The government official comes to bridge and orders Global to launch. Global says the ship isn't outfitted, and the politician tells him to go into space and dock with the ARMD carriers. As everyone on the bridge listens in, Shammy realizes she doesn't want to go into space anymore. With no other choice, Global orders the ship to takeoff. As the ship rises, the gravity control system breaks away from the ship instead of lifting it up. The Macross crashes on the island again, and Global thinks it is a terrible ship. Hikaru tries to move the Valkyrie, but he puts too much thrust into it and crashes into Minmay's room. Luckily, Minmay and Yoshio are safe. Several trucks pull the Valkyrie out of the restaurant, and it crashes into another building. Roy calls Misa on the bridge to report that the enemy air forces have been destroyed. He asks her where Hikaru's Valkyrie is, and she tells him it crashed into the city earlier. She asks what the deal is with that pilot, and Roy promises to explain later. He breaks away from his squad and searches the city until he finds Hikaru. He's glad to see that Hikaru is alive, and he prepares to land. Roy lands and transforms his Valkyrie into Battroid mode. Hikaru asks why the Valkyries transform into mecha, and Roy says it is a secret. He begins repairs on Hikaru's Valkyrie so that it becomes flight worthy In space, Vrlitwhai orders his ships to begin firing at South Ataria Island. The Regult squads surround South Ataria Island to prevent any escape. Roy and Hikaru both stare at Minmay as she and her family evacuate to a shelter, and they transform to GERWALK mode and take off. Minmay remembers she left something at home and runs off. The Zentradi ships begin their barrage from orbit, and Macross City is devastated. Roy is worried about Minmay, so he and Hikaru decide to look for her. The Regult squads begin their attack and many Valkyries are caught in firefights. Roy destroys a Regult pod attacking Minmay and tells Hikaru to watch her. As more pods attack, Roy provides cover fire while Hikaru grabs Minmay with the Valkyrie's hand and takes off. Roy asks how everything is, and Hikaru says he's fine. Roy says he doesn't care about him and only wants to make sure that Minmay is safe. Hikaru remembers that the plane is a two seater, and he thinks of he can get Minmay inside. A Regult attacks him, and he flies high in the air to avoid the missiles. His Valkyrie is attacked in the air, and the arm holding Minmay breaks off. As she freefalls through the air, Hikaru dives in after her and manages to get her in the cockpit. They return to the ground, and she thanks him for saving her. She sees that her hair is a mess, and when Hikaru asks her if her hair is more important than her life, she jokes that it's her hair. As Hikaru laughs, he slams into a Regult and crashes into the ground. When he stands up, he starts firing at the Regult until his gun pod runs out of ammo. To his shock, a giant man gets out of the Regult and approaches him. Roy kills the soldier and tells Hikaru that the Valkyries were built to fight those giants. He is quite surprised that they look like humans. Misa calls Roy and tells him to fly escort for the Macross. The ship's rocket engines, which were built on Earth, activate and begin lifting the ship. Roy takes off, but Hikaru is frozen in shock over what he has seen. This episode continues on the cliffhanger from the first one. Hikaru has gone on quite a wild ride, but it's far from over. He expected to just hang out with Roy and see fireworks, but this is far different. What a coincidence that his path of destruction through the city leads him right to Minmay's house. Both he and Roy show what perverts they are by again staring at Minmay's legs. She's the right age for Hikaru, but she's definitely too young for Roy. The Zentradi press their attack here, and this is the first time we get to see their Regult battle pods (aka the 'chicken legs') in action. Now that the Macross has taken off after one blundered attempt, it's off to space to fight the Zentradi. Of course, nothing in that battle will go as planned either.

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Space Fold

As the Macross heads for space, Roy catches up with the ship to fly escort. He calls Hikaru and gets no response, so he figures Hikaru must still be in shock from the encounter with the enemy. He calls Misa and tells her he is going back to South Ataria Island to get Hikaru. Misa says something was odd about him, and Roy explains he is a civilian pilot. Hikaru is indeed still shocked by his encounter with the Zentradi, and he doesn't want Minmay to see the corpse. He tries to take off, but the Valkyrie crashes because the Zentradi soldier is holding onto the foot. Roy destroys several Regults before finding Hikaru. He sees the corpse holding onto the Valkyrie and jokes that aliens have the hots for Hikaru. He disconnects the cockpit from the Valkyrie and tucks it underneath his arm. Several Regults appear and attack, and Roy escapes. He reaches the air safely and heads for space. Hikaru and Minmay tell him they don't want to go to the Macross, and Roy promises to take Minmay back to South Ataria Island once the war ends. Hikaru and Roy begin arguing on the radio, and Hikaru calls Misa an old lady when she gets involved. Everyone on the bridge laughs, much to Misa's embarrassment. She gets angry and tells Hikaru he has some explaining to do about being in a Valkyrie. Nearby, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol track the ship's progress. They see the Macross is trying to join with it's space fleet, and they also want to prevent it from performing a space fold. Roy drives Hikaru and Minmay through the large corridors of the ship, and Hikaru wonders why war has started. Roy arrives at his destination, which is a hangar containing Hikaru's racer. Emergency stations are sounded, and Roy tells Hikaru and Minmay not to wander around because the ship is so large. As the Macross prepares to dock with two ARMD carriers, Vrlitwhai orders his ships to attack. The Zentradi fleet begins its barrage and destroys the ARMD carriers. Global orders Claudia to take the ship back over South Ataria Island and activate the fold system. Claudia and Misa protest because the system hasn't been tested, and Global says if they stand still they'll be destroyed. He tells Claudia to set course for the far side of the moon, and when she protests again, he yells at her. Hikaru performs some repairs on his plane and tells Minmay that he'll take her back to South Ataria Island. As the countdown to the fold continues, Hikaru opens the nearby hangar door. He and Minmay squeeze into his plane and take off. As the Macross settles over South Ataria Island, Global orders the fold system to be engaged. A bubble of energy envelops the Macross, Hikaru's plane, South Ataria Island and some of the surrounding ocean. Vrlitwhai is shocked that they performed a fold within a planetary atmosphere, and he orders Exsedol to calculate their de-fold position. When the Macross de-folds in space, Vanessa detects and object beneath the ship. Global thinks it's the moon, but it's actually South Ataria Island, which the ship crashes into. Hikaru and Minmay find themselves in a field of junk, and several large objects hit the plane and cause air to leak out. Hikaru activates the rocket booster and heads for the Macross. Regult pods are attacking the ship, so all the hangar doors are closed. When a Regult crashes into the hull and creates a hole, Hikaru flies into it and performs a rough landing. Once all the Regults are destroyed, Global orders the civilians to be brought into the ship. Vanessa reports that they have de-folded near orbit of Pluto, not the moon. Everyone is shocked, and Global says they will just fold back to Earth again. He receives a call from the engine room and is informed that the fold system has vanished. As Global heads down to the engine room, he sees that they're in for a long trip. The battle begun in the first two episodes continues here and reaches a brief conclusion, which sets up the space arc of the series and the journey back to Earth. There's more joking between Hikaru and Roy, and Hikaru has his first encounter with Misa. Though she is certainly not an old lady, he probably was so busy thinking about Minmay that he didn't get a good look at her. That will come back to haunt him in the near future. Global makes a miscalculation here that ends up dragging the Macross and South Ataria Island into deep space. And Hikaru and Minmay are trapped deep in the ship, which is what Roy warned them about. The crew may have escaped the Zentradi for the time being, but they'll be back very soon.

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Lynn Minmay

On the bridge, Global gives out orders to settle the civilian refugees from the island. He sees the aircraft carriers Prometheus and Daedalus floating nearby and orders Misa to have the work crews attach them to the ship. Since the ARMD carriers are gone, the aircraft carriers will serve as substitutes. Roy calls and wants to have a search party sent out to find Hikaru. Global says the priority is helping the 50,000 civilians, and Roy gets angry and cuts off the call. In the bowels of the ship, Hikaru tries to free his plane from the ropes it crashed into. Minmay says they should look for an exit, and they begin exploring the ship. She finds dripping pipes and accidentally burns herself. As they walk through the dark corridors, they eventually find a giant-sized airlock. Looking out the window, they see cars and buildings floating out in space. On the bridge, Kim makes coffee so that Misa and Claudia can take a short break. In the lower sections of the ship, Minmay tells Hikaru that she's thirsty, and he gets an idea. They get a steel rod and break open the pipes she burned herself on earlier. Minmay decides to take a shower in the flowing water, and Hikaru gets excited. Minmay looks at him strangely, and he decides he will wait. She asks him to place a piece of metal nearby as a screen. When he peeks through a hole to get a look, she screams. Hikaru brings her some clothes, and they return to the plane. He starts digging into his food, and Minmay wonders if they should ration it out. He says they will find an exit tomorrow, so it doesn't matter. Minmay falls asleep on Hikaru's soldier, and when a rat jumps on her, she thinks he's a pervert. When she goes over to lie on a sheet, she finds a bunch of rats. They laugh, and Hikaru jokes that he will make a deal with the rats to share the bed. Minmay falls asleep on his shoulder again. Hikaru begins searching the area to make a map and find a way out. When he returns he finds Minmay cooking to extend their rations. He figures the daughter of chefs would do that, and Minmay explains that the owners of Nyan-Nyan are her aunt and uncle, not her parents. She tells him that her parents live in Yokohama, Japan, and run a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Hikaru continues searching the area, and seven days pass since their crash landing. As their food supplies run out, Hikaru decides to use the airlock to go out into space and call for help. Minmay is worried because he doesn't have a spacesuit or an oxygen tank, but he believes he can hold his breath and use his flight suit. As he prepares to go out into space, Minmay spots a giant tuna. Hikaru goes out into space to capture the tuna. As he brings it back into the airlock, it falls on him and knocks him down. He breaks free and knocks on the door as he begins to suffocate. Minmay closes the airlock, which slices the tuna and leaves only the head inside. Hikaru can't go back into space because his flight suit is ripped. Misa and Claudia eat in the mess hall, and Claudia tells Misa that the civilians have begun to build a refugee camp. After twelve days have passed, Hikaru and Minmay begin to despair. She sings the song "Cinderella", and he tells her she has a lovely voice. She says she's always wanted to be a bride, but that won't happen now that they're going to die. Hikaru says they'll be okay, and he suggests they have a fake wedding ceremony. Minmay tells him they should get it over with and throw themselves into space so they can die together. He calls her crazy, and she apologizes and begins to cry. As he is about to kiss her, a dud Zentradi missile slams through the ceiling. The mayor and other civilians spot them and pull them out. Minmay is reunited with her family, and the mayor tells Hikaru that they rebuilt the city inside the ship. Hikaru collapses from malnutrition. After the nonstop fighting in the first three episodes, we get a break from that here. While this is a slow moving episode, there is some good character development here. It is in this episode that we see the beginning of Hikaru and Minmay's friendship, and the beginning of Hikaru's attraction to her. Also, it is the first time that Minmay sings, which will develop more later on. Minmay goes kinda batty at the end of the episode, which is understandable after twelve days of confinement in the ship. However, wanting to commit suicide in space is a bit TOO much. We also get to see Macross City again, which after being destroyed by the Zentradi has been rebuilt inside the ship. Now that this is all settled, the long journey to Earth begins.

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Macross City has been reconstructed inside the Macross, and the long journey back to Earth begins. At Nyan-Nyan, Minmay's aunt Lynn Feichun and uncle Lynn Shaochin return home with a small amount of rations. Minmay suggests they reopen the restaurant, but they say they don't have any food. Minmay reminds them that the restaurant was open during the Unification War, and she says they should go about their lives as usual. The mayor sees them setting up and thinks it's a good idea. Several soldiers come in to eat food and ask Minmay about her adventure. They ask if she did anything with Hikaru, and she says they are just friends. Hikaru overhears that and goes back to his room. He remembers how the day before Minmay said they should throw themselves into space together, but now they are just friends. In the engine room, Global is told by the chief engineer that the main gun cannot be fired anymore because the energy conduit connecting it to the main reactor vanished with the fold system. However, he suggests to Global the idea of a modular transformation to transform the ship and replace one conduit with another. Global says he can't do that because the city has just settled down, and a transformation could destroy it again. Hikaru looks at the scrap heap that used to be his racer, and Roy comes to visit him. He calls the racer a piece of scrap and takes Hikaru to an observation lounge to watch Valkyries in action. Hikaru is surprised they can fly in space, and Roy explains they have thermonuclear reaction engines. Roy asks Hikaru to join the military, and Hikaru asks Roy if girls can change from one day to the next. Roy laughs at him and sees that he has fallen for Minmay. He warns Hikaru that girls like her are fickle and other men could take her away. In lunar orbit, Exsedol shows Vrlitwhai video from the attack on South Ataria Island. They see that the inhabitants of Earth are miclones, which concerns Exsedol. He says there is a legend in the Zentradi military records about avoiding any planet with miclones. He says they should concentrate on the Macross, so Vrlitwhai orders his fleet to fold to the Macross's location. Upon de-fold he wants to send a ship out to test their strength. Hikaru thinks about knocking on Minmay's door, and she comes upstairs. They talk in her room, and he notices a letter. Minmay says it was what she went back for, and Hikaru wonders if it's a letter from a boyfriend. It's actually a letter for a singing audition, but Minmay thinks it's pretty pointless now that they are so far from Earth. She asks Hikaru if he has a dream too, and he says his dream is nothing but a scrap heap now. On the bridge, Misa detects the approaching Zentradi, and Global orders everyone to go to battle stations. Roy prepares for battle and launches in his Valkyrie. Hikaru and Minmay walk up to a place to view the city, and Minmay tells Hikaru that he's just as good a pilot as Roy. As the battle rages, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol wonder why the Macross hasn't fired it's main gun. Exsedol thinks they should send in more ships to provoke them further, and Vrlitwhai agrees. With more ships attacking, Global has no choice but to order the modular transformation. A notice is sent around the ship about the transformation, and Hikaru and Minmay wonder what that means. He thinks he would be happier if the city was just destroyed, and Minmay calls him a selfish jerk. As they argue, the transformation begins and the ground breaks away under Minmay. As she is about to fall into the chasm, Hikaru rescues her. Roy continues fighting outside and sees that the Zentradi fight much better in space than they did on Earth. Once the transformation is complete, Global orders the main gun to be fired at the Zentradi ships. The attacking ships and Regults are destroyed, and Vrlitwhai and Exsedol are left in shock. Minmay tells Hikaru his wish came true, and he says he wasn't expecting it to happen. Hikaru decides that he's going to join the military and stop moping around. After getting a break from the action with the last episode, it's back to the main story. There's quite a lot of plot developments here, and some character development too. In the character area, Hikaru is depressed for most of the episode about his plane being destroyed, and he's hesitant about joining the military, even if it means he can fly again. It all culminates in the argument between him and Minmay, but unfortunately that argument ends when he is forced to save her life again. On the plot side, we get an explanation about why the Zentradi abandon Earth to attack the Macross. It's not exactly explained what a miclone is, but according to Exsedol miclones (or humans) should be avoided. We also get to see the ship's famous transformation for the first time here, and it has some destructive consequences for Macross City. Now that Hikaru is going to become a soldier, there should be more action along the way.

Daedalus Attack Poster Image


Daedalus Attack

A month has passed since the crew of the Macross won their first victory over the Zentradi. In that time, Hikaru has been undergoing rigorous training to become a Valkyrie pilot. In Macross City, Hikaru meets with Minmay and shows off his new uniform. Minmay stops in front of a dress shop and try on a dress in the window. Hikaru protests going inside, but Minmay drags him in. While she is trying on the dress, Misa, Shammy, and Kim enter the shop looking for lingerie. Embarrassed, Hikaru looks away and picks up the groceries he drops. Global heads down to where the fold system used to be to investigate a strange energy phenomenom. The chief engineer says he believes a barrier system can be developed from the phenomenom. Elsewhere, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol review the last battle, and they see no reason why the Macross transformed. Exsedol notes that the transformation limits their gravitational control. He thinks that the ship will head for Saturn and use ECM (electronic countermeasures) to escape. Vrlitwhai decides he will let them try their plan and then trap them. Minmay takes Hikaru back to Nyan-Nyan to see everyone, but Roy shows up and says he has orders. Hikaru walks to the base with Roy when they encounter Misa, Shammy, Vanessa, and Kim on the street. Roy introduces Hikaru to Misa, and both of them realize who they are. Misa tells him that it isn't proper for a man to be in a lingerie shop as she walks off. Hikaru and the rest of the Valkyrie pilots are called to a meeting, and an officer tells them they should spend time with whoever they want to see before the battle. Later that night, Hikaru meets Minmay in the park. She shows off her dress, but he doesn't notice it's the one she bought. Hikaru tells Minmay that they should take a picture, but she doesn't think she's very photogenic. He calls a cambot, and it takes their picture. Later, Roy visits Hikaru at the base and sees that he can't sleep. He thinks about how the hours before a battle are the worst. Hikaru tries to sleep, but he keeps thinking of the Zentradi he fought back on South Ataria Island. The next day, the Macross enters orbit of Saturn. Misa gives the Valkyrie pilots orders over the intercom. They will attack through the Cassini Divide after passing through the ice-filled shadow zone. Roy's Skull squadron launches with Hikaru as its newest member. He sees all the pilots flying recklessly and decides to do so himself. Misa contacts him and tells him that his fancy flying could give him away to the enemy. He argues with her, and she tells him to shut up and follow his orders. He enters the shadow zone and is almost hit by an asteroid. When he slows down, Misa calls him and asks where all his confidence went. He grumbles to himself about how annoying she is, and Claudia wonders when he will stop insulting Misa. A Zentradi ship captained by Zeril is called by Vrlitwhai to capture the Macross. The Valkyries emerge from the other side of the shadow zone and attack the Zentradi. Exsedol is amazed that they are attacking with such inferior tactics, and Vrlitwhai thinks they don't realize how much he is holding back. Meanwhile, Global has the ship lowered into an asteroid field to surprise the Zentradi. The pinpoint barrier is activated, and it uses three balls of photon energy to move around the ship, which are controlled by three huge trackball mice. The ship is raised, and Global orders the main gun to be fired, but nothing happens. The chief engineer tells him that the pinpoint barrier is probably interfering with the cannon. The ship is now defenseless as Zeril's cruiser moves in to capture them. Misa has an idea and has all three pinpoint balls moved to the front of the Daedalus. Elsewhere, under attack, Hikaru lands on Zeril's, and a hatch opens beneath him, dropping him into the ship. He explores the area and runs into a Zentradi soldier. The soldier is frightened and freezes. Hikaru lifts his weapon to fire, but hesitates. At the same time, the Macross rams the ship with the Daedalus. The front of the super carrier is opened, and all the Destroids launch their missiles. Hikaru escapes from the ship just as it explodes. Vrlitwhai is shocked to see the miclones win another battle and decides he might have to call for reinforcements. Well, there's another action packed episode. Even with all the action, there's still some character development. Hikaru may be a soldier now, but he's still the same person. As he wishes to get closer to Minmay, he also comes into conflict with Misa. The scenes in the lingerie shop and street are hilarious and provide some comic relief in a serious episode. Hikaru also screws up when flying in the shadow zone of Saturn's rings when he answers back to Misa. She's one person that you definitely don't talk to like that. Of course, he didn't learn his lesson the first time, so it's likely it'll take a few more rough encounters for him to get the picture.

Bye-bye Mars Poster Image


Bye-bye Mars

Exsedol informs Vrlitwhai that there is an abandoned miclone base on Mars. Vrlitwhai thinks it will be an excellent opportunity to lure in the Macross and capture it. For the operation he has called in reinforcements from the 7th sector Armored Division of the 109th branch of the Bodol main fleet. Exsedol is shocked, because that group is commanded by the infamous Quamzin Kravshera. Quamzin is known for getting drunk during a battle and killing most of his mean, which earned him the nickname "Ally Killer." Despite Quamzin's reputation, Vrlitwhai is sure that he can control him. Quamzin's ships suddenly de-fold from space in close proximity to Vrlitwhai's ship and crash into them. Quamzin calls to introduce himself, and his subordinate Oigul says he won the bet for the booze because they crashed into four ships. Vrlitwhai becomes angry and tells Quamzin he won't take any of his stupidity in this operation. Meanwhile, Hikaru, Roy, and the other Valkyrie pilots fight off attacking Regults and Fighter Pods. After the battle, Roy tells Hikaru he should go into town to relax. Hikaru runs into Minmay and hears an announcement about the battle that contradicts what he saw. She takes him to a cafe and gives him an invitation to her birthday party. On the bridge, Vanessa receives a transmission from Salla Base on Mars, and Global is surprised. During the Unification War, the soldiers at Salla Base were all killed on their way back to Earth by Anti-United Nations forces. Global decides they will stop at Mars to get supplies. Upon hearing mention of Mars, Misa thinks of her boyfriend, Riber Frurink. Riber was in the army and went to Mars, and Misa decided to join the army to be with him. Quamzin's forces plant gravity mines underneath the surface and wait for the Macross. The ship lands outside of their range and sends Valkyries and Destroid Spartans to secure the base. Misa asks Global for permission to investigate the base, and he agrees. He moves the ship closer to Salla Base, which brings it within the range of Quamzin's mines and his force of hundreds of Regults. As the resupply continues, Hikaru and Roy patrol Salla Base. Hikaru asks Roy if he can have some leave time next week, and Roy says everyone in the squad has asked for a day off to go to Minmay's birthday party. Claudia interrupts and tells them not to chat, and Hikaru is surprised it isn't Misa on the radio. Claudia tells him that Misa is driving around nearby him. Misa enters the abandoned base to search for any signs of life, but she finds nothing. As Quamzin waits, he asks his man Gerao how much longer it will take for the mines to reach full power. One of the Regult pilots can't stand to wait and takes off, and Quamzin shoots him down with his Glaug. He says that if he can wait then his men can wait too. Vanessa detects the explosion, and Global orders Claudia to send a Cat's Eye recon plane to investigate. The Cat's Eye flies over the canyon where Quamzin is hiding and sends a report back to the Macross. Vanessa pulls up the report, and Global is shocked to see a thousand Regults in the canyon. Since that far outnumbers their own forces, Global tells Claudia to take off immediately. As the Macross attempts to take off, Gerao activates the gravity mines that prevent the ship from lifting off. Quamzin and his forces then emerge from the canyon and attack. As the attack continues, Global wonders how they can get to the underground mines. He has an idea, and he wonders if blowing up Salla Base's nuclear reactor will destroy the mines. When Vanessa runs a simulation that proves his theory, Global orders Misa to overload the reactor. At first she hesitates, but she agrees when he decides to send in Roy. Misa takes the elevator down to the reactor room and sets it on overload. When she tries to escape the compound, emergency doors trap her in a small corridor. Coincidentally, the corridor is where Riber's room is located. Roy tells Hikaru to rescue Misa, and Hikaru fights off many Regults to reach the base. He blasts the window open, and Misa yells at him and tells him to leave. He grabs her with his Valkyrie's hands and takes off just as Salla Base explodes. The Macross takes off, and Quamzin is angry that he lost a battle. This is probably my favorite episode of the entire show because it was the first one I saw. The action and character development in this episode were enough to get me hooked on the entire series. Hikaru is starting to become used to the military life, and he has yet another encounter with Misa. He isn't featured much in this episode, which gives enough time to focus on her. This episode shows she is much more than a no nonsense military officer. She actually was in love before, and that love almost gets her killed. I was surprised she was willing to die just because she found Riber's room. It's kinda like when Minmay wanted to throw herself into space a few episodes back. On another note, in this episode we're introduced to one of the series' more colorful villains, the scheming Quamzin Kravshera. His own soldiers don't seem to like him, and Vrlitwhai

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The Longest Birthday

Following the Macross's successful escape from the trap on Mars, the Zentradi relentlessly attack the ship. Inside Macross City, Hikaru remembers that it is Minmay's sixteenth birthday today. At that moment, he is paged to report to Colonel Maistrov's office. In space, Quamzin prepares to attack the Macross under the guise that he is on a training flight. Maistrov has called a meeting to reward pilots who showed great courage during the battle on Salla Base. Hikaru is awarded a metal of honor. After the meeting ends, Roy asks Hikaru to follow him to his quarters. Hikaru is promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. As another surprise, Roy tells Hikaru that he'll have two subordinates: Corporal Maximilian Jenius and Corporal Hayao Kakizaki. Moments later, the two men arrive and are introduced to Hikaru. They ask Hikaru if they can join him wherever he's going, which happens to be Minmay's party in the city. On the bridge, Misa is shocked to read that Hikaru has been promoted. Claudia figures it is a reward for rescuing Misa on Salla Base. Kakizaki wonders where they are going, and he thinks it is a strip bar. When they arrive at the Chinese restaurant, Hikaru is amazed to see Minmay in a beautiful dress with her hair rolled up. He introduces her to Max and Kakizaki, and Max charms Minmay with his shyness. When Minmay asks for her present, Hikaru lies and says he forgot it at base. The mayor asks Minmay to sing a song, and she says Hikaru should sing in place of giving her a present. He says he can't sing, and Max volunteers to take his place. The mayor warns Hikaru that if he doesn't keep up he could lose Minmay to Max. On the bridge, Misa notices that the radar screens are empty. She realizes the Zentradi are jamming their radar in preparation for an attack. In space, Quamzin's forces being their approach on the Macross. Back in Macross City, Minmay's party is interrupted when Misa sounds the battle alert. Hikaru, Max, Kakizaki and a dozen other pilots cram themselves into a taxi. Kakizaki asks Hikaru if Minmay is his girlfriend, and Hikaru tells him to be more considerate. Upon reaching the battle, Kakizaki is disappointed that they are on the rear defense line. When Kakizaki sees several Regult pods, he flies right in between them and is rescued by Hikaru. Nearby, Quamzin notices that the Ramidon quadrant is weak in defense and decides to attack there. As the pilots are engaged in battle, Hikaru and Kakizaki are amazed to see Max's incredible (and showy) fighting style. As the battle moves closer to the ship, Global orders the deployment of Destroid Defenders and Monsters on the hull. Quamzin and his forces land on the ship's hull and begin destroying the Destroid Defender and Monster forces. Hikaru, Max, and Kakizaki land on the hull to fight off the Regults. Kakizaki's Valkyrie is damaged, leaving Hikaru and Max to do the fighting. At that moment, Quamzin appears with his Glaug and attacks Hikaru. The two engage in a fierce battle, and Quamzin is surprised by Hikaru's fighting ability. During the exchange of fire, they each destroy each other's arms and pause to see who fires next. On the Zentradi flagship, Vrlitwhai is furious when he discovers that Quamzin has disobeyed orders. He orders Exsedol to active the signal beam that will force Kamujin to acknowledge him. After the battle, Hikaru remembers Minmay's birthday and runs off to get her a present. He arrives at Minmay's house to apologize, and she opens her window and asks if he brought the present. He searches his pockets and pulls out his medal of honor. Realizing it could be a gift, he tosses it up to Minmay. She loves the gift, and he wishes her a happy birthday as he runs off. Well, now we have two new characters added to the mix: Max and Kakizaki. Max is shy and nerdy, and Kakizaki is a brute (and he seems to know a lot about strip bars). Although Max may claim to be inexperienced, he has incredible natural talent (which will manifest itself even more later on). Kakizaki is a dumb brute who has no skills to speak of, and he gains no skills. All he manages to do is talk a lot and get shot down. This episode also features a great battle between Quamzin and Hikaru. Even at this early stage, Hikaru closely matches the skills of Quamzin. That'll change eventually as he improves even further.

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Miss Macross

In a café, Hikaru asks Minmay out to a movie, but she tells him she can’t because the restaurant is very busy. Hikaru notices the sky outside, and Minmay tells him it was created by the military. As they watch the sunset, she tells him that the Miss Macross beauty pageant will be staged soon and that the famous Jamis Merin is a contestant. Kakizaki finds Max working on his Valkyrie and tells him that Minmay has entered the contest. He says that since Hikaru gave them both Saturday off they should see the contest. Hikaru speaks to Minmay on the phone, and she tells him that the mayor entered her in the contest. On the Zentradi flagship, Exsedol shows Vrlitwhai a commercial from the Macross for the contest. Vrlitwhai orders a recon ship to launch and investigate the situation. Soldiers Loli Dosel, Conda Bromco and Warera Nantes launch in a Quel-Quallie recon ship under the code name "Blue Wind." The Macross Broadcasting System (MBS) begins its inaugural broadcast with the start of contest. The grand prize for the winner is a new Fanliner personal jet. On the bridge, Misa, Claudia and Vanessa laugh about Global being one of the judges. Claudia tells Misa that if she had entered the contest she could have won. The Quel-Quallie is picked up on sensors, and Misa calls Vermillion Squad to scramble, but Hikaru isn't at the base. In the city, Hikaru rides a bicycle to get to the contest in time. Backstage, Minmay asks Jamis to autograph a napkin, and her manager tells Minmay to use a proper autograph book. Hikaru watches with binoculars as Minmay comes on stage in a Chinese dress. The judges ask her if she has a boyfriend, and she says she has a cousin who is like a brother. Hikaru receives a page and calls the bridge, only to be lectured by Misa about being on duty. As he hails a taxi, Roy laughs at him and tells him to go for it. Hikaru launches in a VF-1S Armored Valkyrie, which Misa tells him is only for special missions. The Zentradi block their transmissions, and as Hikaru changes channels he finds the contest. He eventually switches back to Misa, and she tells him to go by laser guidance instead of radar. On the Quel-Quallie, Loli watches the contest and is shocked to see men and women together. Hikaru tells Misa he is receiving static from her as an excuse to switch channels back to the contest. The swimsuit competition begins, and Hikaru eagerly awaits for Minmay to come out. While watching the contest, he doesn't realize that he is practically on top of the Quel-Quallie. He quickly engages reverse thrusters to avoid crashing into it. The Quel-Quallie fires missiles at him, and he hesitates briefly before shooting the missiles with his gun pod. Loli, Conda and Warera watch the contest and wonder if swimsuits are some kind of field uniform. They all realize that watching the contest makes them feel strangely aroused. They pick up Hikaru on their sensors and go to battlestations. Hikaru fires missiles at them, and they fire back and damage his armor. He ejects his armor and attacks them head on with his gun pod. The interior is damaged, and the three Zentradi retreat to the escape pod. Hikaru blasts through the front of the Quel-Quallie and breaks inside. The ship explodes with him inside of it and damages his Valkyrie. He wakes up later and finds the contest still running. Misa and Claudia continue to watch the contest, and Misa wonders what is keeping Hikaru. Roy tells Kakizaki and Max that the whole contest is rigged as a popularity stunt for Jamis. The audience votes on the finalists, and Minmay is the winner. Hikaru watches from his Valkyrie and can’t believe that Minmay won the contest. When one is at war with an overwhelmingly strong alien race in space, the first thing they should obviously do is run a beauty contest. As ridiculous as such a thing may sound, it makes sense when there are so many civilians on board. They need something to remind them of home and keep their minds off the war, such as the contest or even the artificial clouds. Despite that, a parody of this strange concept can be seen in an episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. There's a few interesting developments here, mainly in Hikaru’s relationship with Minmay. They are drifting apart slowly, and he's getting further away from his desire to be her boyfriend. It certainly doesn't help his case that she said in the contest she has no one she would consider a boyfriend. Also, her new fame from this contest is likely to drive them even further apart.

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Blind Game

Loli, Conda and Warera make their report to Vrlitwhai and Exsedol. The strange things they describe make no sense, and Vrlitwhai wonders if he should send another recon group. Exsedol suggests capturing some samples and has an idea. A squad of Regults attacks, and Kakizaki takes some damage while Hikaru and Max score kills. Hikaru insists that they return to the ship, but Misa wants them to stick to their patrol schedule. Hikaru lectures her and says that in space the slightest damage can be fatal. Roy steps into the argument and tells Misa that Hikaru is right. Since the Zentradi are no longer blocking their transmissions, Global is able to send a message to U.N. Spacy High Command and get a response. The message states that the Zentradi seem to be interested only in the Macross and not Earth. Therefore, Global is ordered to use the Macross as a decoy to keep the Zentradi away from Earth to give the U.N. Spacy time to prepare. Oigul informs Quamzin of Exsedol's plan to fire a warning shot across the bow of the Macross. Quamzin tells Oigul that he has plans to make a more effective demonstration. He wants an old soldier who is about to retire make the shot and accidentally miss the target. Hikaru waits for Minmay in the city and is approached by Vanessa, Kim and Shammy. They ask him if he is waiting for a girl and if she is prettier than them. Hikaru says Minmay is about the same as them and receives a call from a phone bot. Minmay tells him that she can’t meet him because she has to take singing lessons to record an album. Vrlitwhai's fleet begins to fire several volleys across the bow of the Macross as a warning shot. Quamzin has his old soldier deliberately aim elsewhere and fire. Global has the pinpoint barrier activated, but the force of the blast overloads the barrier and destroys the ship’s radar tower. With the attack over, fragments of destroyed asteroids surround the Macross. Global tries to contact the radar control room, but all the personnel are dead. Misa reports that it will take at least ten hours to fix the long-range radar. Claudia says they can move and use short-range radar, but Misa says they shouldn't do that when they don't know where the enemy is. She sees a Valkyrie and its dead pilot float by and is reminded of what Hikaru said. The Zentradi send out a message in human language demanding that Global surrender. Global is amazed that after only a few hours of no radio silence that the Zentradi deciphered their language. Global decides that he will have to risk sending out a Cat’s Eye recon plane. On Vrlitwhai's ship, a squad of Regults and a Quel-Quallie launch and head for the Macross. Misa volunteers to go out in the Cat's Eye and is escorted by Vermillion Squad. The Quel-Quallie reports their movements to Vrlitwhai, and he sees that they fell for his trap. The Regults attack, and Hikaru orders Kakizaki to protect Misa while they fight the Regults. Misa countermands the order and tells Kakizaki to go with them. Max notices that the Zentradi are acting strangely, so Hikaru decides to find Misa. While evading the Zentradi, the Cat's Eye pilot crashes into an asteroid and is killed. Misa tells Hikaru to forget her, but he and the others go into Vrlitwhai’s ship after her. They scare off the Zentradi soldiers, but Kakizaki and Max run out of ammo. Vrlitwhai jumps over a walkway and drop kicks Hikaru’s Valkyrie. Kakizaki blows a hole into the roof, and Max grabs Vrlitwhai and tosses him into space. As the three try to cut open a door with their lasers, Vrlitwhai crawls back into the ship. He grabs a pipe and smacks Kakizaki's Valkyrie from behind. There's quite a lot going on in this episode. We have another confrontation between Hikaru and Misa, and this time he gets the better of her. His words seem to affect her when she sees the dead Valkyrie pilot in space. Since he accused her of being in a safe place all the time, it seems she impulsively volunteered for the Cat's Eye mission just to prove something to him. Human culture seems to be having an effect on the Zentradi since Loli, Conda and Warera can't even describe what they saw. Quamzin again meddles in things and does things his own way, but this time it actually helps Vrlitwhai. The episode ends with a cliffhanger of Vrlitwhai attacking Kakizaki. He sure must be strong if he can survive in the vacuum of space with no suit on.


I'm from the generation who grew up watching "Robotech" on TV. For those of you young 'uns who don't know (I say this as I stroke my long white beard and rock back and forth in my rocking chair), "Robotech" is an American adaptation of three different anime. The three series were virtually unrelated in terms of story, and were forcibly mashed together into "Robotech". By far the most famous one of the three adapted series is "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", or "Macross" for short, which became known as the "The Macross Saga" arc in "Robotech"Around a decade after I originally watched "Robotech", nostalgia led me to hunt down and watch all three original series, and while the other two weren't as good as I remember (or in the case of the "Robotech: The Masters" arc, not even good to begin with), "Macross" actually exceeded my expectations, turning out to be the best one of the three. After all, there's a reason why this series is the only one of the three to not be forgotten after all these years; a reason why it was so popular that it got extended beyond its original intended run and kick started a new franchise that's still going strong today; a reason why I was so caught up in the show that it brought tears to my eyes on occasions, even as I laughed at its oudated clumsiness. The reason, is because "Macross" is a classic in the true sense of the word.Unlike the "Gundam" franchise, which tends to be heavy on politics and warfare, the "Macross" franchise is more about the characters, love triangles, music, and detailed dogfights; virtually all these can be traced back to the original. The premises is that a deserted alien space fortress crash landed on Earth, and the human race spent a decade investigating the technology on board and made drastic technological advances as a result. Then an alien race called the Zentradi shows up, having been looking for the alien fortress all this time, and the fortress - patched up by humans and named "SDF-1 Macross" - had to defend itself as well as Earth from the aliens. As the story continues, the Zentradi, who knew only of war, experiences culture shock as they began to see more of the human society, and this introduces complications into the war.When it comes to believability in the story, "Macross" is a little weak. One thing in particular is that hack of an idea of the Zentradi turning up after a decade in pursuit of their enemies (seriously, were they just sitting around on their arses and twiddling their thumbs in the intervening years?), with the human race already technologically advanced enough by then to make a decent battle of it.I assumed, after watching the first few episodes, that this is another one of those oldies that are only good when you watch it through nostalgia goggles (brought to you from the makers of beer goggles) - the aged production is embarassingly bad in places, the jokes are lame, the love story mediocre, and the writing unpolished. However, as the story's worked its way through most of the solar system in the space of about 10 episodes (these old shows don't drag their feet do they), it gradually won me over. Even though it's often ridiculous and more than a little rough around the edges, there's a raw but straight-forwardly engaging quality about the story and the characters.The music in "Macross" revolves around Lynn Minmay, an apsiring pop idol who is also the love interest of the main protagonist Hikaru. Her music plays a crucial part in course of the war against the Zentradi, and the series is full of her songs. There's an impressive number of them written for the series, most of them catchy and often silly, sporting cheesey titles such as "My Boyfriend's a Pilot" and bad Engrish lyrics such as "Xiao Bai Long \[Chinese for little white dragon\] is a very messiah" (WTF?). Having said that, there are some songs that are more than just cheap jpop, like the classy "Farewell to Kindness" and the short but poignant "My Beautiful Place" that was used to great effect in a memorable scene. The better songs seem to appear later on in the series - perhaps this is intentially done to reflect Minmei maturing as an artist. Unlike the main vocalist in "BECK", who was made out to be amazing but sounded amateurish, Lynn Minmei's vocals are convincing enough for a pop star's - probably because her voice actress Mari Iijima is one, and in fact Mari's role as Minmei gave her the breakthrough in her own career as a musician.There are some pretty iconic features to the combat in "Macross" that are prevalent in the franchise even till this day. One of which is the design of the "Macross" valkyries, which are able to not only transform between plane and robot modes, but also into a versatile hybrid between the two. After all these years, the designs from the original series still looks pretty good to me. Another iconic feature is the Macross Missile Massacre, where a ship/mecha spams an improbable number of missiles out in a seemingly random pattern at its target, and it looks pretty damn awesome. Apparently the animation director came up with it when he strapped a bunch of toy rockets to his motorbike and fired them off. The dogfights and mecha battles may not as spectacular as those from later "Macross" anime, but some are still decent. While the "Gundam" line of series often have overpowered Gundams capable of destroying whole fleets of ships and less mecha, the battles in "Macross" are a lot more toned down: each pilot can only make so much difference, however talented they are, and they feel far less invincible than someone sitting in a Gundam.For some reason, the deaths in "Macross", it always manages to shock me, perhaps because it's such a feel good show most of the time. It does have a ruthless streak though, which makes the story quite unpredictable at times. In particular, one of the events during the war is so devastating that I can't think of many other things that can match it.What makes "Macross" different, and perhaps even unique, is that it's not all about the war, and I don't just mean in the sense that there's a bunch of other things going on in addition to the war; "Macross" goes on to show the aftermaths, something that very few other shows have done. This is essentially an extension of the story after the series got approved for additional episodes, and it feels a bit like a very long epilogue. However, I think these episodes that deal with the love triangles and the rebuilding of people's lives are some of the strongest episodes in the series. There's a particularly memorable one involving a rainy night and a box of rare tea, which stuck with me from when I first watched the show as part of "Robotech". It surprised me that the episode was at least as good as I remembered... but perhaps what's more remarkable is how well I remember it from all those years ago - for this quiet, melancholy episode to make such a strong impression on a boy who was only watching the show for the cool mecha, is no mean feat.There are some things that bothers me about the last arc though. One of these is the character inconsistency with Minmei and her cousin Kaifun. With Minmei, it's as though she became more immature compared to the earlier, and it feels like the change has come about from the show's attempt to squeeze out some extra drama to fill up its extended run. Kaifun, who seemed destined to play the role of love rival originally, ended up undergoing personality changes in order to support Minmei's new tantrum-prone role.A worse problem though, is the ending - for an arc that eschews the high octane matters of war in favour of subdued, mini personal dramas, it's almost bizarre how rushed the ending was. I remember rewatching "Robotech" (or at least parts of it) prior to it, and assumed its abrupt ending was one of the artifacts of being mashed together with the other series, but no, the original ending is almost as bad.Speaking of "Robotech", I feel it's appropriate to make some comparisons between its first arc and "Macross". As you would expect, the attempt to roll three unrelated series into one had adverse effects on the story, but for the most part, it wasn't too different, (mostly because this was the adapted as the first arc... it was the later arcs that had to be heavily edited to work with the first). With the exception of Lynn Minmei's songs (which were even sillier), I love the music in "Robotech"; it has a slick, glamourous 80's quality to it that made the Americanised series feel like the "Top Gun" of anime, especially during the opening sequences and when the vakyries are in action. In comparison, the music of "Macross" tends to have grander, darker tones with more compositions in the minor key, reflecting its intentions to be a serious, sweeping epic rather than something cool and stylish - the opening theme being a prime example. I like the music in both series, but like that aspect of "Robotech" just a little more. The voice acting in "Robotech" wasn't great, but then again, neither was the original Japanese. Overall, "Robotech: The Macross Saga" isn't as good as "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", though it's still good, owing to the strength and lack of wholesale changes to the original material.As for "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross" itself, it's one of those shows you watch for the sake of childhood memories, only to find yourself caught up in its old school charms. It's a show that, upon rewatch, reinforces rather than dispells the romance of nostalgia. Simply put, it's just a classic, and can be considered as one of the greatest legacies that the director Noboru Ishiguro (who sadly passed away around the time of this re-write) left behind.

It's amazing that after this anime is over 30 years old but still excels in the quality of the animation even up to today. Macross Plus was my first exposure to mecha anime and I definitely enjoyed the tie-in between the two shows. Macross has some excellent animated sequences during fights in space and in their mechs as well. You can tell the animators really took great detail to making the action polished, the explosions delightful, and the destruction detailed. There was so much detail put into the fights you get sucked up into the epicness of fighting in space with all the war debris around and missles and lasers going back and forth between enemies. One of the more interesting things they animated were the perspective changes around characters and places during the fight. Macross doesn't succeed by animation alone though. The music is really what sets Macross apart from other anime, and from the beginning to the end, the theme takes a central role in the story and character development. The classic feel of the songs make me nostalgic just listening to them. Similarly, the reverb effect by the alien forces was a very interesting touch that reminded you of the foreign origins and giant size of the aliens in general. The war theme in this anime is taken seriously and dwelves into fighting, pacifism, killing, and losing family and friends. I thought it was well done and paced. People do die, some violently, and they use it sparing and to good effect for the story.Overall, I loved the animation, the sounds, the music, and the story and character development. The climax of the whole series was totally worth it, and you see hard work of the animators really shine then. This is definitely a classic mecha anime worth watching if you enjoy fighting, music, and a serious story.

Because Tomino made 1st Gundam a slow, stressless (and yet stressful), one-sided, carriage trip through spam lasers/X-'plosions, I don't consider Gundam to be the biggest carrier of modern mecha. (besides, if you think about it, the show was revived because the TOYS sold well; not the actual show!)The honor of solidifying the mecha genre of being a humane storytelling plot device is The Super Dimensional Macross.And really, when you consider its helms being the director of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, you have no more questions...(As with most of my reviews, heavy implications of layout details)But even so, to its credit, Macross' only weakness would be its datedness. Gundam may be a lot of things but it's consistently predictable enough to warrant rewatches a BIT more vs. a, however well paced, rough, twisty, rollercoaster.Gundam also benefits from having a more "grounded" premise; Macross' premise is as dried up and basic as DBZ's beginning: Humans discover hidden alien technology! Humans retrofit light years ahead of today's technology in less years than we are now! And now we see the alien wreckage repaired into the titular shop "Macross"!Oh no! The aliens have finally returned but they can be fought against with the transformable mecha (probably the first micro-mecha in history, (this mecha's design \[amongst others\] was used for Transformerss) the Valkyrie.The greatness of the anime is how tense it still feels today with its classic love-triangle of refined and unrefined characters.I'll compare Macross to 1st Gundam one more time in terms of overall accomplishment differences:- Macross' leads makes contact with their enemy personally by its first quarters' end; Gundam's lead doesn't know his enemy personally by the last quarter!- Macross has a romance that develops with changing personalities; Gundam... I guess has romance with several characters... but I don't think they had much dynamism when it came to notable progress. My opinion.- Macross has sideplots: Musical thematics, some characters' path affected others. Nothing feels linear since everyone's character is taken into account; Gundam is COMPLETELY linear and only has mecha battles as the real appeal.- Macross gets to its first destination by its first third; Gundam gets there a little over a half!Because it may seem like I'm ganging up on Gundam... I'll be nice and say that Macross has two recap episodes (that are stylish) while Gundam has none. To top it all off, the alien armada's enormous sense of overwhelmingness stands unrivaled only to Gurren Lagann's (perhaps Gurren Lagann drew inspiration here?).And what did Gurren Lagann have that made its sheer cartoony premise turn into classic mecha wonder? Spirit.Macross may be a Real Robot, but it proves that realistically or superficially, genuine spirit, no matter how clumsily made animation, can still strike us visually.Oh... there's more stuff to mention about Macross' range but everyone can look that up; I'm just telling you that it wouldn't have gotten there if it didn't know how to use characterization correctly.Which takes us to main male character, Hikaru, who is your classic "hot shot"; very well skilled motorcyclist (and also a pilot in this show too), with decent but still rugged good looks, but he's ultimately a pretty pathetic guy who's kinda self-serving and a basket case on top of it all = typical of the 80's style of a classic romantic lad. His problem is something that not many males in anime CARE AT ALL ABOUT THESE DAYS; his incompetence to decide what he should do with his life (and which girl symbolizes that very direction.... with the intent priorities in proper place, of course. XD)His "supposed" main chick, Minmay, is a Chinese petite brat who does have a very big heart but she can't think bigger than herself no matter how aware of it she is. She eventually learns to change it (which is also something that most series don't care about it anymore; complete and thorough characterization!), but by then it's too little, too late.And then there's the classic heroine, Misa Hayase, who is the non-romantic, pro-protocol (but not a cold-hearted ice queen as you might think) lassie who objects free-spirited behavior and uncouth means of military action; truly Hikaru's type, eh?Side characters include Hikaru's trusted wingmen, mentor/godfather?, Minmay's cousin who is the REAL ice queen of the series, Misa's chick buddies who are silly with their prissiness and curt humor.Still, all of this, no matter how detailed or diverse I make out the steps, remember that this grandeur is typical sophisticated stuff; the point is that it's working with so many things that can upset it. The prospect of aliens alone can ruin an entire plot's plausibility (\*cough\* Gundam 00 Movie... \*cough\* \*cough\* STUPID! \*COUGH\*!)'Scuse me. \*sniff\*Macross' art is old but the amount of details that emphasizes both its extreme fragility, size, and power are as followed:- When the Macross, which has a LARGE civilization, transforms, oxygen leaks run rampant, crowds evacuate everytime, and cars and buildings get warped/destroyed by the vacuum of space.- When the Macross decides to "punch out" a baddie, the "fist"s damage to enemy battleships the metal ruptures, room wreckage, and electronic detailing (pipes, cords, computers, etc), all of it is wrecked... and then missiles do more!For spoiler reasons, I won't list more but... I trust this'll be enough.The animation might show the most when it comes to distant shots or anything that has to do with space-battleship-maneuverability, but nothing's dragged out long enough to wear watching.Another thing that makes the animation feel less grating is songs like the OP theme: has so much 80's spirit and raw fun power that you don't care that the art is a tad blurry, that passion is carried out into every situational skirmish they cross. The songs are still so timely and filled with spirited personality like Minmei's corny but hip song, and the END's simple but somber gentleness reflects how bittersweet goodbyes are...If you've never seen a mecha from the 80's yet and don't want stand-alone battles, then that'd be enough to recommend Macross alone, but you'll be walking away with the knowledge that there was epic plotting before FMA: Brotherhood, Death Note, Escaflowne, or even Legend of the Galactic Heroes itself.The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross has countlessly influenced many facets of anime convention and trope today and expresses them with a fresh modern magnetism that's 10x more appealing than half of the entertainment of the joke titles released in 2011.LGTStory: A- (who are the aliens? = Resolution. What is to be of the characters? = Answered)Art: A- (Soak it up! Those dreamy character designs... Those nifty resourceful Valkyrie bots, that Macross transformation detail. AHHHH! So much love!)Sound: B (BOOOOOM!'s + Macross theme = Satisfaction. ) Animation: D+ (\*cranks up volume slightly..... when there's music\*)Characters: B- (predictable but plucky and stylish; kinda like Cowboy Bebop's cast)Enjoyment: B+ (Oh man... don't kill yourself! Oh... man... maybe I should leave the military??? = XD \*eyes glued to screen")Overall: A (I'd love to call it many things but... this IS Macross!)

SDF Macross is anime of epic proportions. It’s a story of war, of love, of adventure, and a dozen different concepts. But the biggest feat is that all these concepts actually blend these concepts in a way that actually work. While this sound fairly simple to do, it is not as easy as it sounds. Many anime try do this, but fail because of lackluster execution or lack of time. A good example of this would be Charlotte, where it tried to bite off more than can chew and put no effort in trying to blend its concept together in a natural way. One element that makes SDFM work is it great story and strong characters. It is an anime about mankind finding an abandon giant alien spaceship and rebuilding the ship that they rename the SDF-1 Macross. But things go arise and aliens hunting the ship, a war monging civilization of green giants called the Zentradi, choose this moment to investigate, and war breaks out between the two sides. And to make matters worse, the Macross, its crew, and 70,000 civilians get teleported to the outer rims of the solar system. So under Zentradi pursuit, the Macross and the people aboard it have to fight their way home. A big part of the series is how different groups of people clashing and coming to understand with each other whether is alien vs human, soldier vs civilian, or even man vs woman. But the thing to tie all these groups of people together is culture. For example, the humans on earth and in the Macross are in fear of the Zentradi, believing is some desperate fight against an all powerful force. However, the Zentradi are deliberately holding back because they want to recover the Macross intact to recover the lost technology that its hold and are curious of the actions of the Macross human crew. Later in the series, the humans learn that the Zentradi clear they have no concept of a life beyond warfare, and the contact with the Macross has a powerful and divisive effect on them. Seeing the Zentradi trying to understand or adapt to human life is some of the most interesting and endearing parts of the show. It’s something Macross keeps coming back to, the idea that is there is more to life than fighting. The cast is comprised of strong but understandable characters. We have Hikaru Ichijo, how is a brash kid who learns to be a man, Minmay, who grows from a girl, to an idol, to a heroine, and Misa Hayase, who is a hard ass commander who learns becomes a caring friend. All the characters have strong character interactions with each other. You’ll watch even the second tier characters grow, mature, and die throughout of the series. Is Macross a perfect show, not by a long shot. On technical level, it haven’t age very well. There is a lot of still frames and awkward scenes. And the series kinda lossses its energy after the humans defeat the Zendari and the series of event that happened afterwards is rather unnecessary. Despite it shortcomings, SDF Macross is a series that I would recommend to almost anyone. It is an extremely well made show and people will most likely find something they like about the show, whether it is the romance, war drama, action, mecha, etcetera.  

I've been a fan of Gundam for at least two years now. While I really enjoy Gundam shows in general I always felt that it needed less action and more character development. This is where Macross come in : that show is exactly what I always wanted Gundam to be: a sci-fi war drama centered around the characters. Premise: To begin my review let me introduce the premise of the show: in the near future humanity find a space ship that crashed on earth without survivors in it. After a few decades the ship is repaired. On the day of the celebration of the now functional ship, aliens start attacking the ship and capture the ship so they can invade earth. That premise is simple in itself but the series is way more complex than a good human versus evil aliens anime. Story: As you have already read, Macross is mainly fights against aliens but it's mostly a set up so people can their own nature. One of the main theme of the show is the search of what motive the characters whether it be being a soldier or a pop idol. Halfway through the show, they introduce a new dilemma: isn't there a better way to truly win a war than shedding blood? I can't also not mention the romance (a love triangle to be specific),while I think I felt it was too much one sided and one of the two girl doesn't get as much screen time as the other I thought it thought it did a fine for what it was. Characters: I believe that this show doesn't get as much credit as it should have: this show actually has many complex characters that interact with each other's in a natural way. At first you may think that the show is going to have Ichijyo as the protagonist ,but you will quickly realise that the show try to focus more on the entire crew of the Macross and its civilian. Now days ,you would have the girls that are part of the love triangle have shallow personality and barely have any reason to live except to suck the mc dick. In Macross they have their own lives, dreams, friends ,goals, etc...The aliens aren't all portrayed as evil tyrant and in some way are the reflection of the bloodthirsty side of humans. Art: While the animation is generally good trough all the show ,some episodes have abysmal animation. Near the end of the animation get better hopefully. I dig the character design, but I'm sure some of you might not like their old school design. Furthermore, the character design get better as the show is progressing: character like Hayase at the start of the show look like a blob and at the end with a really nice looking design. Music: Music! Macross is often associated with their pop idols music: while it is true that the songs that Minmay sing are pretty good ,some of them are so overused that you're going to have the urge to pierce your eardrums (especially "My boyfriend is a pilot "for fuck's sake they probably use that song more than 15 times).Idols songs apart, the soundtrack is really good and greatly add to the general dramatic and nostalgic tone that the series give. Conclusion: I consider this show one of the best mecha anime/space opera that I have watched. If you want more similar shows I recommend watching either Gundam or Evangelion.

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