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Majuu Sensen: The Apocalypse

An entire city is destroyed by two monstrous and omnipotent beings. Genzou Kuruma, a scientist but also the leader of a sect wishes to awake God, but first, he needs a special kind of blood for it. His son, Shinichi Kuruma, and a young girl, Ayaka Sanders, possess that blood, and he will do anything to capture them and take their blood for God's Awakening, and so, humanity will be lost. Shinichi, along Ayaka and Tomizoro (Tommy), are escaping from Genzou Kuruma's "New Humans" (genetically altered humans who can turn into monsters), while Shinichi only wishes for revenge against his father. He, like the other "New Humans", has the power to summon different beasts from his body. With this power, he will fight until Genzou Kuruma is killed by his own hands. (Source: ANN)
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