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An angel arrives in Hell! A demon lord is awakened! There are penguins everywhere! What’s going on here? Angel assassin-in-training Flonne is on a quest to destroy the demon Overlord. Instead of accomplishing her mission, the ditzy Flonne manages to wake Laharl, the demon lord and heir to the throne, from his two year slumber. Now the pair, along with Laharl’s not-so-faithful vassal Etna and her army of explosive souls in penguin costumes, must restore order to the crumbling Netherworld. Based on the events of the game Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Makai Senki Disgaea follows Laharl’s journey to squash the demon rebellion, reclaim the throne, and destroy anyone who stands in his path. Or, you know, let them join him on his travels if they really want. Just remember: Laharl is a demon lord. There’s no way he’ll ever show kindness, compassion, or love... right?

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*Makai Senki Disgaea* is a short anime. Even if graphics aren't very beautiful it still is very good if you love Disgaea ! Characters are so cute, like the Overlord Laharl, and the  end is very charming. People say the story in the anime is the same as the one in the game. I'm not sure because I never played at *Disgaea : Hour of Darkness*. I don't know if the theme of love is so present in the game or if it's just for the anime but it really surprised me (**/spoil/** For the little moment FlonnexLaharl I was amazed lol). I was just disappointed for the end of the end, the image of the big Overlord Laharl is broken for some reasons. Laharl is still the cutest character I've ever seen in my life (with another character from *Disgaea : A promise unforgotten*).

The moment they messed up the intro of the game, you know you've found a magical anime. Join Laharl and Co. as they go on a magical adventure.

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