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Miki Koishikawa is a high school student who enjoys a very simple life. However, her ordinary life is about to be turned upside down, and she may not be able to handle everything that is coming her way. After a very "fun" holiday in Hawaii, her parents have decided to get a divorce. As if this wasn’t enough of a shock for the poor girl, she also discovers that they will soon be re-marrying and swapping partners with another couple who they met on holiday. In order to include Miki in this shocking turn of events, they ask her to give the new couple a chance, and set up a dinner date with everyone. Miki may have tried to be emotionally prepared for her new parents, but what she was not expecting was their handsome son Matsuura Yuu. Miki develops an instant crush for Yuu. What starts off as a lovely friendship between them soon develops into romantic feelings which they are both finding hard to control. But more trouble is ahead in their relationship, as both Miki and Yuu have admirers of their own who are trying very hard to keep them separated.

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After watching (and loving) Touch and Maison Ikkoku, I decided to give Marmelade Boy a try since there were so many recomendations from people who liked those two animes. The storyline had a good start, when the main characters were introduced. I found myself smiling from the beggining to the end of some of the early episodes. It really caught me due to its inocent humor and cause it didn't cross the "forced drama" line, despite bordering it a lot. But after the first set of stories, the anime became too predictable and repetitive. Boy, even the intermissions started to annoy me, cause they would spoil some of the few small surprises you could have with some of the couples. I don't recall when exactly the plot went downhill, but it was somewhere after episode 26. The whole Meiko part was almost unwatchable. From the second half on, the anime started having good episides followed by really bad ones. Surprinsingly, there was one part closer to the end that didn't involve some kind of love triangle (in spite of a love triangle had lead to this part), giving a boost to the last few episodes. Having in mind that I almost dropped right before episode 61~62, I don't know if I'd recomment it to other people. I feel one would get bored easily after the 30 or so first episodes.

After reading a bit from other reviews, I feel like I should give a shout out to other people like me. Some have had trouble and didn't find it to their liking, but I can assure you. If you enjoy the slightly older anime and you like stories of school life, harems and love, this is definitely something for you. It may not be perfect, but you will no doubt come to love the people in it and have had an experience for life! Here are my notes for the anime. Feel free to read them, even though they may not all be coherent. I give voice to all my feelings for this anime and explain whenever my opinion or things change and what my take is on the situation. I hope you will see the journey inbetween the lines: \[Possible SPOILER\] - I cannot garantee that there will not be spoilers in these notes. But normally I keep out the details, so you won't get what really happens. So.. these shouldn't be spoilers, but if you want to be certain that you aren't spoiled, just read the first part before I go deeper into the anime. Thank you! An Anime as old as me! But I like it. It's pretty funny and the story is cute. It makes me want to watch more and that's always positive. That's the thing about the older anime. Somehow I am almost always somehow captured by it's charm. Already during the first episode, I come across the word "funky", which, funny enough, I still use to this day. Even though noone else around me does! Miki is such a crybaby, but she is also pretty cute. This is a long anime and there are times where things can feel unimportant, but it's all worth watching anyway. - After one 3rd of the series, things are beginning to change <3 \- It's weird looking at the newer anime after watching this for so long. I guess I got more used to the old style from my year. \- Suddenly a new ending from episode 32! \- Episode 35 was a total downfall.. No one deserves this, boy or girl! \- Episode 36: Apparently things arent as bad as you think. \- Episode 41: "Merry Christmas!" \- Episode 43: Thank you Suzu! \- Episode 47: Meiko you're simply too persitent! \- Episode 50: That's American, not Japanese! \- Episode 54: A sudden change! And new OP + ED. - It's really lovely to see how things were when I was born. Standard American behavior contra the standard behavior in Japan seem as different then, as they do today. I'm beginning to understand more and more why I want to live in Japan. \- Episode 62: New York and too much trouble to bear! "Yuu no baka!" \- Episode 64: I'm sorry Yuu, but Kei is just as nice as you! \- Episode 65: Yuu! You.. Do something! \- Episode 66: Another milestone passed. I'm not as outraged as I thought I'd be.. It's hard to lock down on who you favor in this anime. I've switched sides a couple times, even though I thought I'd stick to one. It's so challenging, I'm almost getting the feeling I just want the suffering to end! This just shows how amazingly captivating this anime is. \- Episode 67: Ffs.. Everything is falling apart and being restructured! \- Episode 70(71): And we're just in time for the floods in the last 6 episodes! ..and thank you. That was executed perfectly! \- Episode 72: What just happened?! Yuu you could've handled that better.. \- Episode 73: Unfortunately Yuu, you're right.. \[\] and \[\] - But this surprised me quite a lot!: \[\] \- Episode 75: I don't care whatever you say. That is not the only option! Of course that is quite an obvious answer for an Otaku and of something who loves a certain show.. but really, I've come to believe the fact that things like this aren't as outrageously impossible as they seem. Some may say it's immoral and unethstetic. Let me just say, they have their opinions and I have mine. But thank you Miki and Yuu <3 \- Ending: There is so many things I could say about the ending, but I'll just say that they tied it all nicely together. I'm happy about how it turned out for everyone! And Miki and Yuu, you finally got your happy ending ^^ "Miki, Yuu arigatou! It was a beautiful Journey!" "May it shake you up and provide you with wonderful memories!" Martin S. Andersen

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