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Several months after a probe returning from Mars burns up during reentry, strange creatures dubbed "Ancients" begin to appear throughout Tokyo. Aggressive and dangerous, they cannot be killed with ordinary weapons. As scientists struggle to find the cause of their sudden appearance, the monsters wreak havoc across the world. Humanity finds hope in the form of the MARS suit—a new weapon developed to take down these enemies. The suit, however, can only be worn by those with specific DNA. Enter Takeru Hinata, an ordinary teen with a troubled past and one of the few capable of piloting the only weapon against the Ancients. With the help of the AAST, a special police force established to defeat the dangerous creatures, the young man battles against demons both personal and global whilst trying to discover the true nature of Earth's new aggressors. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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So I will start off by saying that this show was very thought provoking with it's many themes and revelations about humanity as a whole. You ask such questions like why is the military never involved, how did the suit come into existence,  wtf were they actually guarding in that truck, what does the suit even do, why can only the main character use it, and why can't there ever be more than 3 characters on the screen at once? As far as the story goes I think it may have something to do with humans being the true invaders of earth or something and the creatures being some virus thing or w/e will we every truly learn these deep mysterious,  simply put no we will not.   The soundtrack in this series was amazing and beautiful due to the fact that Beethoven created all of it I mean who would have guessed he worked so closely with animation studios.  I mean it seems like the soundtrack was so important to this show at times it simply over powered the characters voices so you couldn't even hear them. Moving on to character design you have such memorable characters like pink haired girl, brown haired girl, the guy who wears the "super suit", and the rest of the five members of AAST. If I may take a second to morn the loss of brown haired girl #1 who had met her untimely death with the first minute of the show by getting her head blown off by monsters.  The entertainment quality from this show was priceless if this show is anything it is a good anime to watch with a friend so that you may discuss everything you are experiencing together.  Overall the show is crappy but it is still a must watch if you have 21 minutes and nothing to do with it.  It is my seldom belief that the lowest rated show should be one of the highest rated because of how hard I think the studio tried when making this terrible anime.

Before I even start on my review, I would like to justify my score. I have vowed to give even the worst of anime a minimum score of 5. This is just to appreciate the effort that the producers have taken to put out a product, regardless of its quality. It is a mark of appreciation from me to them for contributing in their own “special” way to the anime industry. To see my real score for this anime, just click the overall score above and add up the individual elements. Now, on to the “review”… \*sighs\*This is not an anime. It is a joke - a bad one at that. The story was probably conceived by two 13 year olds who were bored during their math class and decided to ask their parents, who work in the animation studio The Idea Factory (ironic, huh?) to make an anime out of it.For 20, never ending, dreadful minutes, you are treated to 4 moe chicks in tight clothing with guns, shooting invaders from Mars. This was probably a messed up, twisted moe version of the old arcade game Space Invaders, with a few ripped off ideas from Power Rangers. But no, it isn’t even an adaptation of a successful game. It is based off a game of the same name, which probably was so terrible that even the pirates decided not to waste their time cracking it. Yes, I bothered to check. So, coming back to the story, it is about how a boy/man/shounen idiot tries to kill these black blobs from mars with his…MARS suit (fight fire with fire, right?). Yea, he has a snazzy skin tight Black Ranger (from Power Rangers-Dino Thunder) outfit, which he uses to kill the monsters. His partners, who don’t have names btw, are Power Rangers too! Except, instead of wearing colored costumes, they wear…COLORED HAIR! You have the Pink Ranger with bubblegum pink hair, the Green Ranger with hair that looks like seaweed, the Blue Ranger and you have another Ranger too, but sadly you do not get to see her hair color as her head gets blown off in the first 3 minutes. And uh…that’s about it, really. The animation is average I suppose. The characters move. That’s about all that can be said, apart from the generic backgrounds.The music was simply stunning! You can hear Vivaldi’s happy ballroom music playing when a Martian is strangling the Blue Ranger after snapping the Black Ranger’s arm in half. No, really, these guys deserve credit for coming up with such ingenious ideas. There is an ED, but sadly, my ears had already gone tone-deaf thanks to the stellar voice acting by the seiyu. It’s daylight robbery if they got paid for their roles. For instance, two of the characters speak only five words the entire movie – “Takeru! Takeru! Takeru! Takeru! Takeru!!!”. Ka-ching.Oh, but wait, it gets better! If you order Destruction of Mars today, you also get ~KNOWELEDGE~, absolutely FREE !!! Did you know that “Homo sapiens” means humans and not gay people who cry a lot? Well, apparently the chief scientist over at NASA didn’t. It gets worse. The guy thinks Mars and Japan are the same country. No, really, I don’t think I can do justice to the great scripting. Here’s the excerpt:Scientist from Japan: The DNA shows that the creatures from Mars were actually Homo sapiens.NASA scientist: What does that mean?Scientist: Humanity was born in Mars.NASA: Are you trying to tell me that all of humanity has roots in Japan?!?! There’s also a tech woman who’s using software that controls how a man wears his suit. The software looks awfully similar to the Mac movie editing software, Final Cut Pro. And once he’s all dressed up, wearing a Start Trek suit, the computer will blink and proudly announce “ALL CLEAR !”. Someone give the computer and the tech girl a prize.I would normally be adding a \[ THE WRAP-UP \] here, but this show doesn’t deserve it. Instead I’ll be rewarding the producers with a reason why they got 5 with a short PROS and CONS list.\[ PROS \]+For giving all the girls boobs and for blowing the brains out of one of them for the hell of it.+For limiting my torture to only 20 minutes.+For equating Mars and Japan.+For decent animation.+For giving me a few good laughs, for all the wrong reasons.\[ CONS \]-For existing.-Could’ve killed the entire cast.-If they seiyu got paid for their work, then I demand pay for acting as a tree in my elementary school play.-Not available on Blu-ray (yet). Now I can never show my other otaku friends the height of creativity of some anime producers.-For being tagged in the Horror genre.Some anime are good. Some anime are great. Some anime are awesome. Some anime are so good, that they have an influence in your life. Some anime even change your entire personality.Sadly, Mars of Destruction is none of the above. It is, for good reason, the lowest rated show on MAL.

"A catastrophic success" Brought to us with deeply enchanting thoughts of science fiction and a twist of quirky humor, Mars of Destruction demonstrates exactly what the animation industry lacks these days: a sense of sarcastic Japanese comedy. Why do I say Mars of Destruction exemplifies the epitome of funniness? Everything about it is so terrible that you are chuckling, frustrated, or amused at the overly large level of appalling abominations.  Just looking at the premise and seeing how several teenager females and a high school male managed to progress into supers soldiers fighting big, bad, giant alien monster; the audience is prostrated with a highly conceptual ontogenetic metaphor. Through memories and flashbacks we are able to learn a shocking amount of knowledge on the main character. I mean, he’s got daddy problems and the sense of self ignorance, which we see in no other works like Neon Genesis Evangelion. In essence, it makes several allusions even to the infamous Guilty Crown, which everyone knows embodies the best script-writing, logical story sequences, ever.  The Animation is also a very daring one; everything is symbolic and down even to the thinnest line we can see the most significant items are given the most amounts of attention and details. For example, the stop lights and police cars all illustrate the sentimental authority in which we are restricted by; copiously, it even makes very strong commentary on human destruction and our behavior as utter monstrous creations. Oh, the music? I mean, everything is totally out of sync but that’s done on purpose to furnish the attention back to the content and script, which makes the show soo worth it to watch. Although the soundtracks themselves sound like amateur midi’s downloaded from the Internet, I can safely assure you that the word MIDI is an abbreviation for “Milking Iguana’s Divine Intervention,” which in itself may sound like ridicule of animal cruelty, but actually contrasts animated robots with Iguanas.  By the way, I can be very dry and sarcastic.  On that note, the story is very 3-dimensional (just like the animation) and the excessive amounts of philosophy they put into the show such as humans coming from another planet really supported other intriguing and horrifying elements of the show. The three girls with great character designs even contributed to the juxtaposition between the deeply ingested realism they gave to Sir Chopin Frederic’s work and the elephant-like brutality those aliens had. With all respect, Mars of Destruction is a highly symbolic work, which utilizes the craftiness of its music and animation, and brings about its legacy by mixing the cultural Godzilla’s and metaphysics within Chopin Frederic’s masterpiece Midi’s. What are you waiting for? Mars of Destruction is ready and subbed/dubbed on your nearest anime sites. Direct your full attention to the electronic screen and be prepared for 20 minutes of straight hilarious humor.

What i got to say about this ova? It's the most funniest anime that it would make you cry. Just kidding it sucks.Story: Really terrible written like a 4 year old. That you even don't care for the story.Art: Oh god it looks dated that my eyes are crying.Sound: One word awful. Using the wrong type of music.Character: Ain't noticeable of all.Enjoyment: Very enjoyable. Why? Mostly a whole lot of stupid stuff they ever put in. Overall: Definitely the worst show i have seen. If you like horrible animes and looking for a laugh? then this is a good to go for you. For serious don't watch this one.

What i got to say about this ova? It's the most funniest anime that it would make you cry. Just kidding it sucks.Story: Really terrible written like a 4 year old. That you even don't care for the story.Art: Oh god it looks dated that my eyes are crying.Sound: One word awful. Using the wrong type of music.Character: Ain't noticeable of all.Enjoyment: Very enjoyable. Why? Mostly a whole lot of stupid stuff they ever put in. Overall: Definitely the worst show i have seen. If you like horrible animes and looking for a laugh? then this is a good to go for you. For serious don't watch this one.

Best 19 min of my life XD

Evangelion's retarded cousin.

"This is not 1080p..." \- MikeSanGi

I come to you, humbled, after watching the Shakespearean work known only as *<u>Mars of Destruction</u>*.  Such a piece that makes us look within ourselves and ask, could Mozart still be alive? <br>  <b>//PLOT//</b>       Let us first delve into the story.  Such a rich, well explained universe opened up before me, as it should for any anime watcher of respectable taste.  With a plot that puts *<u>Neon Genesis Evangelion</u>* to shame, *<u>Mars of Destruction</u>* blew me away from the journey that these characters undertake. Move over Homer, we have a new epic for the ages.  And don't get me started over the pure animation quality itself. <br>  <b>//ANIMATION//</b>   At first, I thought to myself, "This isn't 1080p", but then I realized it was so much more.  This was *super* 1080p.  The animation is so good that my mortal mind couldn't comprehend what was on the screen.  Not even the full budget of *ufotable* can scratch the surface of the <u>*Mars of Destruction's*</u> fidelity.  Not only does it look *beautiful*, it sounds just as good.  <br>  <b>//SOUND//</b>       The richness of the sounds brought a bliss to my eardrums indescribable through the limitations of any human language.  No one will be able to forget the charm of Takeru, the Odysseus of our tale, or the ceaseless wit of the man known only as The Scientist. <br> <b>//IN CONCLUSION//</b>        I eagerly await how the follow-up series, *<u>Aldnoah Zero</u>*, unfolds with the help of the writers of <u>*Boku no Pico*</u> at the helm of this amazing universe.  Truly, this series is just *fantastic.*

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