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In the 22nd century, Medarots—intelligent robots powered by medals that act as their minds—are commonplace all over the world. They serve their human partners and settle disputes through a combat sporting event known as Robattling. Combatants that take part in robattling for the sake of improving their ranking are known as Meda-fighters, and they aim to climb the ranks to enter the World Tournament and represent their country.Medarot tells the story of ten-year-old Ikki Tenryou stumbling across a rare Beetle medal and gaining his first Medarot, dubbed Metabee. He’s expecting a submissive and loyal robot that would follow his every command, but Metabee does what he wants and doesn’t take kindly to being insulted. Now Ikki is stuck with him, and they must work together to give their competition a Metabee-boppin’ as they robattle their way to the top!

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What I enjoyed most about Medabots was the characters and the way they interacted. We get our usual hopelessly average protagonist, his seemingly defective partner Medabot who initially wont obey any of Ikki's commands, his best friends being a tomboy who reports for the school newspaper and a suspiciously familiar convenience store clerk. The story isn't anything to write home about, but the humour and wackiness along the way will possibly keep you engaged. Characters I enjoyed were Mr. Referee, a strange old man who appears anywhere and everywhere a robattle takes place, The Phantom Renegade, a bungling "master thief" of dubious notoriety, and the Rubberobo gang, this worlds rough equivalent of Team Rocket sans the glorious motto. They do, however, have ridiculous rubber suits and antennae and some hare-brained schemes for stealing people's medabots among other things that would impress Team Rocket for their outlandishness and excessive execution. The story does get rather intense towards the end, and the action overall was quite decent. This anime isn't exactly the best thing going, but I found it rather enjoyable, and I think people who aren't looking for something too intense or long winded will find this anime quite fun to watch too. This almost combines elements of the Mecha genre with elements from various 'mon series that were all the rage around the time it was released, so if you enjoyed Pokémon and Digimon growing up, perhaps this will be to your liking. In my country this aired back to back with Dragon Ball Z, and comparatively was refreshingly paced with satisfying battles and genuinely entertaining moments in almost every episode. Ill say again that this isn't the greatest anime going, yet there are anime that were better that I didn't enjoy as much. Overall, in the context of similar anime I feel 7/10 is a fair rating for Medabots. Worth mentioning, the ending is one big WTF moment that still confuses me, and was never explained or elaborated upon even in the less enjoyable second season of Medabots. \*Note: I watched the dub version

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