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Miyuki, a cute girl, is in over her head. When late for school, she is suddenly transported to another world (Alice In Wonderland style), except that all the inhabitants of the other world are female...and they all seem to be in love with Miyuki. And the world behind her mirror is even weirder. (Source: ANN)

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**Miyuki chan in Wonderland **was one of those anime that I always wanted to watch because I thought Clamp=super sweet stories, how wrong I was!   Plotwise this is a very weak anime, in my opinion having "Alice in wonderland" and "Alice through the looking Glass" the plot could be immensely more interesting, if that is what you're looking for I recommend Kuroshitsuji's OVAs in which the characters go to wonderland. Moving on: Miyuki is late for school - insert piece of toast - and falls through a hole after the White rabbit does...and that's it for plot. In the second "arc" Miyuki falls through the looking glass, and to me this one is more interesting because she gets more involved in the world.   The animation is fabulous which is to be expected from Clamp, and what I like about it the most is that it is in the 90's style. As for the score, it is pretty standard but still enjoyable.   The characters are really outside the box in the sense that all of the Wonderland characters are female, and very sexy. I really enjoyed some of the costumes. I didn't enjoy it as much as I would like because truth be told I'm not a fan of ecchi so much as a fan of Clamp. However there were some bits that were funny, and it's always nice to see **90's Clamp style**. Overall if you like me adore Clamp I recommend it, even if just to be acquainted with their work. If you like ecchi even better you'll really like it, because it's both **witty **and **sexy**. However if you want cute Sakura like characters this isn't for you.

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