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The year is Universal Century 0088. Directly after the end of the Gryps War, Haman Karn and her army of Zeon remnants on the asteroid Axis begin their quest of reviving the lost empire of the Zabi's, and proclaim themselves as the Neo-Zeon. With the Earth Federation as hapless as ever, only the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) is able oppose the plans of Neo-Zeon. In need of all the help it can get after being decimated in the previous war and losing many of its key members, the AEUG ship Argama enlists the aid of a young junk collector from the Side 1 colony of Shangri-La named Judau Ashta to pilot its newest mobile suit, the Double Zeta Gundam. (Source: ANN)

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The Knight of the Endra Poster Image


The Knight of the Endra

The briefcase from the Neo Zeon cruiser Endra reaches its destination. A colony official named Damar opens the briefcase and finds gold inside. An employee of his named Chimatter finds a note inside saying that the Endra wants to dock inside Shangri-La. Damar agrees to let the Endra dock, but Chimatter objects because the Argama is also at the port. Chimatter goes to the Argama to warn Bright about the Endra. Bright wonders what he can do, and Chimatter offers to help. As the Endra enters port, Chimatter has the Argama towed into the colony. The Endra's commander Mashymre Cello is on a mission from Haman Karn to get the colonies to support the Neo Zeon. Elsewhere, Judau, Beecha, Iino and Mondo walk through a rural area so that they can get into port to steal the Zeta Gundam and sell it. Judau stops when Leina shows up with his friend Elle Vianno. Leina tells Judau that he shouldn't steal other people's things, and he says he has to do that to make money. She says that she can work, but Judau says she should get an education so that she doesn't have to be like him. They stop arguing when they see the Argama fly overhead. Judau gets into his Petite and uses a grappling hook to latch onto the Argama. On the Endra, Mashymre and his first officer Gottn Goh examine the new mobile suit Galluss-J. Mashymre sniffs his rose and remembers meeting with Haman Karn. She had told him that he was one of the best soldiers in training, and she gave him the rose. Mashymre decides to take the Galluss-J into battle despite Gottn's objections. A mechanic tells Mashymre to wait because the Galluss-J doesn't have a hatch, but Mashymre launches anyway. Chimatter spots the Petite dangling from the Argama and warns Bright. Bright sees Judau on the security cameras but decides that he can't do any harm by himself. However, he thinks of Amuro Ray, Kamille and Judau stealing Gundams and becomes anxious. Judau explores the ship and finds Shinta, Qum and Haro in the kitchen. They help him hide when a crewman wanders in for a snack. Judau asks Shinta and Qum why they helped him, and they say it's because they think he's a nice guy. They also tell him that Yazan is one of the Titans. Astonaige comes into the kitchen and spots Judau. As Judau escapes, Shinta and Qum hold back Astonaige to prevent him from chasing Judau. Mashymre attacks the Argama and threatens to slice the bridge apart unless they surrender unconditionally. Judau climbs the ship and places some explosives on the Gallusss-J's leg. As Mashymre is about to slice into the bridge, the explosives detonate and knock him off the ship. Fa launches in the Methuss, and Bright agrees to let Judau go out in the Zeta Gundam. Astonaige objects because the Zeta Gundam is still being repaired, but he tells Judau how to launch. Mashymre is about to kill Fa, but Judau jumps in and saves her. As Mashymre babbles about his rose, Judau and Fa escape. Mashymre attacks again and pulls out his beam saber. Judau doesn't have enough power for his beam saber, so he transforms into Waverider mode and escapes. Mashymre chases Judau and follows him to a junkyard. As he is about to attack, Judau escapes again with the Waverider. Fa carries everyone in the hand of the Methuss to follow the battle. Eventually, Judau and Mashymre begin fighting by throwing junk at each other. Mashymre knocks Judau down and is about to slice into the Zeta Gundam, but Judau beheads the Gallusss-J. Mashymre escapes, and Judau returns the Zeta Gundam. Bright congratulates Judau for fighting off Mashymre, and Torres asks Judau why he didn't take the Zeta Gundam. Judau says that today he helped them fight the enemy, but he intends to return and steal the Zeta Gundam. After Judau leaves, Bright has the Argama buried in a pile of junk to hide from the Neo Zeon. The mysterious package from the last episode turns out to be a bribe from the Neo Zeon. They're certainly not wasting any time in their power play now that the Titans are out of the way. As usual, the Federation doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. We're introduced in this episode to Neo Zeon officer Mashymre Cello, and he seems rather odd to say the least. He seems to almost worship the rose given to him by Haman. In another series he could probably be a serious villain, but here he comes across rather like a fool. A Titans pilot would have sliced the Argama's bridge apart without hesitation. Judau again steals the Zeta Gundam to fight an enemy, much like the last episode. Hopefully that won't happen too much. As a pilot, he doesn't seem to have the natural abilities that Amuro and Kamille showed when they were rookies. He'll probably improve as the new war continues.

Hot-Blooded Mashymre Poster Image


Hot-Blooded Mashymre

Chimatter assists from outside as Bright has the Argama buried inside a mountain of junk. Elsewhere, Mashymre books a hotel room and it met by Gottn. Mashymre is continuing his mission to bring Haman's Neo Zeon philosophy to the people of the colony. Gottn drives Mashymre around in a car, and Mashymre recalls when Haman gave him his mission. On the road, Mashymre and Gottn are cut off by Beecha, Elle, Iino and Mondo. They drive to Judau's house and tells him that they've located the Argama. Leina tells Judau not to go, and he promises to bring her a mobile suit as a souvenir. Leina decides to ask Fa for advice and runs off. Gottn drives Mashymre to a hospital and tells him that they've promised to donate money and meet the patients. When Mashymre wonders why, Gottn explains that there are AEUG soldiers there. By taking control of the hospital, they can use the AEUG soldiers as hostages to get the Argama. Mashymre doesn't approve of this, and he tries to take control of the car. The two struggle for control of the car and almost run over Fa, Kamille, Shinta and Qum. Mashymre apologizes and asks why Kamille is in a wheelchair. Shinta and Qum tell him that Kamille is sick of war. Mashymre seems quite taken with Fa until he learns that Kamille is her boyfriend. Mashymre leaves just as Leina arrives. Gottn takes Mashymre to the junkyard and explains that they've planted explosives in a certain area as a trap for the AEUG. Gottn has also smuggled in the Galluss-J, which Mashymre launches in. Judau manages to tie a rope to the back of the Galluss-J, and Elle runs off to get help. As Fa and Leina's car gets stuck in junk, Elle and the others drive off to help Judau. Mashymre tries to close the Galluss-J's hatch, but it doesn't seem to work. He hears a noise and spots Judau on his rear cameras. He tells Judau to stop playing and get off the Galluss-J. Judau says he isn't playing because he's trying to get the suit for parts. After nearly falling out of the cockpit, Mashymre gets back inside and tries to shake Judau off. As Beecha drives the truck towards them, Elle fills empty bottles with sand. Mondo then slings the bottles into the cockpit, and the sand from the bottles blinds Mashymre. Judau swings around and manages to get into the cockpit, where he tells Mashymre to get out. Judau and Mashymre begin hitting each other inside the cockpit. They both fall out and grab hold of the hatch, but Mashymre kicks Judau off. Iino grabs Judau, and they escape. Mashymre vows to punish them, but he remembers Haman telling him that bad kids come from a bad society and they are not to blame. Judau, Elle, Beecha, Mondo and Iino enter the mountain of junk and find the Argama. Bright is informed that they have infiltrated the ship, and he wants them to be led to the mobile suit hangar. When Judau and the others arrive, they are tackled by Torres and the rest of the crew. Judau manages to escape and uses a rope to climb up to where the Zeta Gundam is. As he gets onto the Argama's deck, Mashymre shows up and fires missiles at him. Judau flies out of the junk and escapes from Mashymre because he doesn't want the Zeta Gundam to be damaged. Mashymre calls Gottn and tells him that he will lead Judau into the trap. Gottn detonates the explosives, and a hole is blasted in Shangri-La's hull. Judau is sucked out in the vacuum, but he grabs onto the Galluss-J and takes Mashymre with him into space. Mashymre fires more missiles at Judau, but Judau dodges them and kicks Mashymre away. Mashymre calls Gottn for a pickup, and as they drive through the colony he sees Fa again. These early episodes seem quite formulaic. Judau and his friends try to steal the Zeta Gundam. An enemy appears, and Judau fights off the enemy and has to give the Zeta Gundam back at the end of the episode. This is now the third episode to use this plot scheme At least this time, Bright was ready for Judau's thieving. I don't think this will last much longer, and Judau will probably join the AEUG. Also, it's good to see Kamille again, but it's a shame that he's still comatose from his battle with Scirocco. Judau manages to narrowly defeat Mashymre, but he really needs to improve. His bad piloting is an embarrassment to the Zeta Gundam. As much as I would like to see it, I know Kamille will never take center stage again, now that Judau is the star. I can still hope, can't I?

Judah's Decision Poster Image


Judah's Decision

Aboard the Endra, a junk collector named Gemon Bajack offers to destroy the Zeta Gundam for Mashymre so that he can attack the Argama. He shows Mashymre his custom built Geze mobile suit and promises that with his skills he can destroy the Zeta Gundam easily. Mashymre remembers that Haman told him to get the aid of colony citizens, so he agrees. Gottn asks if they should trust Gemon, and Mashymre tells him it's Haman's way. Gemon asks Mashymre to give him some mobile suits for backup, and he agrees. Elsewhere, Judau tells Fa that he refuses Bright's officer to join the crew of the Argama. Fa says he can study on the ship, but Judau says he can do that at school, so he goes to school with Beecha, Iino and Mondo. In his quarters, Mashymre prays to Haman and asks for her guidance. Gottn eavesdrops and says they are ready to launch. As he prepares to launch in a Gaza-C, Gottn doesn't like that he has to listen to Gemon. Elle watches them from an air duct and escapes from a Neo Zeon soldier. She drives through the streets of the city and tells Fa and Leina about the mobile suits. Fa then takes Elle's car to warn the Argama. Nearby, Yazan follows them from the shadows. Shinta and Qum follow Judau to school and start playing with line drawers on a field. Gemon and the two Gaza-C's launch from the Endra and fly over the city. As they fly over the school, Gemon spots the letters Z G and believes it to be a challenge from the Zeta Gundam. He lands near the school and threatens to destroy it if the Zeta Gundam doesn't come out. Gottn is embarrassed and wonders why they aren't following the mission to attack the Argama. Bright listens to Gemon's announcements, and Fa returns to the ship. Judau thinks quickly and goes up to the roof. He and everyone else make noises and insult the Geze, saying that a Hizack is better. Gemon says that the Geze is better than a Hizack because he designed the Geze by himself. Yazan tries to steal the Geze and falls inside a sewer. While Gemon is distracted, Beecha and Iino wrap ropes around the Geze's feet and tie them to a tree and to Elle's car. As Gemon tries to move, Elle drives off and trips him. He is quite angry when he gets up, so he smashes the stairwell on the roof. Judau wonders what he will do, and Leina, Shinta and Qum cry out for the Zeta Gundam. Fa launches from the Argama in the Zeta Gundam and flies to the school. She tells Gemon they should fight somewhere else, and he follows her to an empty field. Fa pulls out the beam rifle, and Gemon panics and says if she uses that she could destroy the colony. As she puts the rifle down, Gemon attacks her and knocks her down. Judau and the others drive out to the empty fields, and he has an idea. He spots several gas tanks nearby and tells Beecha to destroy them. Fa tries to fight Gemon with a beam saber, but he attacks her with his electrified fighting stick and shocks her. Judau points his butt at Gemon and taunts him to lure him away. Beecha destroys the support for the gas tank, and it rolls down the hill toward Gemon. Gemon runs away, but he catches the gas tank and throws it in the water. Meanwhile, Judau runs over to the Zeta Gundam and is surprised that Fa is the pilot. Gemon attacks again, and Fa fights with him while Judau hangs on to the head. Judau falls into the cockpit and takes over. Gemon suddenly has double vision because his rotating cockpit has made him dizzy. Fa gets down from the Zeta Gundam, and Judau punches Gemon. He then slices off the Geze's arms, and Gemon begs for forgiveness, saying that Mashymre forced him to fight. Mashymre wants to attack the Argama, but Gottn tells him to wait until the prototype Hamma Hamma is completed. Judau and the others return to the Argama. I'm getting pretty tired of the same filler episodes over and over again. How many times can they use this generic plot formula? By the time Z Gundam reached its fifth episode, a lot had already happened, but nothing's going on here. I'm really sick of seeing the same story over and over. This time it was even worse, since the enemy in question is the moronic Gemon. I swear, he has to be one of the dumbest characters ever in Gundam. Also, Fa shows that she still really sucks as a pilot. She was the worst pilot on the Argama in the last series, and that makes it even worse since she's the only surviving pilot in this one. Even Gemon was able to give her a beating. This series had better get its main story started, because it's not impressing me so far.

Menace of the Zssa Poster Image


Menace of the Zssa

Mashymre and Gottn meet with Damar because they want to attack the Argama. Damar says that if the interior of the colony is damaged, it will be difficult to control the media. Mashymre leaves the negotiating to Gottn while he supervises the finishing touches on the new mobile suit Zssa. On the Argama, Judau and friends pig out on food. Bright asks them to work on the Argama until it leaves the colony to dock with La Vie en Rose. While Leina and the others agree to stay, Judau says he wants to work on a job-by-job basis and doesn't want Bright to tell him what to do. He says that Bright is a cheapskate for making them work for food, so he slaps Leina's food away. Fa slaps him, and Bright stops Judau from punching Fa. Judau backs off and leaves the ship. Elsewhere, Damar returns to his mansion with more gold from Mashymre. He plans to use all the gold to travel with his wife down to Earth to drink wine. On the Endra, Mashymre launches in the Zssa to find the Zeta Gundam and destroy it. As Mashymre tries to take a different route, he lands in front of Damar's house. The ground beneath him is unstable, and the Zssa crashes into the winery. The ground then breaks away, and Damar's mansion slides down the hill. Mashymre takes off and continues on his search. The Argama detects the Zssa, and Elle mentions that hospitals and schools might be destroyed. Fa thinks of Kamille in the hospital and takes off in the damaged Methuss to intercept Mashymre. Judau sees the Methuss taking off and wonders what is going on. Mashymre spots the Methuss and begins chasing Fa. Beecha offers to find Judau so that he can pilot the Zeta Gundam. Astonaige asks why Bright relies on Judau, and Bright explains because he thinks Judau might be a Newtype. Astonaige decides to show his skills and gets in the Zeta Gundam. Judau watches as Mashymre attacks Fa. He knocks her away, and Fa nearly smashes Judau before landing. Mashymre pulls out his beam saber to destroy her, but Astonaige shows up in the Zeta Gundam and attacks him. Astonaige feels confident of his skills, but Mashymre knocks him away. He moves in to attack, but he sees the Zeta Gundam crouched in front of a small house and thinks it is shielding it. He thinks the Zeta Gundam's pilot must be chivalrous, and Fa uses the opportunity to slam into him. Mashymre grabs the Methuss and rips off one of his arms. He thinks he is outnumbered, so he escapes and calls Gottn to send out the Gaza-C suits. People in the city panic as the Zssa flies overhead, and Yazan steals a motorcycle to chase Mashymre. Fa asks Judau to pilot the Zeta Gundam, but Astonaige says that Judau is no good because he just wants to sell it for money. Judau refuses, and Leina tells him he'd be better off working for the Argama instead of collecting junk. Fa tells Judau about Kamille and explains that though Kamille wasn't a soldier, he fought to save the Earth. Fa becomes angry and runs off to get in the Zeta Gundam. Judau changes his mind and says he will pilot the Zeta Gundam just to pay back the meal he ate. As soon as he takes off, he is attacked by Mashymre and the two Gaza-C's. Mashymre begins firing missiles and buries Judau in junk. Judau escapes and destroys one of the Gaza-C's. Mashymre dumps his missile pod to chase Judau through the junk. Judau disables the other Gaza-C, and Mashymre slams into Judau. He tries to attack with his beam saber, but he ends up cutting into a mountain of junk and destroying it. Judau slices off one of the Zssa's legs, and Mashymre escapes. Torres reports to Bright that Chimatter told him La Vie en Rose is approaching. Elsewhere, Damar's house collapses into a pile of rubble. Is it really so much to ask to have the plot move forward in this series? I mean, really, this is episode 6, but it's the same old story we've been seeing since episode 2. Maybe Sunrise thought little kids wouldn't mind seeing the same enemy-of-the-week storyline, but I certainly do mind. At this same point in Zeta Gundam, much more had happened there than what has happened here so far. I don't quite understand why Judau keeps refusing to work for the Argama when it is clearly better than the life he lives in Shangri-La. Though his skills as a pilot are improving, he needs to get his act together. And Mashymre needs to stop thinking of Haman. Maybe it was funny once or twice, but having constant Haman flashbacks is quite annoying. Hopefully the Argama will leave the junkyard soon and the real story will begin.

Gaza Storm Poster Image


Gaza Storm

On the Endra, Gottn explains to the Mashymre and the crew that the Argama is hiding in the junkyard near an industrial hatch that is no longer in use. Mashymre wants to fire the Endra's guns inside the colony, and Gottn pleads with him not to. A soldier named Panpa Lida asks for a chance to destroy the Zeta Gundam. Mashymre agrees to let him and several other men to take the opportunity. Gemon watches the junkyard and spots Judau. Judau and the others have to convince the junk collectors to open their gate and let the Argama out. Judau says that is pointless because they're all idiots like Gemon. Gemon shows up with a pipe and starts chasing everyone. On the Endra, Panpa, Wyme and Beanne launch in Gaza-D suits. They use gas to paint a rose in the air and fly off. Nearby, the Argama receives live animals for food. Bright chases an escaped chicken around until the battle alert is sounded. Bright returns to the bridge and orders Fa to use the Zeta Gundam and Torres to use the Methuss. Gemon grabs Judau and threatens to kill him. Panpa lands in the city and tells the people that the crew of the Argama don't care about the colony and are trying to destroy it. Meanwhile, Wyme and Beanne attack Fa and Torres. Beanne sneaks up behind Torres, and Wyme tells him that is cowardly. Torres says so too, so Beanne flips the Methuss around and starts pounding it. Fa tries to shake Wyme, but she can't. Bright is angered by Panpa's announcements, so he orders the Argama to take off. Astonaige shows Beecha and Mondo how to fire the cannons, and Beecha fires it at Panpa's Gaza-D. Panpa becomes angry and tells civilians that the Argama is cowardly and that if the colony is damaged they should blame the Argama. He takes off in his Gaza-D to join the battle. As everyone tries to free Judau from Gemon, a girl sneaks up from behind and bonks Gemon on the head with a pipe. She introduces herself as Roux Louka, a pilot from La Vie en Rose. As Judau and the others run off, Roux jumps into her Neo Core Fighter and joins the battle. Fa tries to fight Wyme, but he knocks her around. Roux shoots at him to cause a distraction. Nearby, Beanne attacks the Methuss and rips off its legs. Roux attacks Beanne to give Torres a chance to escape. Wyme and Panpa wonder where the Neo Core Fighter came from and figure it is the Argama's backup. Judau slams a truck into Wyme and causes him and Panpa to fall off a hill. Judau then gets into the Zeta Gundam and falls into a hole. They begin to attack and create a hole in the colony, which Judau quickly seals. Panpa tells his soldiers to enter Gaza Storm formation. They cover the area in gas to blind Judau, but due to the Minovsky particle density they really can't see him either. They then fire at him, and he is unable to see them. Roux fires a hole in the colony to let the smoke escape. With his field of vision clear, Judau slices up Beanne and lets his Gaza be sucked into space. He fires missiles at Wyme and Beanne and lets them get sucked out too. On the Endra, Mashymre is shocked that the Gaza Storm formation failed. He cancels the order to leave and decides they need more information on the Zeta Gundam. On the Argama, Bright thanks Roux for helping in the battle. She leaves with Judau and the others to get the industrial hatch open. Judau believes that if the fighting continues, Shangri-La will be destroyed. A pig sniffs unconscious Gemon, and Yazan grabs the pig and carries it off. While the Argama finally gets ready to leave the colony, it still is in essence what we've seen before. We're introduced to a new character here, the vivacious Roux Louka. She flies a Neo Core Fighter, which means that we'll be seeing the Gundam Double Zeta soon. Gemon showed up again, and I just can't stand that big, fat idiot. And Yazan has been reduced to nothing more than a clown, but in Zeta Gundam he was a ruthless killer. It's also annoying to see a character like Bright have to suffer the comic antics of having a chicken jump on him. By the way, curious viewers will note in that scene that one of the cargo containers behind Beecha and Mondo says 'Bandai' on it. I wonder if plastic models are included in the resupply.

The Funeral Bell Tolls Twice Poster Image


The Funeral Bell Tolls Twice

Mashymre's soldiers hold a funeral for Panpa and the other pilots killed by the Zeta Gundam. Mashymre doesn't understand what's going on, and Gottn says that on Earth the custom is to bury the dead in the ground. Mashymre tells his soldiers that according to Haman, the best way to pray for the dead is to get vengeance. Meanwhile, everyone on the Argama prepares to leave the colony. A signal flare is fired, and Elle tells Judau that Chimatter has been captured by the junk collector's union. Beecha explains to Bright that they are greedy and control the colony's industrial exit for profit. Roux takes off in her Neo Core Fighter to rescue Chimatter, followed by Judau in the Zeta Gundam. After hiding the Zeta Gundam in the trash, Judau finds Roux in the crowd that has formed to listen to Gemon talk about the crimes of the Argama crew. Chimatter is tied up on the floor, while Yazan offers him some roast pork. Elsewhere, Mashymre orders the Endra to take off and leave the colony. As they pass through the junkyard, he spots the Zeta Gundam in the trash and fires at it. Judau frees Chimatter and kicks Yazan in the groin. Gemon and Yazan run to their Gezes to attack Judau and Roux. Roux and Chimatter escape in the Neo Core Fighter and are chased by Gemon. Roux accidentally drops the signal flare Judau tosses, and the blue color signals that the door is open. Bright thinks that the hatch is open, so he orders the Argama to depart. Roux escapes into a car tunnel, and Gemon slams into it. Judau uses a Petite mobile suit to dig out the Zeta Gundam, but he stops when Yazan and Gemon show up. Yazan pauses when he sees the Argama appear from behind a mountain of junk. Leina worries if Judau will return safely, but Shinta and Qum tell her it will be okay. Fa and Elle sit down at the gun control room to operate the Argama's cannons. Gemon and Yazan begin throwing junk at the Argama, and Judau uses the opportunity to dig up the Zeta Gundam and get inside. Mashymre sees the Argama and has the Endra prepare its main guns. Judau flies up to the Argama and tells Bright that the door isn't open and that the signal flare was a mistake. Yazan attacks Judau and blames the Zeta Gundam for ruining his life. He says he was fine with the Titans, but after losing in the last battle he has been disgraced. Judau says that has nothing to do with him, but Yazan doesn't care. Judau briefly escapes and knocks Gemon off the Argama's bow to stop his attacks. He pulls out his beam rifle and destroys Gemon's Geze. Roux and Chimatter break into the control room and open the door to let the Argama out. Yazan grabs the Zeta Gundam and tries to slam it into the Argama as it turns to exit the door. At the last moment, Judau transforms into Waverider and escapes. He then slams the Zeta Gundam into the Geze and forces Yazan to jump out and parachute away with his jacket. The Geze crashes into the Endra and explodes. Mashymre doesn't want to damage the colony, so he decides to go out in the prototype Hamma Hamma. As the Argama enters the exit door, Bright fires the mega beam cannon at the Endra and causes substantial damage. Judau flies around uncontrollably and manages to finally transform back to mobile suit mode. After returning the the ship, Bright tells him that Roux is flying ahead to guide them to La Vie en Rose. Mashymre and his soldiers hold another funeral, and he sees how much they want to avenge their comrades. He orders Gottn to quickly finish assembling the Hamma Hamma for him. Finally, this episode broke the mold of that generic storyline that had been running in episodes 2-7. I'm glad to see that the Argama is finally leaving the colony and returning to space. However, it probably could have been done without taking up the entire episode. It could probably also have avoided Judau's antics as he screws around while trying to pilot the Zeta Gundam. It was good to see Yazan actually do something aside from stealing pigs, but here he eats pigs and gets beaten by Judau. It's a shame that someone like him has to be degraded in such away, but this series seems to enjoy doing that to all the surviving characters of Zeta Gundam.

Judau in Space Poster Image


Judau in Space

The Endra leaves Shangri-La to pursue the Argama, which is hiding in an asteroid field. Roux flies around in the Neo Core Fighter to find La Vie en Rose, but Bright is unhappy with her lack of success. He scolds Beecha and Mondo for fooling around on the bridge and is then interrupted by Shinta and Qum, who are playing with dummy asteroids. While Bright is distracted in the search for La Vie en Rose, Beecha and Mondo sneak off the bridge. In the mobile suit hangar, Astonaige and Torres show Judau how the dummy asteroids work. They say that when used in space they become fifty times bigger and can be used to hide mobile suits or the ship. Judau thinks that just flooding the area with Minovsky particles is a better way to hide. Leina tells everyone to check their room, and Beecha and Mondo grab Iino and take him to the communications room. They tell him that the Argama has no chance of winning, so it would be better if they sold them out to the Endra and went back to Shangri-La. Iino refuses to betray the Argama, and they begin to have a scuffle. Beecha manages to flip a switch before Fa comes in and tells them to get back to work. On the Endra, Gottn tells Mashymre that a brief light was spotted nearby. Mashymre believes it means there are traitors inside the Argama. He remembers Haman telling him that they can only do their best when they have the support of civilians. Mashymre launches in the new prototype Hamma Hamma, followed by a squad of Gaza-C suits. As Roux searches the area, she is surrounded by Mashymre and the Gazas. He asks her what ship she is from, and she tries to act stupid and get out of the situation. Mashymre tells rookie pilot Glemy Toto to take her back to the Endra. Glemy objects because he wants to fight, but then he sees how cute Roux is. Roux tries to convince Mashymre to let her go, but he promises to help her. Glemy grab her Neo Core Fighter and heads back to the Endra. Iino comes to the bridge to talk to Bright, but the battle alert is sounded. He then tries to speak to Judau, but Judau is busy getting ready to launch. Judau doesn't like that he's going out alone and changes his mind about fighting. Bright tells him he is a better pilot than Fa and is a Newtype. Judau tries to leave, but Astonaige convinces him to go out. Judau launches in the Zeta Gundam, but he forgets to take the e-pac for his beam rifle. As Judau flies through the asteroid field, he is overwhelmed by all the information that the sensors are picking up. He spots Mashymre and is immediately attacked. He fires a few shots with his beam rifle, but it runs out of energy and he realizes he forgot the e-pac. He throws the beam rifle at Mashymre and flies away. On the Endra, Glemy inspects the Neo Core Fighter and wonders if it is an AEUG design. Roux begins to cry about her parents getting involved in the war and says she wants to go home. Judau continues to dodge Mashymre, and he begins unleashing dummy asteroids everywhere. Mashymre easily destroys them, but the three Gaza-C's can't tell them apart from real asteroids and all crash into real ones. Mashymre tells Judau he fights dirty by using fake asteroids, and Judau says Mashymre is no better. They begin dueling with beam sabers and stop when they see Glemy and Roux. Roux breaks away from Glemy and shoots his thrusters to disable him. She apologizes and tells him he is a nice guy and explains she is with AEUG. Mashymre chases her, and Judau cuts off one of the Hamma Hamma's arms, forcing him to escape. Before leaving, he says that he has friends on the Argama. Judau yells at Roux for not destroying Glemy. Bright asks about what Mashymre said, but Roux thinks it's just a lie. The La Vie en Rose is located and it approaches the Argama. So the series moves into space, but things aren't much better. Mashymre pilots yet another new mobile suit and attacks, and bumbling Judau manages to save the Argama again. We're introduced to a new character here, the rookie pilot Glemy Toto. He quite clearly shows how much of a rookie he is, and it also seems he falls for Roux's charms. Also, what's up with Beecha and Mondo? They go out into space for just a few minutes, and already they want to betray the Argama and go back to Shangri-La. They've already managed to get Mashymre's attention with that little light, so what will they do next? On another note, attentive viewers will note that when Beecha is listening to music on the bridge, he's listening to 'Anime Janai', which is the opening song for the series.

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Sayonara, Fa

Fa looks out into space and wonders if it is right to leave Kamille alone on Shangri-La. She goes to the mobile suit hangar and is told by Astonaige that they can't repair the Methuss. She goes over to the Neo Core Fighter and sees Judau and Roux arguing about going to the bathroom in a normal suit. Judau asks Roux if she is going to get the new mobile suit, and she tells him she is. Fa tells Roux she is supposed to be launching, and they begin to argue. Roux tells her that she would be better off leaving the ship and going back to Shangri-La to be with Kamille. Roux launches in the Neo Core Fighter to find La Vie en Rose. On the bridge, Torres notices some weird signals from within the ship. In the communications room, Beecha and Mondo are sending a message to the Endra about the new mobile suit and the Argama's location. Iino interrupts them and tells them not to betray the ship. They tie him up with ropes and continue to send out the message. On the Endra, Mashymre meets a strange woman named Chara Soon. Haman has sent Chara to supervise Mashymre because of his many failures in attacking the Argama. Chara tells him this is his last chance to redeem himself. Gottn interrupts and tells Mashymre that they have received a message from the Argama. Mashymre is angry that Chara is recording everything for a report, and he launches in the Hamma Hamma, followed by a squad of Gaza-C's. Fa yells at Leina and Elle to do laundry. Leina says that Beecha and Mondo are lazy, and Elle runs off to see what they are up to. She bumps into them and asks what they are doing, but they run away. Gottn hides in a fake asteroid and maneuvers towards the Argama. Beecha and Mondo put on normal suits to go outside and sabotage the dummy asteroids that Bright ordered to be deployed. As Judau gets ready for battle, Elle tries to speak to him, but Fa tells her to put on a normal suit. Judau launches in the Zeta Gundam, but Astonaige says the beam rifle hasn't been fixed yet. Fa tells him to get the Methuss ready, and he tells her that using the Methuss would be committing suicide. She tells him to do it anyway because she can't let Judau die. In space, Beecha and Mondo shoot the dummy asteroids surrounding the Argama. Judau tries to shoot at Mashymre, but he discovers the beam rifle doesn't work. He escapes and hides from a Gaza behind an asteroid. As he hides, the Gaza accidentally crashes into a real asteroid and blows up. Judau then grabs another Gaza and rams it into an asteroid. Fa launches in the Methuss and flies over to Judau's position to help him fix the beam rifle. Mashymre spots them and attacks them. They hide behind an asteroid while Fa fixes the beam rifle. Elsewhere, Gottn sneaks into the Argama, and Elle spots him and begins to follow him through the ship. Mashymre deploys his claw hands to grapple Judau, but he manages to break free. Fa gives him the beam rifle, and Mashymre moves in and slices into the Methuss. Judau returns to the Argama to protect the ship from the Gazas. Roux shows up with the Neo Core Fighter and Core Base of the Double Zeta Gundam and blows up a Gaza. With the Methuss disabled, Fa drifts towards Shangri-La, and Mashymre vows to show Chara how good he is. Elle, Shinta and Qum use Haro and a blanket to capture Gottn. Judau tells Roux that Fa is his savior and he wants to help her, but Roux says she is better off going back to Kamille. Gottn tells Bright that there are traitors on the ship, but Iino doesn't say anything. As Fa approaches Shangri-La, she thinks about Kamille. This episode was a bit better than what we've seen before, but not by much. Another new character shows up here, the eccentric and busty Chara Soon. If anything dates this show as being from the 1980's, it's Chara's weird half red and blonde hairstyle. Beecha and Mondo's traitorous actions are already causing trouble for the Argama and will probably cause more problems as time goes on. Half of the Double Zeta Gundam shows up here, and we're sure to see more soon. Fa leaves the ship to be with Kamille, and I'm glad she's gone. However, I wish Mashymre would have at least killed her. It's amazing how the girl is such a bad pilot and manages to survive the Gryps War and this one was well.


As someone who did not enjoy Zeta very much at all, ZZ felt very much a step in the right direction. The first half of the series isn't great content-wise, but does a decent enough job of establishing character. The comedy aspects were, for the most part, pretty terrible. However, unlike Zeta, ZZ has relatively consistent characterization, which goes a long way in the series making sense all the way through. ZZ really hits it's stride in what I consider to be it's peak, "Leina's Blood", around the halfway point, featuring what I consider to be some of the best action scenes in the entire early Gundam trilogy in the second part, along with fantastic emotional resonance. However, the show later goes on to ruin the contents of this 2-parter with some really dumb deus ex machina bullshit, but it's still some really quality stuff. Judau Ashtau, the protagonist, is very likable. He starts out rebellious, but mellows out much more easily than Amuro and Kamille, and much of his angst feels justified, as it's never overused. The supporting cast is less impressive, with Beecha, and to a lesser extent, Mondo, being the only ones to get a significant character arc. In terms of villians, they serve to be at least more than the one-sided evil caricatures featured in Zeta. But nothing will compare to Char, of course.

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