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The story is set in the 22nd century where space travel, planet colonization and anti-gravity basketball are practically everyday things. Planet Earth has become uninhabitable, and therefore people live in colonies on the surrounding planets. On a school field trip, a mistake causes the protagonist, a young transfer student named Luna, her pet robot, and six of her classmates to be thrown through a gravity storm and crash land on a seemingly uninhabited planet. There, with Luna as their leader, the robot cat Chako, the lone wolf Kaoru, the spoiled rich boy Howard, the shy Sharla, the obedient Bell, the prideful musician Menori and the young genius Shingo must fight for their survival. But is the planet really uninhabited, or is there someone or something out there, waiting in the shadows? (Source: Wikipedia)

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What`s Important In Order To Live

The children now have sources of food and water, but the three-hour round trip to the lake takes up too much time and energy every day, and their only means of carrying water are the plastic bottles from the shuttle's emergency rations, which don't hold much water. Bell and Shingo come up with the idea of digging a pit and filling it with water, using their deflated life raft - which washed up on the beach during the night - to hold and carry the water. After digging the pit, the children head towards the lake, on the way encountering the small kangaroo-like creature from earlier. Sharla finds it cute, and calls it a tobihane, from the verb meaning "to hop" (飛び跳ねる tobihaneru?), but she is horrified when the others want to catch it for food. They reach the lake, which Sharla names "Fairy Lake", and stop to rest. When Howard pushes Luna into the lake, she suddenly feels a strange sensation, and is briefly surrounded by a pink glow. After they find fruit on the trees and fish in the lake, Shingo suggests the idea of building a house in the big tree, which Sharla names "Magnificent Tree" (大いなる木 Ooinaru Ki?). As the children inspect the tree, Menori realizes that the footprints left by the elephantine creature they'd encountered earlier were the same as the footprints left in the shuttle's hull after their first night on land. They decide the area around the tree is simply too dangerous, and head back to the beach with the raft filled with water. On the way back, Shingo slips and accidentally spills some water, and Menori's overly-strict admonishment is questioned by Luna.

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