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It has been two and a half years since Naruto Uzumaki left Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, for intense training following events which fueled his desire to be stronger. Now Akatsuki, the mysterious organization of elite rogue ninja, is closing in on their grand plan which may threaten the safety of the entire shinobi world. Although Naruto is older and sinister events loom on the horizon, he has changed little in personality—still rambunctious and childish—though he is now far more confident and possesses an even greater determination to protect his friends and home. Come whatever may, Naruto will carry on with the fight for what is important to him, even at the expense of his own body, in the continuation of the saga about the boy who wishes to become Hokage. (Source: MAL Rewrite)

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Naruto Shippuuden. One of the most popular anime series to ever be created. But did you see what I said? I said popular. Not best, not deepest, and not the saddest. But it is far from being, and I mean far, a bad anime. I came on to MAL completely surprised when I saw that it was rated #510, and even more so that Naruto was #800 something. I sat and thought "why in the world is it rated so low?". I looked around on MAL for a little while, and I figured out that there are a couple reasons it is so bagged on. 1. Filler. People decide that because Naruto has more filler than the other "Big 3" that it has a horrible plot and deserves a 5 for a score. To you people that do that, you should be ashamed. Where do you get off rating a wonderful anime like this one, a 5 because you think there are too many fillers? It's just stupid, honestly. 2. People like to throw rocks at things that shine. I've talked to people who, no joke here, rate low because it is popular. That isn't as common here, but I still see it. and 3. People come in to Naruto already thinking they're going to hate it. News flash, if you come in like that, you come in looking for flaws. And trust me, you will find flaws, Naruto is definitely not perfect. Although, those flaws don't merit this anime the score it has here. That's all I wanted to say. I didn't come here to talk up Naruto, I came to defend it. And sure, you can call me a fanboy. You'd be right, but I'm not so "fanboyish" to let it get in the way of my judgment. I've decided that I wont make this into a "real" review because I'm satisfied with the other reviews. I just really wanted to get that off my chest.

¬As of the time of writing this review, the show had finished airing. However, fillers which are set on an infinite loop are still being telecast under the same name. This review also contains graphic language, directed towards the show, the characters and its fans. Read at your own risk.¬Why?Why God, why?Why did you bring Naruterrible Shittiden into existence? You make me want to lose faith in you.In the sequel to the highly successful first season, Naruto Shippuden, things pick up 2 and half years later. For those lucky blokes out there who didn’t watch the first season, here’s what happened:A blond Japanese ninja by the name of Naruto Uzumonkey was hated by everyone because he ate the world’s biggest fox when he was young. He wants to be the Adolf Hitler of the ninja world, because he gets his face carved on the ninja version of Mount Rushmore. After he learns a technique (Shadow Clone Jutsu) that every gay narcissistic man dreams about, he manages to find some friends –Sasuke and ... the other girl. Just when things were going great between Naruto and Sasuke, something happened - They broke up because Sasuke found out about Naruto’s affair with his foxy mamma, Kyuubi (Nine-dick fox) and that he realized that he actually had feelings for older brother, Itachi. What follows is a story of yaoi, incest and most importantly, Sharingans.In Naruto Shippuden, the sequel, Naruto returns after “training” with his master Jiraiya – the star shaped Pokemon that can grant wishes. Or so I thought. Turns out Jiraiya is actually a sad old man who relies on porn (or hentai, considering this is an anime) to get him through the day. Getting back to the story, Naruto can’t hold his urges within himself anymore. He just has wants to hold Sasuke in his arms again. Meanwhile, the ninja mafia want to steal Naruto’s feline friend. And so, it begins... the long, long downhill climb.The story is something like two teddy bears having a tea party with their rainbow-coloured unicorn serving them green tea as they float about in clouds that revolve around Mars. Didn’t make any sense? Well, neither did the story’s plot line. There is hardly any consistency. Not even in shonen standards. Story progression is like so:1. Naruto and the other girl go search for Sasuke 2. New enemy appears! (Fight, Bag, Switch or Run?) 3. Naruto chooses to Attack. (Shadow clone, shadow clone, shadow clone or shadow clone?)4. Naruto’s attack missed!5. Enemy used Secret Attack (It’s super-effective!)6. Naruto fantasizes about Sasuke.7. Naruto levels up (x100) and defeats his enemy. 8. Cue victory music and give the usual “I win because I have friends! I will let you live, because you arouse me. Blah, blah, blah... Mmmm....Ramen...”The characters are whole another story. They each deserve their own special paragraph:Naruto: He does not need an introduction. He is awesome. Dattebayo! Sasuke: The ninja for all seasons. Sends the villains to Hades, a hit with the ladies, a stallion in the sack. Queen and country safe and sound, with villains six feet underground. And no one knows ‘cause no on’e found, any trace of the ninja for all seasons. Loves em and leaves em alone. The other girl: Also known as Sakura, the cardless Cardcaptor. However, this character does not get a review because she does not have boobs. This ugly one could definitely use Naruto’s “Sexy Jutsu” and should definitely learn to say more than just “Naruto-kun!”.Kakashi: This immensely popular is the most complex character in the show. He can produce electricity from his hand and is being sought after by the UN for this unique ability that could slow down global warming. Sadly, Kakshi died after he got bored of waiting for the fillers to end and praying for his air time.Tsunade: She found it difficult to run around with her massive boobs in this action anime and found them really hard to carry around, so she decided to move to the hentai industry. She is happily employed by StudioPerv and will star in the next episode of Stringendo.Itachi: Sasuke’s brother. He accidentally paralyzed himself when he was looking in the mirror and straightening his air when his sharingan reflected onto himself.Everyone else – They don’t matter. However, expect plenty of fan service for these plenty, yet, insignificant characters.The animation is average. Not much to say here, really. I was too busy staring at Tsunade’s big, round ... eyes.I, honestly, liked the soundtrack. The OPs were all pretty catchy. I particularly liked the Blue Bird and Closer ones. The EDs weren’t half bad either. The background music consisted of the standard, yet fitting, pieces.If you are in the mood for fan service, fillers and meaningless random events, then go ahead and watch Rio:Rainbow Gate. Naruto Shippuden? Oh, hell no, you shouldn’t watch that under any circumstances.\[ THE WRAP-UP \]Naruto Shippuden is a horrible show from a horrible franchise. While many non-otaku around the world have been absorbed by this anime’s idiocy, very few seem to understand that this show is nothing but an experiment to see how much people are actually in love with Sasuke. This anime consists of 3 things: Fillers, fillers and hey, guess what, more fillers! Oh joy! If you’re in the mood for seeing how Naruto got his first band-aid or why Sakura decided to dye her hair pink, then this show is sure to keep you entertained for, literally, countless hours. The good soundtrack, average animation and the other little things that this anime got right are buried under its dreadfully boring plot and characters, that seem to grow in number week after week. Naruto Shippuden is one sequel that, should be, if you haven’t already, dropped.

***Spoiler Free :)*** <em>Naruto Shippuden is the anime adaptation of Part 2 of the Naruto Manga. It's set after a 2-year time skip, and it continues the story of Naruto trying to return Sasuke to Konoha. With the characters all grown up, Shippuden has a lot more deaths and tragedies up its sleeve, to reinforce a more serious feel of the sequel to one of the most </em>successful <em>shounen anime in history. </em> Story Shippuden takes off right where <em>Naruto </em>left off. This for some is good, for some it's not, but to be fair if you didn't like the original series you wouldn't even be watching its sequel. If you are a fan of the series however you will be have fangasms the entire way through, as the story exploits the fan factor at its fullest. With scenes that will make you glee all the way through, and with a strong cast of characters to back it up, it actually does a fairly good job of keeping the viewer hooked. However the story in general is still your typical shounen fare, with a few twists and turns to spice things up. At moments it does know to surprise us with a decent plot twist, but these moments are few and way far between. But they are still there, and they are well executed, which pushes Shippuden's story to slightly above average, although not by much. There are of course the [fillers][1], which are quite substantial in Shuppuden, specially in the later parts of the series. Now you can make the argument that you can just skip them, but they are still there hence they are a part of the anime. And seeing as they offer no story progression whatsoever, they notch the overall dragged out story down. This is not to say that there aren't any good fillers, but they offer nothing to the progression of the plot, and frankly are a waste of your time. We need to keep in mind that Shippuden is still on-going, and while the manga is nearing its completion, the anime is far from over. And as they say, the ending is paramount. Animation As with every other review on this site, I will assume that this rating is for both art and animation. As such I will add em up, then average them to get the final score. The animation of the show varies from episode to episode, with some episodes having outstanding animation, and others just falling flat. This is expected because of the high episode count, but it doesn't excuse the anime in any way, shape or form. The animation knows to be fluid and detailed in fight scenes, then turn a complete 180 the next episode. The amount of inconsistency really hurts to watch sometimes. The art is also not something to write home about. With the manga having decent art at stages and gorgeous art at moments, the anime just doesn't live up to that. It is 'meh' at best. This again is expected because of the high episode count, but that does not give the art any more merit. This is most certainly the weakest aspect of this anime, and as such it will get the lowest of all the other scores. Sound I am finally able to talk about something positive. The musical score in Shippuden is just beautiful to listen to. It is a heavy improvement over the original series, which relied too much on set pieces to carry it. Shippuden however has a massive amount of good songs/openings/endings. The overall sound quality of the anime is much improved from its original, including things like environmental sounds. The combat sound effects also sound really good, giving a hard hitting feeling that keeps you pumped up all the way through. The voice acting is also awesome, regardless if you're watching the dub or the subbed version. The dub however is littered with familiar faces, ones that if you are a dub watcher you might be bored of by now. With that being said, if you're a dub watcher, I recommend that Shippuden be your first subbed anime, as the dubbed version (although still very good) might get you annoyed. Character Here is where I give the series the praise that some people might think it deserves. The characters are without a doubt the strongest part of this show. It is practically overflowing with good characters that only manage to add to the experience (with one exception). Each and every (relevant) character is well developed and well fleshed out. The show has its fair share of flashbacks, that almost always serve the purpose of giving us backstory and the characters motivations/ideals. To some this might get annoying as the show is known for doing it a lot, and to be fair, it is not the best way to flesh out a character but Shippuden makes it work. The anime has 500+ episodes, so it is only natural that it has well fleshed out characters, but Naruto does it to an extant that makes it hard not to get absorbed by all the different stories and pasts of each and every character. A lot of new characters are introduced in Shippuden, some more relevant than others, and some that just make the show that much better. Now this would of gotten a perfect 10/10, if not for one of the main cast being severely badly developed. Since this is spoiler-free I can't say much, but let's just say that that certain someone is holding the character score back. As such I cannot give it a perfect score. Enjoyment and Final Verdict I've been watching Naruto for about 6 years now, and I can't stop even if I wanted to. I've almost cried on this show, I've laughed on this show, I've been on the edge of my seat of this show, and I've even been a tard of this show. And I still do enjoy it a lot (whenever the plot decides to come back from filler land). So yes, I've enjoyed myself thoroughly while watching this show. But is it a good shounen? That is the question, and the answer is yes, it is a decently good shounen. Is it one of the best shounen? Not even close, as better shounen just sky over Naruto in every single aspect. Most people have either seen or heard of Naruto, but if you haven't, and you have the time to spare, it is worth watching in my opinion. If nothing else than for the amazing characters and their respectable trials and tribulations. I will say this much, Naruto Shippuden is far from the worst Big 3 anime. Above who you ask? Well you will just have to see the reviews of the other two to find out. :) [1]: http://There%20are%20of%20course%20the%20fillers

The first anime I saw that really pulled me into the world of anime, I loved this anime and I still do. The characters are really amazing and the story is interesting too. Loved the music.

Best Yaoi Simulator in existence ever. 10/10, Would watch again. Also, part of Big Three, automatic positive review.

I originally started watching Naruto as the dub not expecting much, then when I swapped to the subtitled and got caught up... I found out it was a fantastic series with an extremely likable and kind protagonists.  I've noticed the antagonists are quite similar, there is always a reason why they do what they do, if it be for power, control, or even peace. You find out no matter who it is, there is always someone manipulating them and controlling them from the side. It is always a great feeling when you find out all the crazy villains and heroes. I haven't had one character in the show that I don't like one way or another.  Along with that, another awesome thing about Naruto Shippuden was that there are so many episodes where you can really just binge watch like I did, about 30 episodes a day for quite awhile. Lastly what I really enjoyed, is I love stories in which the protagonists go through a power up phase where they were weak, and learn to overcome it and rise above and become stronger and better from it. It always gets me to smile and laugh at my screen whenever something like that happens. (No spoilers And those are merely a few reasons why I highly recommend Naruto Shippuden to anybody who asks for my opinion. And I can't wait for new subtitled episodes to come out. Oh yes and if you haven't seen this series and are afraid to get into it due to large amounts of biased hate towards the it, don't let that bother you. Give it a shot, you'll most likely enjoy the hell out of it.

The Naruto series in whole is good, watched of all first season, was great! But Shippuden is when the real plot starts, you meet all of the akatsuki (most badass evil organization ever, Hidan ftw!) and everyone is all grown up~ you learn everything about almost everyone and it is some really great stuff. Epic fights, amazing music, really calm at some points just showing the average day lifes of citizens walking on the street while characters talk or get the amazing food known as ramen. The fillers can get ridiculous, but I love Naruto, its an amazing anime!

One of the best animes out there. The characters like itachi and madara are superb. But wasted some good characters like shino and neji. It could have been 10/10 if there were no flash backs, fillers and there is room for improvement in animation quality.

Naruto Shippuden, I only started  to watch because of Madara Uchiha's EPIC fight aginst everyone, since then i really got into the series, but hated it because of the fight animations that are damn cheap esp in fights, e.g. Naruto Vs. Pain, What they did to the animation was the worst I saw in my life, but still with the Amazing story line, they made it out...


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