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Odin: Koushi Hansen Starlight

In the year 2099, mankind has colonized parts of the Solar System thanks to the evolution of space travel. To venture further beyond what man has accomplished, the space vessel Starlight is launched. After rescuing a mysterious girl from a wreckage near the asteroid fields, the crew of the Starlight plot a perilous journey towards the Canopus system in search of the planet known only as "Odin" - the possible key to all forms of life. (Source: ANN)

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I've noticed that there are 2 different versions of bad.  For example: when watching Mars of Destruction, you will generally have one of 2 reactions - either you will be in shock because of how bad it is, or you will burst out laughing at how bad it is.  Either way, you will have a reaction - this is an example of interestingly bad.  The second time is boringly bad.  Odin is an example of this. I would describe the story here, but I fell asleep while watching it.  I'm not kidding.  It's for this reason why I can't go into the characters, either. The animation is pretty bad - it's aged, and even at the time it came out, I doubt that it was any good. The sound is...passable.  One of the most notable things about the sound was a random hair metal montage. It woke me up for a few minutes.  That's about it. I did not enjoy this at all.

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