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Onegai☆Teacher: Himitsu na Futari

Kei and Mizuho are having some marital difficulties, and Mizuho's family decides it's high time for a visit. (Source: ANN)

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The strange thing about the "Onegai Teacher" series is that, for an anime with a premises that's so obviously based on fetish fantasy straight out of someone's head, it had zero hardcore fanservice (as in panty shots, nudity etc). I'm sure that a lot of people who were attracted to the series based on the synopsis were hoping to see a little more than a hot teacher pouting and making a few cute poses. Well, this OVA special goes about rectifying that problem, letting loose all those elements that, for some strange reason, were suppressed in the original series. In other words, this OVA is pretty much all about the fanservice, so there isn't really much to talk about. What's really funny though, is that they try to disguise the purpose of this blatent fanservice episode by pretending that it actually contains a meaningful message, a kind of "see - there's actually a real purpose to this episode" claim. ...Yeah, right. I didn't buy it for a second. Please don't try and pretend this OVA is anything other than a cheap excuse for fanservice. Even by "Onegai Teacher" lowly standards, this is a low point (or a high one, depending on your point of view), and THAT is saying something...

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