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Maiku Kamishiro's past has always been somewhat of a mystery to him. The only clue he has to who his family might be is an old photograph showing two young children, a boy and a girl, playing in a small pool outside of a blue house. In an attempt to find his family, he moves to this blue house and begins working as a programmer. He's living a comfortable life until the day two very different girls show up at his door, both in possession of the same photograph, and both claiming to be his twin. With no way to prove who is a relative and who is a stranger, Maiku allows both girls to move in with him until they know for sure. (Source: ANN)

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Upon finishing "Onegai Twins", I wanted to laugh like a madman, and jump up and down in sheer joy... because finally, there were no more of this sh\*tty show to watch!"Onegai Twins" is about a highschool student Maiku, who has the misfortune of having a couple of annoying girls show up at his door one day, both claiming to be his twin sister. Of course, the girls end up moving in with him, and you end up with the usual dipsh\*t comedy of errors that we've all come to expect from harem comedies.In case you haven't guessed already, "Onegai Twins" is made by the same "geniuses" who brought us the "masterpiece" that is "Onegai Teacher". Unsurprisingly, they share a similar feel, but there are some differences to be found. "Onegai Twins" contains considerably more fanservice in the form of nudity, and it also has a more down to earth story (both metaphorically and literally, since it doesn't involve aliens). Other than that, it's pretty much the same sort of thing, so it surprises me that this series isn't nearly as popular as "Onegai Teacher".Anyway, considering perverse student-teacher fantasy that is found in "Onegai Teacher", what can we expect from "Onegai Twins"? The obvious answer is er, obviously incest... and lo and behold, "Onegai Twins" delivers exactly that! The concept behind the story of "Onegai Twins" may not be nearly as bad as "Onegai Teacher", but it's still pretty bad. You can tell that it's basically Perverted Fantasy Part Deux from the same guy's head, this time uncut, so you get to see the pr0n too.The story of "Onegai Twins" is full of holes, with a lot of stuff either not explained, or badly explained. For example the reason given for one of the characters Karen leaving home on her own is complete bull, as is the reason for another of the characters turning gay - the last time I checked, people don't exactly make a conscious decision to become gay. But arguably, the biggest plot hole of all is how they reach the conclusion about being part of a pair of twins. First of all, why twins? Given that they're obviously not identical twins, what makes them think they're twins rather than normal siblings? Then there's the issue of the irrefutable evidence that is used in the twins assessment - the blue eyes the candidates have in common. Even in a more realistic situation, this is scarcely convincing - it's not like their eyes are an amazingly rare shade is it? A heck of a lot of western people have blue eyes. But also, given that they're in a story where one girl has green hair, another has pink hair, and the guy has purple hair, somehow having blue eyes does not seem like such an important detail... if it ever was. I noted that though they made a big deal about having same coloured eyes, no one gave any thoughts to the differing, weirdass hair colours. Talk about only seeing what you want to see and jumping wildly to conclusions!While the worst aspect of "Onegai Teacher" is the story, that honour goes to the characters in the case of "Onegai Twins". The characters are so bad that to call them "lame" would be like paying them a compliment. Like "Onegai Teacher", the characters stinks of fakeness, though perhaps they don't smell as bad, since they're driven by a less contrived story at least. But overall, the characters are worse simply because there are too many offputtingly perverted characters in this offputtingly perverted show. I almost feel sorry for the main protagonist Maiku, who seems to be the only down to earth character in the crazy cast. The Girl With Monotonous Voice makes a return in "Onegai Twin", much to my dismay. Luckily she doesn't have as many lines as she did in "Onegai Teacher" and, to be fair, she seems to have developed a more devious personality and an evil laugh, which redeems her character slightly. The award for the most annoying characters in the cast should probably go to Karen, as those cat noises that she makes nearly drove me over the edge of sanity. Another one of the returning characters is the ship control system Maria. Maria was kept under tight control in "Onegai Teacher" - understandably so, as given the circumstances, letting a crazy little thing like that running around would be the very opposite to being discrete. This makes it even more puzzling then, that it appears to have been given a license to roam in "Onegai Twins" for no reason that I can see. But I must admit it has grown on me slightly, so this didn't annoy me as much as it could have.The mono/dialogues in "Onegai Twins" are highly repetitive, even more so than in Onegai Teacher, at least in the first half. A large chunk of the script comprises the line "We could be family! But we could be strangers..." and variations on that line. So after a couple of episodes, you can start predicting about half the dialogues that goes on. Around the mid way point though, the script writers must have rewatched the crap they made and thought to themselves "holy sh\*t this is repetitive! We better get off our lazy asses and come up with some new lines!" Cos after that, those over used lines suddenly became an endangered species, appearing only once or twice more for the remainder of the series.Like "Onegai Teacher", the major strength of the anime is the music. The opening theme's is catchy, and again, the quality of the rest of the music was several leagues above that of the main content of the anime. However, the voices of the characters bring down the score for in the sound department for being annoying. The art looks to me to have improved considerably compared to "Onegai Teacher", with the colours being particularly vibrant (although this could be due to those exotic hair colours). To its credit, "Onegai Twins" does end rather strongly (just like "Onegai Teacher) - I quite enjoyed the last couple of episodes, and there's a nice twist at the end too. Overall, I judge it to be slightly better the "Onegai Teacher", but I appear to be one of the few who does.Oh yea, as a final thought, with all this teacher-student marriage and incest love triangles etc going on, just what kind of f\*cked up school is this?!

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