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Third-year high school student Yukari Hayasaka has no time for frivolous things. She needs to study hard and attend cram school so she can do well on her university exams. She doesn't care which university she gets into; she just wants to leave the town she's grown bored of. Too bad her parents have other opinions on the subject. One day, while Yukari is walking down the street, a guy with multiple piercings and bleached hair flags her down. Suspicious of the stranger, she tries to get away from him but fails and ultimately ends up meeting his friends: a group of third-year fashion design students at a prestigious art school. They want her to be their model for their final project, but Yukari thinks it will only get in the way of her studies. But the more she gets to know them, the more she grows to admire the way they go after their dreams. Will modeling for this eccentric group of would-be fashion designers give Yukari a much-needed push to strive for her own goals? And what about her attraction to the group's leader, George Koizumi? Can a relationship between them work? Watch Paradise Kiss to find out!

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This anime is about a young i think 18 year old highschool girl named Yukari Hayasaka. One day on her way from school is asked to be a model for a project. Doing the project is George Koizumi Miwako Sakurada and Arashi Nagase. Yukari refuses but later agrees to their proposal.And from then on she stared to get to know them and get close to them especially George ... This anime is really good for all of you romance anime lovers ^\_^

paradise kiss: cons: ^ * animation oscillates wildly between a slideshow and some serious meguca territory. when there’s a lot of frames put to an action, it often is timed poorly, so it feels like things are moving in slow motion. it’s just animated in a really inexperienced manner, which is strange when there’s so much time put into just about every other aspect of this animated cartoon * really strange, out of place SD segments that are dropped within a few episodes * the interstitials are placed in ways that break up the episode very poorly * really bad timeframe issues or inconsistencies. i think this anime honestly wants me to believe that this girl went from being a passionless, bland high schooler to being a fashion model living in the apartment of an up-and-coming designer prodigy who she is also sleeping with… in maybe two weeks. * this anime tries to do the thing jojo does where they start the ED before the actual ED animation starts to intensify the end of the episode. the problem is that roundabout has a very mellow intro that lends well to this approach while do you want to has a very loud, hyped up start. it’s easy to sneak roundabout in, it’s not easy to sneak in do you want to. the ED animation for paradise kiss is also actually timed to the music unlike jojo so they an’t vary what chunks of the song they want to use. this wouldn’t be a con if i hadn’t watched jojo first, oops * a character has a safety clip piercing in his lip and the exact position of the piercing is very inconsistent * i refuse to believe isabella has a flower tattoo over her eye. that looks like it hurt pros: * THE MUSIC. WOW. FUCKIN GOOD AS HELL. the actual OST chunks are either sparsely used or blend into the background really well, which is alright, but the OP and ED are both really, REALLY good and really fitting of the anime, which is WONDERFUL * THE CHARACTERIZATION!!!! this is a shoujo anime about a girl’s first love and so has a really character-driven plot, so it’s REALLY NICE to have very well-developed characters. * There’s a clearly defined group of primary characters (yukari and george), secondary characters (isabella, miwako, asashi), and tertiary characters (tokumori, mikako, the third wheel i forgot his name) but despite being obviously less important, each and every one of them gets a big chunk of character development and fleshing out. all of them have hopes and stories and plotlines that have proper time allotted, which is SUPER NICE, especially given that this is a 12 episode anime!!! * perhaps as a side effect of having such limited time to explore so many characters, they’re immensely interconnected and it is very, very nice to see such a complicated friend group to be written so competently. * THIS THING DOES SUCH A GOOD FUCKIN JOB OF COMPLETELY AVOIDING PLOT CLICHES LIKE HOLY SHIT. the main couple get together by episode 2. the love triangle is done by episode 4 (but the third wheel is still an important character!!!). things occasionally look like they’re heading to the typical romance conflicts (third wheel is looking for the protagonist, is about to walk in on them having sex but another character shows up and pushes him away from the scene and gives him the catharsis he was looking for) the anime is so damn self aware about this too, like, there’s literally a scene where a minor character is on the phone and is telling a friend to get out of her situation and how it’s not all as perfect as it seems and what she’s describing is literally the mc’s situation and the mc is there and looking more and more uncomfortable and its SO FUCKIN GOOD * the love interest’s car is very prominently displayed and is completely traditionally animated, which is really nice for a modestly budgeted 2005 anime * **L G B T REPRESENTATION**!!!!!!! the love interest is an openly bisexual, effeminate male. a prominent tertiary character is gay and is not particularly flamboyant (however is a makeup artist; acceptable given the anime’s focus on fashion and modeling). THERE IS **A TRANSWOMAN WHO IS A MAJOR CHARACTER AND NOBODY EVEN SLIGHTLY QUESTIONS HER GENDER IDENTITY** * **I CANNOT GET OVER HOW GOOD THE TRANSGENDER CHARACTER IS IN THIS AND HOW SUPPORTIVE EVERY OTHER CHARACTER IS OF HER LIKE** * **SHE CONFESSED FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE WITH HER BODY TO HER CHILDHOOD FRIEND SO THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND MADE HER A SUPER FANCY DRESS AND NOW SHE CELEBRATES THE DAY HE GAVE THAT GIFT TO HER AS THE DAY SHE WAS RLY BORN** * THIS ANIME DOES TRANSGENDER **SO MUCH** BETTER THAN WANDERING SON (MORE LIKE WANDERING TO A REALLY ABRUPT AND GARBAGE ENDING AMIRITE) * ive been trained by the likes of haibane renmei to expect HORRIBLE THINGS TO HAPPEN AT EVERY TURN and this ufckin ganime is playing this up on purpose * i like EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in this anime, even the archetypes that i normally hate (fucking hyperactive pink haired small high pitched ladies) * you can visually see the mc transform because she goes from wearing her uniform every day to gradually becoming more and more fashionable, and this is even explained storywise * YO LIKE THIS IS SO GOOD AT MAKING A RELATIONSHIP BELIEVABLE LIKE, THE MC GETS UPSET BECAUSE THE LOVE INTEREST DIDN’T CALL HER FOR A WEEK AND HIS ONLY REBUTTAL IS “YOU DIDN’T CALL ME ALL WEEK” & YEAH NOBODY IS 100% RIGHT EVER CONCLUSION: WATCH THIS FUCKIN ANIME

Finally after all this time an anime where I can show my true colors with my knowledge of both being a frustrated teenage girl and my love for fashion! … Yeah, so that’s pretty much the gist of this whole anime in a short sentence, I picked this show on a whim to watch on night and without spoiling too much I will simply say it was an interesting ride. **Story:**Yukari is a high school student whom is trying be whatever her parents want to be until one day she starts questioning her lifestyle. Around this time she meets a group of fashion design students with a clothing label named "Paradise Kiss" and they need a model. The series then follows her and her struggles about how she wants to live her life from this day onwards. The one thing I really enjoyed about this story is that it's sort of a breaking of the mold for Japanese people as whole. Get good grades, become a salaryman and then just do what you're supposed to do is the norm (for guys). In this story she breaks off, does what she wants and finds a new dream to follow without having a backup plan or anything like that. **Animation & Sound: ** **** Note: I am simplifying scoring on these sections.   1 - if I noticed it was bad 2.5 - if I thought it was fine 5 - if I noticed it was good  As I am not an expert on animation as a whole I can only give you my overall feelings which is not conducive for a 1-5 scale. I will be scoring the sound in the same way because I am more focused on the story and overall enjoyment in my scoring.  **Character:**The characters is this anime is probably the reason why I found the anime so interesting. Yukari who is sort of abandoning the normal way of Japanese meets the people of Paradise Kiss who actually in their own way are following the Japanese way of life through their own way. Seeing them interact with Yukari with their own personalities is also interesting. Overall it was a good watch, the story at times seemed a bit lagging but in the end it was all nicely wrapped. I would easily recommend it, if you don't seem to like it in the first few episodes it probably isn't for you though.

*Paradise Kiss* is one of those animes that create a plot where the main characters' life is completely turned around. The reason I like these kinds of anime is because you can also reflect and compare how the protagonist had no life (no offense) to becoming a happy, romantically mature (bittersweet love story), etc. type of protagonist. Something I find very unique about this anime is that it doesn't get into too much detail of every single problem. It doesn't involve characters emotionally overthinking and each character was unique. Almost as if real people, the story is also a little bit more realistic than others and the "glimpses" of pictures, weird animations in the beginnings (which I love), and the use of real noise(crowd noises etc.), though it character sound may sound less believable.

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